Rick Snyder — September 17, 2013 at 9:14 am

Democratic Governors Association targets Rick Snyder and his lies in new ad


Strike three, governor. You are out.

Rick Snyder got some good news in polling this week with an EPIC-MRA poll showing him up eight points, 44-36, over Democrat Mark Schauer. This is a big swing from the 39-38 result from last spring but not entirely unexpected given Snyder’s attempts to seem reasonable and moderate by signing Medicaid expansion into law.

With the election still 14 months away, there will be plenty of movement in that poll as Schauer introduces himself to the state and Democrats and their allies (like us here at Eclectablog) work diligently to remind voters just what Rick Snyder has and, perhaps more importantly, has NOT accomplished during his time in office.

Toward that end, the Democratic Governors Association released this video yesterday which highlights the lies and obfuscations of Rick Snyder.


  • kirke123

    weak! the mans a vulture capitalist. buying, rapping, selling and leaving. the poll shows that people like what he is doing to black michigan and detroit, the pit of despair. this is another romney!
    i personally am afraid of the 40% number and it shows what a horrible job we are doing as democrats. who else is running for govenor? we need a recognizable, strong personality. the campaign must hit the red in michigan showing the attacks on the enviroment. it must hit the parents in michigan showing the destruction of their public schools.

    • Mark Schauer is a top-notch candidate and will be an even better governor.

  • Charles R. Rice

    I agree with kirke123. In Michigan, the Democrats refuse to defend democracy in the African American democratic cities. Why? Because democratic leaders and dems in the State are in lock step with the Governor and his far right wing urban experiment. Vulture Capitalist raiding pensions, and hitting Detroit taxpayers for 650 million dollar hockey rinks. I’m a lifelong Democrat/ liberal. I will stay home, as will most of the people i talk to. The Dems in this State don’t care about the folks giving them Statewide election support, people like me who supported Barack, Levin, Stabenow, Peters, Conyers, Dingle. So screw you very much. The Dems only concern now is Ann Arbor Schools possibly going bankrupt, its all fun and games till it hits white Democrats in the pockets. Where was the outrage when it was the largest dem voting block in the State.

    • Charles R. Rice

      Lon helped Obama get elected. Lon is a top notch political ally, but hey Obama doesn’t care about the residents of the city, but he will meet with UBS AIG Bank of America and Dennis Archer. So why on earth would Lon Johnson. Get back to me Sept. of next year when the anti Rick Snyder ads are in full swing. The MDP and Michigan Dems should be ashamed. You have sold your democratic principles of Labor, Civil rights, safe and fair working rights, public education. You have let the Repubes steal the narrative, you will reep what you’ve sown.

      • What a load if utter hog wash. Michigan Dems have been exceedingly vocal about every one of the issues that you mention. Unfortunately, people like yourself who choose to stay home rather than vote put them in the minority in the House and Senate so that they have no power to accomplish anything. In other words, you are, in fact part of the problem, not contributing tithe solution. In the process you marginalize yourself and make yourself totally irrelevant.
        The good news is that most true progressives repudiate this sort of thinking and learned the hard lessons of 2010. We are already organizing and working hard to win big in 2014 so that liberals have a voice in our state government once again.
        You can feel free to take your defeatist attitude elsewhere. It’s not welcome on this website.

        • Yolanda Lyons

          The sad part is, Charles R. Rice is stating exactly what is happening in parts of Michigan. Don’t ridicule him for the truth that he brings here. I live in central Michigan and we have seen absolutely nothing of what you are saying. We see no organizing and no one (other than us “little people”) working hard. I have been a voting Dem for 50 years and the defeatist attitude here is because the MDP and the Dems have given up in our area. They don’t fight up here because we don’t have a lot of people who vote. We do get-out-the-vote drives religiously and talk to people all the time, but no candidates ever come here – well, except for the Repubs. Please don’t knock us because we worked our hearts out for Virg Bernero, we traveled many miles collecting signatures to recall Snyder, and you know who the people were who sunk our hopes to get him out of office? The MEA. The teachers – the ones who needed Snyder gone almost more than anyone else – rode the fence and wouldn’t sign the petitions. Yes, we get down and feel depressed about what we see happening – but we are not be defeatists. We have been abandoned up here and nobody seems to give a holy rip. We don’t have a large population of voters, but we DO vote – and we vote religiously. Don’t knock us until someone at least finally recognizes that there are voters here in Michigan who live north of Lansing.

          • I’m not knocking people who are doing the grassroots work that needs to be done. That’s the sort of thing I hold in high esteem and am deep into myself where I live. What I’m knocking is the “I’m not going to vote” garbage. That’s the express train to irrelevance and a Republican majority.

            I understand the frustration of not being visited by candidates but that’s no reason not to work hard. I have to believe that you fully understand why candidates focus their time and money on the areas with the highest probability of return. I would expect that of them. It’s frugal and efficient and smart. When they are competing against the kind of money the GOP brings to the table, what other choice do they have?

    • Kevin O’connor

      People like you foolishly staying home is what handed the repugnicans the lock on the house and the opportunity to gerrymander in 2010..try not to any more damage then you have to.

  • DWD

    That may be one of the more pathetic ads I have seen.

    Listen: it’s really easy.

    Michigan, are you tired of being the laughingstock of the USA yet?

    What will it take to convince you? The unneeded and unnecessary bankruptcy of our largest city? More charter schools in pole barns being run by incompetents? More misinformation about what unions actually do? More disregard of the law like the people repealing the Emergency Manager Law only to have it thrown in their faces? More dead wolves so someone can have the carcass in their trophy room? More disregard of the natural resources that make Michigan the greatest state?

    What will it take before you take charge and say, “Enough?”

  • MSUS2005

    Dang, that old fashion and loud music is extremely obnoxious and frankly, the ad is sad and amateurish in it’s entirety. Is this truly the best the Democrats can do? No wonder the regressive party has flourished in Michigan. The Dems need to work hard on getting people motivated and off their butt and voting in the elections. This isn’t going to do it at all. Scrap this POS and go back to the drawing board. Hit ’em where it counts. Motivate the middle aged and older voters to vote him out by stressing things like his passing taxing our pensions. Motivate the youth/college vote by stressing how horrible his record is in supporting education while he cuts big business’ taxes. And on and on.

    • This ad is by the National Governors Association, a national group. Make sure you’re vilifying the right group, eh?

      • MSUS2005

        The article states the ad was released by the “Democratic Governors Association”. Pretty sure that makes crediting this poor ad to democrats accurate.

  • Ecdpmark

    In all honesty, the latest EPIC-MRA poll was a little surprising. Not to be alarmed there are some reasons behind it. I’ve found that EPIC-MRA not to be the most reliable poll and an 8 point movement is questionable. Mark Schauer is still unknown out-state from the 7th Congressional area. Summer and end of summer polls with school just getting under way is a non-starter. Caller ID = ignore the call even a cell phone call.
    I’ve found Mark Schauer to be a completely honest man of the highest integrity. He always shows total sympathy, empathy, and compassion for the people he represents. Unlike what I’ve seen from Gov. $nyder.

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