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Romney says he’ll balance the budget in “EIGHT TO TEN years”, slams Obama for not doing it in FOUR



Here’s something you may have missed during last night’s debate. Although the debate was supposed to be about foreign policy, it often veered back to domestic policy and the economy. During one of those veers, Mitt Romney said this:

Come on our website. You look at how we get to a balanced budget within eight to 10 years. We do it by getting — by reducing spending in a whole series of programs.

Eight to ten years.

But wait. He also said this in the same goddam debate:

The president hasn’t balanced a budget yet.

So, let me get this straight, Governor. You say you can’t balance the budget in less than eight years but you’re criticizing the President for not doing it in less than four? The level of hypocrisy displayed with this is almost breathtaking.

Really, Governor Romney, we’re not as stupid as you think we are.

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  • James

    Romney was referencing his experience as a businessman in the second point and he was criticizing Obama for not showing any improvement in the deficit.

    • Deficit is not the same as debt. Obama decreased the deficit slightly. Therefore, saying that Obama did not improve the deficit is a false statement.

  • Sandroidiego

    Along those same lines, Romney also said something to the effect of, “Four more years of the President’s policies will make our national debt $20 trillion dollars. My policies will get us on the road to a balanced budget.”

    It’s kind of a BS way to say, “…, but I think my policies will only have us $19.5 trillion in debt.” He compares a specific statement on the debt in the future to a vague statement about balancing the budget. “On the road to a balanced budget” doesn’t cut the debt, so, presumably the debt would increase under his policies as well, but, no surprise, he doesn’t want to get specific about how much.

    • Grant

      I find that hilarious since our National Debt has almost halted as of 6/30/2012. Romney wouldn’t dare mention that though. Or that Bush took the National Debt growth from 6.x% to 15.9% from 2007-2008. And he would really NEVER say that Obama had slowed down the moving bullet in his first year from 15.9 to 15.1, to later drop it even further into the 14% range, and the even further from around 14% to 7.8. We’re sitting on 4.8% ND growth at the moment. Also, in regards to the ‘deficit’ – people must realize that there is good and bad types of debt. Debt obviously leads to a deficit and if you didn’t know that, now you do.

      I cannot believe how illogical some people are on this Presidency.

      • Arrow

        Deficit leads to debt. Deficit is the new debt we incur every year due to an unbalanced budget.

      • LeapingDonkey

        To be fair your percentages are misleading without giving proper background. I think what Republicans are trying to say is that the President has poorly handled several “business decisions” i.e. Solyndra.

        • Jeff

          Don’t forget Solyndra was only about 3.5% of the DoE overall budget for solar and less than 2% for the entire loan guarantee program. The deal might have been shady but I highly doubt the President personally sat on the approval process for them. Do the math yourself

          • actually the Solyndra loan guarantee started under Bush and he almost passed it before Obama got elected… that loan was brewing for a few years before obama got into office.

        • Sandroidiego

          And Romney would know about poorly handled business decisions while in an executive office. Look up Evergreen Solar, Konarka, and Spherics – all companies Romney directed money to as Governor that eventually declared bankruptcy.

          Granted, the total bill wasn’t near what Solyndra was, but then again, he was only Governor of Massachusetts, so I don’t imagine they had the same budget for Energy projects.

      • Results

        where did you get these figures? These numbers do not coincide with what i have researched.

  • patticake1601

    Oh how I yelled at the TV when he said that!!

  • Mike

    Sadly, polls show that about half of America is just as stupid as he thinks we are.

    • Nick

      Yup, the unfortunate thing is that Power and Ignorance are two things America breeds. And when those two things mix bad things happen.

    • jazznj

      I agree! 1 100%.

  • Meh..

    What about when Romney explained what Obama dismissed as a lie and Obama’s response was “Well let’s talk about….a different subject.” This is petty and not worth writing about.

    • @Meh..

      Try to be more vague.

  • Jake

    The author of this article is an idiot. You are too narrow-minded to even understand what he said. Anything romney says you are going to take out of context. He has made 0 steps toward balancing our budget, our national debt is 6 trillion more than it was when he took office. OBAMA has done the complete opposite of making any steps towards balancing a budget. I can see how you would be upset if the budget was halfway balanced by now, sure. But it is the opposite. Do you think in the next 4 years Obama will have the whole budget balanced? NO. Meaning Obama can’t do it in 8. Romney says he can. I see no hypocrisy is this statement. Romney said he hasn’t balanced A budget yet, meaning any budget, he is referring to Obamas lack of balancing BUDGETS in general. If you are pro Obama, or anti romney FINE, but come to the table with valid arguements at least.

