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UPDATED x2: Michigan to become nation’s 24th “Right to Work for Less” state


This is what happens when you vote Republican

In a move that surprises just about nobody, Governor Rick Snyder announced at press conference this morning that when anti-union Republicans send “Right to Work for Less” (RTWFL) legislation to his desk, he will sign it.

After spending the past year being coy about his position on RTWFL, it was widely suspected that he would support such legislation. With gerrymandered districts ensuring Republican dominance for the foreseeable future, the will of Michiganders as a whole is being thwarted by a cadre of drunk-with-power ideologues that have been waiting for decades to jam anti-union, anti-worker, anti-woman and pro-Big Business bills through the legislature and into law. The perfect storm of the 2010 midterm election and the redistricting that happened the following year gave them their opportunity.

From the Detroit News report:

Gov. Rick Snyder said Thursday he wants the Legislature to pass a right-to-work bill and that he would sign the legislation.

Snyder called it a “workplace fairness and equity” bill and said he wants it enacted in the next few days. He said it would cover the public and private sectors with an exception for police and firefighters.

“Workers should have freedom to choose who they associate with,” Snyder said at a packed news conference at his office in the Romney building across from the state Capitol.

Like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Republicans will carve out an exception for police and fire fighters. They are also including an appropriation that makes it referendum-proof because that’s how they roll. Can’t have the commonfolk having any power over what happens in their own state, after all, not when ideologues are involved.

For anyone, including Governor Snyder, to make the claim that this isn’t, at its heart, an anti-union effort designed to crush the most powerful group under the Democratic tent is beyond disingenuous. It’s a pure lie, simply put.

The IBEW’s tweet spells it out:

Please sign my petition to voice your digust at this egregious attack on working families.

Now we begin the process of overcoming the gerrymandering and electing Democrats anyway in 2014. We have no time to lose.

UPDATE: Nobody is being allowed into the state Capitol Building and there are reports of pepper spray being used. Here’s a video of labor leaders and the press being denied entry (from Abby Clark):

UPDATE: The House has passed their version of Right to Work For Less legislation by vacating another bill and substituting in the RTWFL language. The vote was 58-52. House Dems who walked out were forced to get a court order in order to be let back in the Capitol Building after House Speaker Jase Bolger locked down the building.

The Senate is voting on amendments now and will likely pass it before they adjourn for the evening. Michigan Radio reports that the Senate cannot vote on it for 5 days (I’m not sure why.) However, they are getting ready to vote on a second bill to pass Right to Work for public employee unions.

Meanwhile, the Senate also managed to pass a bill today that forces women to purchase an additional rider on their health insurance if they want abortion services to be covered. ALL health insurance. From Think Progress:

Prevent private insurance companies from covering any abortion services.
A trio of companion bills — SBs 612, 613, and 614 — would work together to ban the health insurance exchange that Michigan will set up under Obamacare from covering abortion, as well as ban private insurers from covering any abortion services under their general insurance plans. Currently, 87 percent of Michigan’s insurance plans include abortion care in their benefits packages. If private insurers elect to cover abortions, they have to do it as a separate rider, which often ends up being more costly for women.

Also, they passed a bill that would allow doctors to refuse care for moral or ethical reasons.

Also, the House Local, Intergovernmental and Regional Affairs committee passed the new Emergency Manager Law out of committee.

  • DownriverDem

    My parents and grandparents are revolving in their graves and I’m crying.

    • I’m with you. Mine too. My great-grandpa and grand-uncle were in the hole and my grandpa & grandma were on the outside. I feel terrible for allowing this to happen to their legacy.

  • Once the average Michigan Republican see the change in their pay checks I’m going to tell you now there won’t be enough racial and anti Detroit dog whistles to save their asses in 2014.

  • RTW is theft. No different from jumpering your electric meter and stealing power, and it’s just as dangerous.

    They are legalizing taking the workplace safety gains, standards of living, and representation that unions have fought for over the years, and giving them away to anyone whether they pay for it or not.

    Plain and simple, it’s a way for the Republicans to cut off Democratic financial support at the knees. The Republicans know this and that’s why they’re doing it. It’s not about “workplace fairness and equity”.

    • Phil Perspective

      Sure, but where were elected Democrats before this? Usually, no where to be seen.

  • KIRKE123

    what did we expect? we had a chance to recall the governor, but the unions decided not to participate. how they get around saving cops and firemen sounds discriminatory and of course they are playing there little tricks.
    the mea and the aft should be ashame! the aft can stand for their members in chicago but not detroit? the mea has a pathetic leadership trying not to upset the govenor. this move will create more monies for charter schools and the privitation of the public schools. there must be a state wide walkout now! the uaw, the afl-cio, everthing must stop. this will be the last ditch and it is the only way to stop these idiots.
    i will gurantee that education in this state will decline greatly leaving the majority with a good education. remember, the educated always rule the uneducated.
    we muszt have a massive recall of the govenor, lutinent govenor, speaker of the house and senate and this must happen at this very moment!!! WAKE-UP PEOPLE!

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  • Moving back to Illinois is looking better and better all the time.

  • Sherry Woodbeck

    Then candidate Rick Snyder wooed the Unions and they backed him for governor. The idiot Democrats put up the worlds worst candidate against him, I really have to blame the Dems on this one. Today is horrible any way you look at it.

    • DownriverDem

      Verg wasn’t that bad. He spoke truth to power big time. It was our side not voting. Now we are going to suffer big time. This will hurt future races too.

      • Phil Perspective

        People come out to vote when you give them reason to. If you aren’t helping make their lives better, what’s the point? Corporate giveaways don’t help the little guy.

  • Apackof2

    Wow talk about leaving out the facts for your readers. The Capitol was shut down because of Union “activists” pounding on the Chamber doors when in session and intimidating folks..If the police had to use tear gas and that’s a new one on me connect the dots..isn’t there a reason? BTW none of this was a problem when pro-worker right to work advocates were at the Capitol Tuesday and no one was bused from out of state like Sheet Metal Workers LocaL #24

    • la58

      Let me put it this way, if the state passed a law that will cut your paycheck and make it harder to fight back. your going to start pissing off people.

  • la58

    Hang on folks, because they are not done yet. They have more bills, that are meant to go after Unions.

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