Michigan Republicans, Photos — December 9, 2012 at 11:13 am

GRAPHIC MEME: Michigan, where Democracy goes to die


More genius from Anne C. Savage:

The quote is from state House Rep. Brandon Dillon’s fiery floor speech which you can watch HERE (transcript also available at the link.)

  • the golfing guru

    Michigan has sold out to a bunch of low/life losers who will go down in history as selling out their souls for an imaginary want to increase business done here in Michigan.The right to work legislation will doom the election of said republicans who will{try} to be reelected in the coming years.Business has alredy flocked to southern states with similar laws and auto production will also due to the costs of natural gas,electricity and southern lazy ass workers who do not produce or have the quality driven mindset we have in the North.The jobs are gone and Hundreds of Thousands who have left Michigan for greener pastures….. a migration that will continue as Republican leaders do not get it,equal representation of the populace is essential to bringing back good paying jobs and not subsistence ones that are here now….

  • Great speech, great line, great meme!