Labor, Michigan Republicans — December 8, 2012 at 11:57 am

VIDEO: Rep. Brandon Dillon eviscerates Michigan Republicans for jamming Right to Work though without debate or input


More of this, please

Michigan State House Representative from Grand Rapids Brandon Dillon gave the Republicans in the House an earful about their hypocrisy and outrageous behavior in jamming Right to Work for Less legislation through with no public input, no hearings, and no opportunity for Democrats to offer amendments. It’s a thing of beauty:

Partial transcript:

It’s particularly unfortunate that with a bill that probably has the highest public policy impact of any that we’ve debated here in the last 50 years, the other side didn’t have the common courtesy or the guts to allow the public to hear what they were doing.

No committee hearings.

No opportunity to debate amendments.

No public input.

Republican staffers in the gallery taking up seats so that taxpayers who traveled from across the state to get here are locked out.

I heard one of my colleagues talk about the “great transparency” we have in this chamber since the latest leadership has come in. THIS is transparency? THIS is what passes for transparency here? If you support this legislation, and I respect the sponsor of the amendment because he’s been very clear over the last two years about why he thinks the state should go this route, but the rest of the people here don’t have the guts to talk about this in front of people in this state.

That’s shameful. That’s not democracy. This is where democracy goes to die today. Because the majority in this state who lost 52% of the vote in state House races doesn’t have the guts to defend this.

I haven’t heard one demand that we have a committee hearing on this. This was announced today by the Governor that this was going through. WITH an appropriation! You’re not even willing to take this to the voters!

I’ve heard people talk that this is retribution for Proposition 2. Whatever you think about Prop 2, one thing is clear: the sponsors of that had the common courtesy to take it to the voters. They got beat fair and square. Why can’t YOU take this to the voters? Because you KNOW what will happen. You’re doing this in the lame duck because you KNOW in the next session YOU WON’T HAVE THE VOTES!

This is an outrage and anybody in this chamber who is willing to vote for a bill that changes the precedent in this state of such consequence without even allowing us to offer a real amendment does not deserve to be here.

Thank you.

  • Jodi Spangler

    Finally! Someone in Michigan with the BALLS to stand up for what is right!

  • Carey Sperl

    Jodi, he isn’t the only one. Whitmer, Johnson, Tlaib, Brown… a list of people. Main thing is that the Right controlled legislature continues to treat these people like children & with them in the minority, it rubs legislature wrong and riles up the people.

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  • Dirty rat bastard GOP are doing everything they can to hurt the common citizen in Michigan! Hopefully, these stupid laws can be rescinded in 2013 due to the unconstitutional way they were passed!

    • Goodcrow

      They are not doing it just in Michigan Lois they are doing it across the USA! They are shameless and will sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner and stuff their fat asses while the people they stole from starve in the streets and they don’t feel a BIT of remorse!

  • planckbrandt

    They did exactly what their Donors told them to do. His speech only reinforces how successful they were for their Donors. Proper due process would not have worked for them. They know that. His rant may be cathartic, but money in politics is the issue. And, he didn’t bring it up. Will he and his now put forward a bill to remove money influence from MI politics? I will believe it when I see it. They obviously succeeded for their Donors, and the Donors got not one mention in the rant.

  • Kris

    I thank him for speaking out and not looking the other way! We are America.

  • This guy is my hero he called out the gop assholes

  • Jordan S

    I live in Arizona which is a right to work state. Trust me when i say that this is wrong for any state. Companies act as if it’s a free for all and fire people over pretty much anything and everything. By that I mean if an employee is getting to old, makes to much money or simply doesn’t look like the employees management wants to start hiring (to fat, thin, male or female etc).

  • I think a different approach maybe needed here. I’m thinking we need to get rid of the two party systems. Neither party is representing their constituents.
    Something needs to happen. I’m afraid for our grandkids. The GOP and the Democrats putt for show and play for dough $$$$. I thought I had a good idea the other day. That I posted.
    This country needs to take the money and religion out of politics. No lifelong position. Everyone has to serve for 4 years in some capacity whether it be local government, national government or the military.
    A draft to serve our country.

  • Ookmon

    Right to work killed the economy for the working class in Idaho.
    We have struggled for 20 years under this bogus bill. Economic slavery is all this bill means. Good luck Michigan, you are going to need it.

  • uniquitous

    LOL, this soooo reminds me of the Obamacare railroading at the Fed level. I guess you can teach Repubs to behave like Dems after all. What goes around comes around folks.

    • You gotta be kidding me. That legislation was debated nationally for MONTHS. #commentfail

      • uniquitous

        No not kidding. Others tried to change sections of it and it was shoved through. Even those pushing the bill admitted to NOT reading it. Sorry, just different perspectives. Its lame duck, this kind of stuff happens all the time on both sides. The day of unions as they run today has passed. They need a rebirth. Maybe this will do it. But they better change their ways. Spending over 60% of dues on administrative is no way to encourage anyone to want to join a union.

  • Figures, they are the party of dumb and rich.

  • jamescat

    I also live in a “right to work” state. Idaho. You can be “let go” without reason or notice from your employment (as my husband was 3 years ago from a company he gave 13 years to) but, they expect you to give them several weeks notice???? BULLSHIT! It’s not good for the people providing the work! The company my husband worked for made him sign a disclosure verifying he wasn’t being let go for his age (54) if he wanted to receive any kind of severance pay. Boils down to blackmail!

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  • Nick

    Ha, he is spot on with comparing the union to a country club… Nothing like getting paid double time to sleep.

  • What a great speech!

  • Dustina ILia

    Evil prevails when good men do nothing! albert einstein

  • Carol Ott

    Wow. He rocked the house. Perhaps he should run for Governor in 2014 and knock that rat Snyder out of his seat.

  • Carol Ott

    Good for Mr Dillion. Sneaky-assed politics is all Gov Snyder has brought to this state. He is using Indiana as our proto-type but he doesn’t bother to say that 4 factories in Indiana are moving OUT. One is moving to MI and I suppose Synder will try to take credit for that but those plans were in place before the scrumbag messed with the unions.

  • Goodcrow

    Give them HELL Brandon! We need a million more JUST LIKE YOU! America is behind a true American that stands up for our Rights!! Keep on doing what your doing!

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  • cynthia1227

    Michigan you have to share him. This man should be in the White House.