Barack Obama, GOPocrisy — November 3, 2012 at 9:46 am

Karl Rove Begins To Give His Excuses For Wasting $300 Million Of Other People’s Money


And I would have gotten away with if it weren’t for that pesky Superstorm!

In 2000, Karl Rove predicted George W. Bush would win 320 electoral votes. Bush won 271–if you count Florida.

In 2006, he said he had “THE math” that showed the GOP would keep the House of Representatives. They lost 30 seats and the House.

In 2008, when he wasn’t closely involved in the McCain campaign, he came out with a map just before the election that pretty much predicted the president’s landslide.

In 2012, Karl Rove has been a de facto campaign manager for the Romney campaign. He’s raised $300 million to elect Romney and Republicans and is so closely tied to their fate that he joked might be involved in Todd Akin death after the Missouri congressman blew an easy Senate pickup for the GOP with his “legitimate rape” comment.

On Tuesday, Rove predicted Romney would win at least 279 electoral votes and 51 percent of the national vote.

Then as the week went on and Mitt Romney’s lies about Jeep exporting jobs blew up all over Ohio and the president was called “outstanding” by the keynote speaker of the Republican National Convention, state polls kept showing what they’d been showing for months–the president is ahead in Ohio. And he’s coming back in Virginia and Florida, states that would give him an electoral landslide.

There’s also the fact that cell-phone only voters who support Obama are being seriously under counted in the polls.

So what’s Karl Rove to do now that his butt is on the line to $300 million worth of donors? Start making excuses.

He spoke the the Washington Post–despite the fact that he has a Wall Street Journal column and can go on Fox News seemingly at will. The man called “Bush’s Brain” told the paper that Hurricane Sandy changed the election.

“It’s the October surprise. For once, the October surprise was a real surprise,” he said.

This was after GOP insiders told Politico’s Mike Allen that Romney’s impending loss would be blamed on Hurricane Sandy, and to some degree Chris Christie.

Friday the CEO of Fox News’ parent company Rupert Murdoch tweeted this:


In Rove’s Post interview, he didn’t explicitly say that Romney would lose. But you get his drift: “…There’s a subtle disadvantage for Romney [in the wake of the hurricane]. For a five-day period, the country stopped talking about the presidential campaign really and people were talking only of the mega-storm.”

Basically, we did everything right! And we would have gotten away with it if weren’t for that pesky superstorm!

How would you be acting if you knew you were about to blow $300 million that you scammed from some of the richest people in America?

  • No Carl, it wasnt the super storm, it is just we are just alot more intelligent than YOU give us credit for. We are the 47%, & we are the 98% who realize that YOUR money isnt going to buy the presidency. You have tried to restrict voting, you have had your candidate lie over & over again. You have tried to spread all kinds of myth’s, you have tried the “pledge”, you have tried to ruin everything that would HELP this country, you have made the congress of NO, if you think we are to stupid to see through you we are NOT. Your money has been wasted, & you know what WE dont care. Your getting what YOU deserve, your puppet is ALL YOURS. WE WILL ALL BE LAUGHING AT YOU TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!!!! We are united in our desire to get this country back on track, your rain of terror is OVER.

    • Great post. Yes, Tuesday night will end the Reign of RePig Obstructionist Evangelibagger Fascist Terror in America~we have wasted four years with their HATE of 98% of VOTERS in AMERICA~

  • Typo in paragraph 6: “presidential” should be “president”.

    • That’s ok. I do the same. I am trying to type on my phone while rocking the baby to sleep.

  • The_C_a_t

    “The man called “Bush’s Brain” told the paper that Hurricane Sandy changed the election.”

    The problem you have here, Karl, is that Hurricane Sandy managed to distract undecided voters from the 24/7 bulls#it that is Fox Propaganda. Your buddies over there were pushing every lie you could think of, right up until Sandy. Oops.

    By the way, Karl, did you know that a troll at MMfA called it ‘The Rove Hurricane Machine’, and he thanked his Gob for it?

  • I, for one, don’t give shite that Karl Rove wasted $300M of uber wealthy, out-of-touch, plutocratic assholes money who want to buy this democracy and take away my rights to vote, health care, choice, fair pay, marriage equality… In fact, I wish he’d wasted more!

  • Hobbes83

    ALthough I hate the fact that millions in corporate money was thrown into the election to influence the outcome, it brings a smile to my face to see that it was largely a waste, and we may even pick up a few senate seats that we had no way of winning during a regular election. Obama/Biden=FORWARD.

    • Important to know the money is never “wasted” instead it helps to pay salaries of working class folks who do things like clean TV stations, man the cameras, lights, and sound. People who do makeup and hair. Media types and real journalists, even. So thanks for that, Rove. Y’all did your bit and helped bring up the employment numbers. Talk about ironic.

  • JM

    Someone should make an article about how Karl Rove is responsible for redistributing the wealth by taking 300 mil from the super rich, and spending it on media, which puts money back into hands of the middle class.

  • magnolialover

    I love hearing Rove’s excuses, and anyone who thinks that Rove is some sort of republican super genius should take a look at a lot of his more recent elections have gone. In other words, he’s not done very well. Why people keep believing him, and sending him money is beyond me, but hey, their money.

    I think at the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that republicans tend to believe in fairy tales and non-reality of what has been going on during this campaign season. They willfully ignore facts, and reality, and then substitute their own.

  • Well now, Karlie… what do you say to those good people who say God always controls the weather… and so He must have sent Sandy to make sure the election went for Obama? Are you gonna call all those God-fearing folks LIARS?

  • Praisehimonhigh

    For all ye right wing faux christians religious finatics, to blame the GOP loss on Sandy is blaming it on God who is the ruler of the moon, sun and stars.

  • 5johnhay5

    Better watch your back Rove. I imagine some people won’t appreciate being relieved of large sums of money based on your lies.

  • Dawn9476

    After this election, a progressive grassroots effort needs to be developed and solely devoted to Karl Rove and Crossroads.

  • reeds1999

    Don’t get too self satisfied. As Yogi said, ‘It ain’t over ’til its over’

  • If anything, this may end up being what helps efforts to overturn Citizens United. I can see various businesses – and even billionaires – “doing the math.” If throwing enormous sums of money at an election didn’t get them what they wanted this time around, they might be a little less willing to open their wallets the next time.

  • frankelee

    He’s a political “genius.”

  • In the good ole days Turd Blossom would be sleeping with the fishes on Thursday!

  • LeeLeeLeee

    Shut the f**k up already Karl. No one is taking you seriously now.

  • Funny how up in arms you are about money people donated of their own free will, but when the government wastes trillion of the taxpayers dollars, it’s o.k.? Bassackwards.

    • Oh, we’re not up in arms about it. We find it pretty fucking funny, actually.

      That and wondering if Mr. Rove is going to have a rather uncomfortable back alley meeting.