Barack Obama, GOPocrisy — May 1, 2013 at 7:57 am

The real ‘train wreck’ is our health care system is broken and the GOP has no plan to fix it


ObamaCare is the best thing to happen to the middle class since Medicare — of course, the GOP wants to destroy it

4458527284_21d7409410Republicans have fallen in love with repeating the warning from Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) that ObamaCare could be a “train wreck.” This has given them confidence to resume to their favorite pastime: pretending to repeal ObamaCare.

It also gives them the ability to distract from the reality, the real-life, life-mangling, slow-motion disaster that occurs every day in America.

The real “train wreck” is that America has the most expensive health care system in the world yet more than 45 million are uninsured and 26,000 to 45,000 Americans die every year for lack of insurance.

The real “train wreck” is that we already pay for each other’s health care — in the dumbest possible way.

The real “train wreck” is that up until ObamaCare began, insurance companies could manufacture excuses to drop you when you became sick, they capped the total amount of coverage that you could receive, they denied kids with pre-existing conditions coverage, they didn’t pay for preventative care that would end up saving them money, they didn’t have to justify how much money they spend on actual medical coverage, they could raise rates whenever and however they wanted.

The real “train wreck” is that until ObamaCare goes into effect, insurance companies can still deny adults coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

The real “train wreck” is that Republicans are denying working families insurance coverage they deserve — coverage that would lower their entire states’ rates [[ even though their residents will still be charged for it anyway.

The real “train wreck” is the that the GOP is sabotaging the closest thing America has ever had to a universal health care system and they have no alternative.

They present no alternative because the few solutions they believe in — interstate markets, health care savings accounts, high-deductible plans — would end up lowering the overall quality of care while doing little to help the most vulnerable. They present no real plan because they know when the public sees their vision — as they did with the Ryan Budget — they’ll reject it. They present no real alternative because ObamaCare has taken the best free-market ideas that have made Massachusetts one of the healthiest states in the union and applies them nationally.

The truth is:
1. ObamaCare is already covering millions of Americans and offering millions more free preventative care.

2. Since ObamaCare has passed health care costs have slowed.

3. Implementing ObamaCare will be a challenge — ESPECIALLY BECAUSE REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO SABOTAGE IT. But signing up for it will be simpler than signing up for your private insurer.

4. Nearly every problem Republicans point out in ObamaCare — a lack of cost controls, a lack of available plans in some markets, etc. — could be fixed with one thing: A public option.

The GOP is on the offensive, aggressively trying to destroy the program they know could save tens of thousands of American lives and create millions of Democratic voters. We should be on the offense, too.

Whenever the right criticizes ObamaCare, remember the solution: A strong public option.

Because letting Americans suffer and die unnecessarily is the real train wreck.

  • Hello from Australia! Ask me anything about our public option healthcare system.

    You can read about it here;

    We aren’t drowning in taxes by-the-way, which seems to be the common response.

  • sugarstaker

    It’s still a mess. Even with Insurance I find it hard to get service from the Insurance Co. Their game remains maximum income, minimum payouts.

  • healthcare cost can not be controlled, just like commodities will not be controlled.

    the currency is the issue.

    the value of the currency is garbage, the inflation is beyond reconciliation.

    we dont have any money, but that sure doesnt stop the war drums.

    anything that has a cost, that cost is directly reflected by the trillions of trillions of dollars in debt obligations and when you talk about derivities, some estimate hundreds of trillions in short falls.

    there is no math in the federal reserve or in the holy land that will save paper money called the dollar.

    obamacare gets all the praise from the peons. but it was a back door, closed door meetings, this stuff wasnt out in the open and the pages to this law, no one person has read.

    america lives in a fairy tail land.

    • ChiHD

      Japan controls their healthcare costs though. They currently rank #10 for health in the world according to the World Health Organization. They have a mandate that everyone must have health insurance and all medical procedures prices are set in an annual meeting every year between a government panel and health professionals. Other than that, most health insurance and hospitals are privately run but must adhere to the predetermined price for each procedure. As a reference, America is currently ranked #38 by the WHO.

    • The real David Bowie wants his screen name back.

  • Pinkiu

    Then why have my health care premiums doubled this year and are expected to rise 33% again in 2014? Why did all of my meds and office visit prices increase? When I asked, it all goes back to Obamacare. I now can’t afford to go to get some of my meds or go to the dr. because I have to meet the deductible before the insurance kicks in. I can’t afford the cost of meds and office visits since the premiums are now so high. My choice now is paying the premiums in case of emergency or not have insurance so that I can afford meds and office visits.

    • Insurance premiums have gone up every year since 1980. What was the excuse before 2010?

  • NotADonk

    what a bunch of bologna.

  • williamunknown

    im not opposed to universal health care. ive lived in america, britain, germany, and italy. ive seen the pluses and minuses of the various systems.

    no denying we had problems in health coverage.
    no denying obama care tried to fi those problems. it did so in quite possibly the stupidest, most expensive, and the most short sighted way possible. in doing so it not only failed to solve the original problems it has created many, many more.

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  • Russell Thomas

    Hello from England. I am now almost 80 and have a lifetime’s experience(some 66years) of our National Health Service. It has never refused me treatment be it medication for chest infection up to and including angioplastty in 2004 and currently treatment for lymphoma. I have paid a reasonable level of tax and got treatment “free at the point of delivery” and the service covers everyone in the UK.
    You can buy insurance but while the treatment may be quicker it is unlikely to be better as it will be given by doctors who work in the NHS who are allowed to practice privately. Only a small percentage of Uk residents have insurance based care