    • DivideByO

      Sorry, but you are being very Romney apologetic, burying your head in the sand, and are totally wrong.

      Romney says flat out that it would take him 8 to 10 years to get to a balanced budget. He does not say he will have a balanced budget within 4 years, yet he then, in the same debate, is giving the president flak for not having a balanced budget yet.
      Obama has been president for less than 4 years, and has had the task of trying to get the country out of the worst economic situation since the great depression.

      So how is it wrong to say Romney is being two faced, misleading, whatever… if he says he can’t balance the budget in less than 8 years, but then says, well, look at him! he hasn’t done it in less than half the time I said it would take me, what a horrible president he has been!

      Of course, considering Romney’s math problems when it comes to his tax plans (see every major economic person or group other than those specifically trying to hype his plans), his pie in the sky thoughts on how HIS plans would balance the budget have to automatically be suspect anyway.

      Hell, here, it is easy to say these things… Vote for me!! I’ll balance your budget in 7 years! I’m even better than Romney!

      • RobertG

        Obama should have had an easier time balancing the budget because there was less debt when he took office. Thanks to Obama’s spending, it will take the next president at least 8 years to balance it.

        • Anon

          Balancing the budget = on a year-to-year basis (correct me if I’m wrong). When Obama took office, the budget deficit (that is, the debt added on every year) was growing every year. It’s not anymore, although there still is a deficit. Romney has less work to do to balance the budget, although he’ll have a longer way to go to balance the total debt accumulated over the last ~10 years.

        • jazznj

          Just about the amount of time he took Obama to get out of the mess that George Bush and that son of a bitch, Dick Cheney, created! Or have you forgotten that is why we are where we are!!

        • 10 trillion dollar deficit is less debt?

      • You nailed it. Great comment. Thanks.

      • Shawn

        Well maybe we can’t ask for him to balance the entire budget in 4 years, but I mean, is it too much to ask that he submit his budget on time?

    • Michiganmitch

      “He has made 0 steps toward balancing our budget, ” You should never attempt to balance a budget while attempting to end a demand-side recession and foster a lasting recovery. This type of shock doctrine idiocy identifies causal agent for the downturn that are ridiculous in an effort to eliminate popular successful policy that cons have long detested. Profligate government spending didn’t cause the collapse and the resulting high debt and deficits, an unregulated financial sector did. Cutting spending and taxes will only serve to increase the deficits and promote added unemployment. The independent CTP had Ryan/Mitt’s silly plan right. It will only add to the deficit and debt and increase unemployment.

    • Tyler

      You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Johnny DGAF

      Why are you so worried about balancing a budget? The world is in need of jobs and if you don’t know yet it takes MONEY to MAKE MONEY. 6 Trillion but count the deficit year to year as any businessman does and it will take you to a steady deficit. The middle class needs jobs, it needs people qualified to work, and it needs spending to create these jobs.

      We care so much about how much the world is spending not enough that most of our country are not qualified for half of the jobs available. What does that mean? We need to spend on education and programs to get everyone qualified. We are #1 when it comes to spending money we do not have. So if we are going to spend so be it but as long as it’s going into a better future.

      Being President is such a thankless job. Tear him to pieces of what he couldn’t do but could care less about what he has done no matter WHO is President. The math is simple. People really expected Obama to fix a 10 year problem in 4? Please..

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  • milespro

    The author truly shows ignorance or lack of comprehension here. Obama made a campaign promise he would cut the debt by half. Instead he increased it by 6 trillion so far. As a separate point, Mitt suggests his plan would take a more realistic 8 to 10 years. So who is being more honest now?

    • Jeremy Wilhelm

      Didn’t that campaign promise happen BEFORE the recession struck? So who is being disingenuous again?

      • Jonathan Tso

        Right, that’s why we needed to spend a tril on Obamacare.

    • Jeff

      He actually said deficit not debt.

  • pineapple31

    He slammed Obama because promised he would do it in four. That is the problem broken promises not entirely the budget.

    • Name

      Name me a politician that keeps his promises. Any politician.

      Yeah, screw Mitt too.

