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Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed guns-in-schools-and-churches bill in wake of Sandy Hook shootings


It shouldn’t have taken this long

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed S.B. 59, the Republican bill that would have allowed for the carrying of concealed weapons in public places like schools, day care centers, sports arenas, bars, places of worship, hospitals, dorms and casinos. I have written before about what a tragically terrible this bill is and, actually, it’s better now than it was before it was amended. It never should have passed out of the legislature in the first place but, once it did, Governor Snyder should have announced his veto immediately.

He won’t make any friends with Michigan tea partiers with this move. Just this morning I got an email from the Tea Party of West Michigan saying:

You thought we were done for the year.

We are except there is a bill that has passed the Michigan House and Senate that still needs a signature by our Governor. I’m hearing his office voice mail box is full but try anyway. If you support this bill please call him. {…}

Please contact Gov Snyder ASAP! Please ask him to sign SB59 to allow well-trained persons to carry concealed weapons in “gun-free zones.” This is going to be controversial so he’ll need our support. He’ll need to know that we’re with him. {…}

Thanks for taking time from your busy holiday season to protect our children and all of us.

There’s bitter irony in the argument that the possession of guns makes us and our children safer. The boy who shot 20 grade schoolers in Connecticut got his guns from his mom. She had them for self-protection and then he shot her to death with them and, eventually, himself.

One person who has got to be particularly happy with this decision is Reverend D. Alexander Bullock. He was going to go on a hunger strike if Gov. Snyder signed the bill. Now he can eat his Christmas dinner.

[Snyder photo credit: Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog]

  • Timing is everything. Give Snyder a couple of weeks after the media moves on. And this from Utah:


  • Michael Parido

    Good for Gov. Snyder!

  • Bad choice. Here is a story about another school shooting that ended differently. http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/1997-mi-school-principal-captures-mass-murderer-with-his-45-colt/

    • msmartin

      If one of your children were being buried today or in the coming week, you would feel differently.

    • Underfire

      Moron! The killing was already done and the perp was getting into his car to leave. Did you read the article?

      • It is the best he can come up with since guns ARE THE PROBLEM. Guns kill, that is all they are good for. That is their main purpose, to kill and maim. How people could be in love with something so evil is beyond me.

        • TOPGLOCK

          You need to keep your miss guided liberal comments to yourself! Moron! Guns are NOT the problem it’s people like you that are poisoning people’s minds. To be clear an AR15 is NOT an assault rifle. Google it dumb shit! At the end of the day if you don’t like GUNS….move the fuck out of the USA because we are built around guns…

    • Why not go to Newtown and show one of the victims parents this idiiotic article about an obscure instance where guns did not kill people but saved them. I am sure it will make them feel so much better moron.

  • martial artists can subdue a person with weapons … without the use of a gun… why can’t we teach these things, or have stun guns, or other possible defensive tools for our teachers and increase our security measures at the public school level… instead of trying to insist that everyone should have guns, hence having giant shoot outs at all public places… this is isn’t the wild wild west, or a poor waring third world nation… the paranoid people of this nation are creating the just as much mania with their bs… I don’t want to go to school or church with people who are carrying a bunch of weaponry, but I do think we need fork over the spending for more secure schools, security and preparedness… or maybe even if just the principle or a security guard at the school had access to emergency only weaponry I might feel differently… but not everyone… what if one of them went off their meds and went crazy… sheesh! what a mess.

  • Amazing that a “no, Duh!” decision takes this long to make.

    Here’s a great comment from a teacher over on another blog about allowing teachers to be armed. http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2012/12/time-to-arm-the-union-thugs

    So I’m a teacher. According to conservative orthodoxy,
    I’m a parasite on the public’s dime who is only interested in
    indoctrinating the precious children of America into communism or
    atheism or whatever. I can’t be trusted to have any control over the
    curriculum I teach. I can’t be trusted to fairly and impartially
    evaluate my students, let alone my colleagues. I can’t be trusted to
    have collective bargaining rights. I can’t be trusted to have an
    objective view of governmental policy when it comes to my own

    But they’ll trust me to keep a gun in a room filled with children.

    Even the cynicism-producing neurons of my prefrontal cortex can’t wrap themselves around this kind of stupid bullshit.

    The brain-dead seem to be Republican.


    Big mistake Gov. Snyder! You lost my vote.
    I also have a daughter in kindergarten so save it

  • Since the Republicans took over in Michigan, they’ve repealed the
    motorcycle helmet law, instituted the “right-to-work” law, and are now
    trying to expand gun ownership laws…is this Michigan or Texas? The
    next thing you know, they’ll be starting every public assembly &
    legislative session with an opening prayer and yelling, “YE-HAW!” http://beyond-the-political-spectrum.blogspot.com/

    • See, voting is important. When smart minded people are too busy to vote you get something like what is happening in Michigan. Hopefully time will correct it though. People are getting fed up with the right wingnuts in this country and soon peaceful, loving, smart people will have the majority. I don’t know what these violent hateful people are going to do then. It will be difficult for them.

  • ronalddwyer

    First of all Gov Snyder took his time as he wanted to make the best possible decision. Although he got it wrong, to criticize him for taking his time is ludacris! Also if just one teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary was properly armed with CCW training and permit, perhaps the death toll would have been much lower. These criminals are attracted to gun free zones. That’s the primary reason the shooter in Aurora Colorado choose the theatre he did. Did you know the shooter at the mall in Portland was stopped by a properly trained and armed citizen with CCW?

    • What a bunch of horsecrap. Having more guns is not the answer. There is not a legitimate reason for having an assault weapon unless you are law enforcement or the military. I would hate to see a world where teachers are armed. I would be home schooling my child instantly. In Japan guns are illegal and you will never see a story like this coming out of there. Same with some European cities. Guns do indeed kill people, small children are unfortunately included. They should not have to live in a world where anyone can just go into a Walmart or Sporting Goods store and buy an assault weapon.

  • Past Military Service

    Just think if all those people who could have made a difference if they would have a gun .NO they died as did many others because the lack of chance to protect themselves and many of those children. Wake up America It’s not 1964 anymore get real with the times. Now we have shooting in Malls what’s nest?? I taught to protect myself in the Army 1967, and will continue to do so. We are only 30 miles from Detroit, we must be aware of our surrounding’s at all times.