Michigan Republicans, Rick Snyder — December 29, 2012 at 7:52 am

Republicans are only interested in solving problems we don’t have


If you think the billionaires aren’t rich enough, women have too much control of their bodies and workers get paid too much, this GOP is for you.

SnyderSteppinAs the 112th Congress prepares to go down as the least productive in modern history, we in Michigan can remind you that the only thing worse than a Republican legislature that won’t pass laws is one that will.

In an historically awful “inflamed duck” session, Governor Rick Snyder and the Republicans in our state houses have made their biases against workers, women and democracy perfectly clear.

They tackled the problems of workers being paid too much and too little poverty by passing union-busting legislation that guarantees workers won’t be able negotiate fairly with management. They replaced an undemocratic Emergency Manager Law rejected by the voters with nearly the exact same law. Then they took on the problem of women not having enough abortions by making it much more difficult to prescribe emergency contraceptives.

Snyder’s desperate lunge to the right is no mystery. Like most elected Republicans, he’s much more afraid of losing a primary to a more extreme conservative than being called out as tool of the Billionaire Rights Movement in a general election.

This is the same reason Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell likely won’t step in to avert us going over the “fiscal cliff,” as he did to prevent a debt default in 2011 and a payroll tax hike in 2012. He’s from a state where Rand Paul took out an establishment Republican in a primary by just being related to Ron Paul.

This is America’s challenge or possibly even our psychosis: A Republican Party that will be dragged further and further to right, obsessed with problems that in many cases don’t even actually exist.

By feeding the fear that there’s even a chance that someone is coming for your gun — when we likely won’t get this House to even vote on gun safety legislation — or that the UN is coming for our golf courses — as Texas’ Senator-elect Ted Cruz has said — they can come for our right to organize, our right to make decisions about our own reproductive system, our ability to fund a rational safety net that isn’t torn to shreds to feed the fantasies of some Rand-loving billionaires.

Dark money and redistricting will keep the GOP in power in state houses and Congress likely until 2022. But, as I’ll keep saying until Rick Snyder is a one-term nerd, you can’t gerrymander a whole state.

We can’t make these local maniacs afraid of the middle class waking up and sweeping them out of office. But we can certainly can send the message to our governor that we are a blue state that was fooled into voting for a mini-Mitt Romney the midst of the worst recession in 50 years. But, despite the high tide of the president’s auto industry rescue raising all boats in Michigan, we won’t be fooled again.

[Photo by Anne Savage, used with permission.]

  • Fuck republicans. Worst people on the planet.

    • HoldenLitgo

      There’s a more intelligent argument than that against their misguided policies. To resort to that one only makes you appear as ignorant as they are.

      • It can have that effect. It can also make him/her appear so thoroughly disgusted with Republican actions and policies that he/she no longer has the energy to discuss the details, nor the need to refute them yet another time. I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder, as with many things.

      • Sidney18511

        They don’t give a shite what we think of them and what they are doing. They don’t care how they appear. Fuck republicans. Really. Fuck um.

    • Rixar13

      ” A Republican Party that will be dragged further and further to right, obsessed with problems that in many cases don’t even actually exist.”

      “Fuck republicans”
      I agree… :-)

  • Zinc

    Not voting for gun control will come back to bite them next time there’s a significant shooting with an assault weapon.

    • Benjamin Eugene NElson

      Already happened with the nutjob killing first responders… and as usual there’s some brief panic and then nothing.

  • Boehner only has his sly stares at Obama. What can he and the Republican party actually do to contribute to a better America?

    • Guest

      deleted, misread the orginal comment can’t find the delte button

    • Benjamin Eugene NElson

      The problem is that they want a better America only for themselves. If they could stop being so selfish they might get closer to what they want.

    • Carolyn 4444

      I would start off by suggesting that Boehner retire! : )

  • Freedom

    I love Rick Snyder, and giving the workers a “choice” if they want to be in a union is the best thing to happen in Michigan in a long time. Death to your socialist utopia.

    • Euphonious_Munk

      Death to your socialist utopia..?

      • Honestly, I live for hilariously dumb comments like that. LMAO!

    • lilbear68

      sure choice of union membership should always be there but you must understand that if that is the case then as a nonmember you must negotiate your own pay and benefit pkg and not be allowed to ride on the coatails of anything the union has accomplished. you can be forced to work without overtime, any amount of hours, work on unguarded running machinery un ventilated mines
      and if you get into a labor or disiplinary dispute the union does not have to represent you. i could go on but as a non member you have to go it alone depending on the generosity and how well the company likes you over another non member. and i guess that will depend on how well or how fast you are able to bend over and grab your ankles

    • Carolyn 4444

      Hmmmm….if someone “gives” someone else a choice, doesn’t that presume that the “giver” is in a position of power to control this “freedom”? That follows up with the question, “Is freedom really ‘free’?”

      • lilbear68

        its all pretty simple here i dont think your over ANALysis is really needed here. blah blah what is free, why is there air, what is gravity. save it and try to follow what is actually going on instead of leaving a smoke screen

  • Jeremy

    MAN, GOP nose dive happening fast. Fiscal doesnt own the only cliff politicians are falling off in our awesome nation right now.

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  • unadog

    Call Gov. Snyder to let him know that he just lost the 2014 election:

    * Governor Rick Snyder, (517) 373-3400

    He has thrown his lot in with the Tea Party. He can’t return to pretending that he is a
    centrist after he signed these Lame Duck bills.

    The Extreme Right lost every race where they weren’t protected by
    gerrymandering in 2012. Time to finish the job in 2014, starting with our one
    term governor.

    More contact info and a template for your call to Snyder’s office here:


  • J.

    Thats all fine and good and at least partly correct. However, what if I believe the government has to much control of my life and freedom, has walked all over the constitution and the freedoms it is suppose to ensure. That the current administration has done everything to help big (banks, GM, Unions) corporations and nothing to help people. The Dems and Republicans are on vacation and have yet to solve a problem and the president just gave them a raise after taking a $4mil vacation himself. We now have a different health care plan we have to pay into than those who rule us. Hate republicans by all means but hate all incumbents because they are not helping.

  • Sidney18511

    What the hell do these republicans really want? Watching the elderly and the young starve? Go homeless? Living in the streets? What is their goal? These people are nuts, and everyone that supports them are nuts. This country is very close to going down the tubes. It is just shocking.

    • Republicans are authoritarians at this point who get off on hurting people. So the answer to the above is yes. They want to see human suffering.

  • Sidney18511

    The GOP believes that the government is broken. Then they get elected and prove that their right.

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  • When will the tea part be labeled as an official Terrorist Organization? They have done more harm to America financially than Al Qaeda could have ever dreamed

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  • At least they didn’t try to address “voter fraud” like NH, where R’s were concerned about those lefty college students who weren’t REALLY residents of our state… hopefully the D’s in office now will get rid of that bill