    • Name

      Name me a politician that keeps his promises. Any politician.

      Yeah, screw Mitt too.

  • Swanson

    Does anyone understand the budget process? He’s not criticizing the lack of a balanced budget in 4 years, he’s criticizing the fact that the President has no plan to balance the budget EVER. Some budgets put forth by the congress show the budget being balance in 10 years, the President hasn’t put forth a budget plan that ever balances the budget.

  • Kl

    The problem isn’t that he thinks we’re stupid, he just to stupid to realize it.

  • pissedthefuckoff

    posted article on facebook, now been blocked as spamy and unsafe. pissed the fuck off.

  • richderp

    Obama has dug us such a deep hole it will take years to dig out of. Government is NOT your friend and helper

    • Sandroidiego

      You misspelled “Bush”.

  • Romney says government does not create jobs, yet he still want our votes, so he can create 12 million jobs. Weird!

  • this link has been blocked on Facebook…, tried to post this story to my politics page… and Facebook says it’s “Spammy”

  • Jonathan Tso

    Is this article for real? Obama can’t even get one vote on his own budget, yet he still managed trillion dollar deficits all 4 years. Romney is getting criticized because he says it’ll take eight years to fix? You MUST be as stupid as we think you are.

    • I’m criticizing him for being a fucking hypocrite, obviously.

      • Jonathan Tso

        Seriously, how is the guy who has responsibly managed every budget he’s been tasked with criticized for saying how long it’ll take to balance the US budget? Obama has proven he’s incapable. Who passes Obamacare in “the greatest economic downturn since the depression??”

        • soul68

          If he actually HAD balanced a budget, he would be getting less or no flak. The point is he hasn’t and his plan doesn’t balance the US budget. You can’t increase spending AND cut taxes and think magically that’s going to reduce the debt. That’s the mistake Bush made. Increased spending (the national security state plus 2 wars) and massive tax cuts are a recipe for disaster. Sure Obama increased the debt but part of that was the remainder of the bailout that went on his 2009 budget (which was already set before he took office) and spending on two wars.

          And also consider people are mistaking debt for deficit. You can balance a budget (zero deficit) and not touch the debt at all (which would be bad). Effectively the same as paying the minimum balance on a credit card every month.

          Regardless of who wins, things are going to be rough if we think we can cut govt spending on a massive scale and not have it affect the economy. Revenue must be raised in conjunction with moderate spending cuts.

        • what did he balance? left massachusetts with 1+ billion dollar deficit over 6.5 million people

    • 2 trillion more than what bush added to it wow!

  • Obvious

    The deficit has worsened in the past 4 years…so Obama is nowhere close to even beginning to think about balancing the budget. Romneys point is that he will take steps in the opposite direction correcting it. Where Obama has failed at greater levels successively in terms of the budget Romney asserts he will improve. That was the point you missed.

  • Mr. Fresh
  • Zinga

    Yeah, Obama is going the wrong way, though. He’ll NEVER balance it.

  • He was talking about the deficit, which OMarxist has DOUBLED in 4 years. Most of you are downright comical in your ignrance.

  • Alan Magid

    No one ever lost an election by underestimating the wisdom of the American people. If Romney beats the President, he will make GWB look like Mt Rushmore material. The LDS will own the World.

  • James

    This is not a very good criticism. I am no great fan of Romney’s, and there are plenty of things to criticize about him, but this type of thing just tends to remove credibility from more valid, substantial criticisms.
    Romney’s criticism of Obama not having balanced the budget by now stems from the fact that Obama promised to do so, not just the fact that he hasn’t done it. Romney is supplying what I imagine he thinks is a more realistic timescale. This article is completely devoid of sensible context, making it no different from the many arguments stemming from radical conservatives that the democrats (usually rightly) accuse of being pedantic.

    People on the internet have a way of pretending that Obama has been a perfect president – made no mistakes. Well, no. He hasn’t been a bad president, but he’s certainly made mistakes, as do all presidents. When Romney says that Obama promised to get rid of the deficit in four years, and instead doubled it, in this particular instance he is telling the truth, and just because it’s coming from the mouth of someone you don’t like doesn’t mean you can just discard it as irrelevant. If you want to talk about the many times he has actually lied, then fine. If you want to talk about problems with his (very general and vague and also probably impossible) tax plan, then fine. But we mustn’t grasp at straws and we must always provide context to substantiate our criticisms. If we do not, then we aid the national selectivist mindset. We ruin the discussion. It is the same mistake made by people who only watch fox news.

  • Mom

    What’s the matter with you? President Obama hasn’t even SUBMITTED a budget in his years of office. AND, HIS spending has doubled! You can’t ignore the national debt. PAY ATTENTION! And stop believing his rhetorical arguments. You would have drunk the Kool-Aid in Jim Jones’ camp.

  • WhoCaresAnymore

    The unfortunate thing is that Obama said ““I will cut the National Debt in half by the end of my first term in office” but didn’t. Oh well. Vote Obama!

  • Phil

    I think your pretty stupid if you think in the last four years we’ve been balancing anything but the presidents ego on the backs of the unemployed. But don’t let common sense keep you from being moronic enough to think that an experienced and successful businessman, who hasn’t so much as drank a cup of coffee in his life, would do a worse job presiding over our nations economic well-being than the black guy, who you have a crush on admit it, that hadn’t so much as participated in the few years he was in chicago politics and rose to FAME on the tidal wave of American Guilt that he so beautifully rode all the way to the white house. Go on vote for the guy with the pretty smile, because at the end of the day you dont care about the faceless guy across the country whose paying for this narcissist president’s incompetence what you really care about is yourself and that pretty little ego of yours that needs the validation of voting for “the smart guy” he must be smart if he’s got you fooled. Move to Canada Asshole!

    • “Your” absolutely hilarious. You basically just told me, “America, love it with Mitt Romney as president or leave it”. The original phrase was “love it or leave it”. I DO love it, especially with Barack Obama as president. And, for the record, it’s not because he has a nice smile.
      Thanks for the laugh before I go to bed. This might be the stupidest comment anyone has EVER been left on this site. Congratulations.

      • Phil

        Thank you, “This might be the stupidest comment anyone has EVER been left on this site”, what a compliment! I will wear it as a badge of honor.

  • This is my derp! Romneyism of the day. Gotta give him this much, the man knows how to make me laugh, and sadly some people don’t see this train wreck for what he is.

  • jazznj

    This wolf in sheep’s cloth is one lying son-of-a-bitch! How is name could even appear in the same sentence, article, whatever, as Barack Obama is beyond all comprehension. I cannot believe that this country has come to this – even considering this low life for the highest office in the land. What have we become as a people that this is the best with which we can find? And, to think, there are people who believe this lying bastard – where are your brains? Not in your heads, I am certain. What this snake-like soulless opportunist would do this country is beyond anyone’s imagination. WISE UP, America. If you think George W. Bush devastated this country, try Romney! He has this lust for ambition and to become President and he cares about nothing and no one else but Mitt Romney. What will be interesting is , if this snake-like creature is elected, just how he sells out this country!! To make more money for Mitt! That is the one and only reason this creature does anything. PLEASE take off your blinders! He is one dangerous creature! He will do anything, anything for Mitt! If you think for one minute that he cares about any person in the middle class, thin again and listen to his 47 percent tape when he thought no one else was listening!!

  • unbiasedamerican

    It was clear he mentioned being on the pathway to a balanced budget within his term. You are much stupider than he probably thinks you are.

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  • Results

    During Obama’s presidency the debt went from $10.7 trillion to $16-17 trillion. Following that trend of +6 trillion dollars every 4 yrs how long will it take for the US to break even? Bush AND Obama contributed to the debt in order to fight Al’Qaeda. We need a president who can continue to fight and bring down the deficit. The government under Obama’s leadership has proven a failure in this regard. I’m not saying Romney is a sure thing, but he hasn’t proven to be a failure… yet.

    • danskal

      Romney has already proven to be a failure in all respects except the polls (oh yeah and being rich).

  • some dude

    Even though I’m a Canadian and my voice does not matter in any of this, the entire presidential race this year has been a complete and utter fucking farce. I can’t even watch this bullshit anymore, it’s appalling.

  • karensc

    Some people ARE as stupid as he thinks.

  • This is not right. Obama only promised to cut it in half in 4 years. He did not do so. If he had, Romney couldn’t attack him on debt.

  • puzzled

    I don’t understand why more Americans can’t see thru Mitt the Twit and his lies. I was listening when he said he could get the budget in balance in 8-10 YEARS BUT Obama couldn’t do it in 4 years!! What? Does that make sense, was no one listening?