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Unhinged tea partier hacks television station email account to attack progressives – hilarity ensues


Rage against the caffeine

Eclectablog reader Connie Crew recently sent an email to a variety of media outlets that were running the insultingly deceitful anti-Proposal 2 ad (see my post on that HERE.) She did so using a We Are the People website called Stop the Lies!

She got back an email that about curled her hair.

It started out with Connie’s email to WMKG TV40 out of Muskegon:

I watch your channel in order to receive accurate and credible news and other programming. Countless other viewers across our area rely on your station for the exact same reason.

This election season, you play an important role and possess a vital responsibility in informing our views on those issues that matter the most. This responsibility extends to the advertisements your station airs.

I am writing to ask you to live up to your important duty by refusing to run the blatantly false ad recently put forth by Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution. This shadowy front-group’s scare tactics are despicable and use Michigan’s children as their pawns to attack Proposal 2, which would protect collective bargaining rights for working families throughout our state.

Their claims have already received a “foul” from The Center for Michigan’s independent Truth Squad and been denounced by observers throughout the state. However, the hectic modern lives of many voters mean it’s up to you to stop these fabrications before they gain traction.

No matter one’s views on Proposal 2, we can all agree that blatant lies and smears have no place on Michigan’s airwaves. I ask you to live up to your reputation by rejecting the false propaganda of Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution and refusing to run their deceptive advertisement.

– Connie Crew

She then got this response. You should know that, not only is the font size accurate, so are all grammatical and spelling errors:

You have never seen our station. We will run what ever we want. If you don’t like it than buy us out. Or other wise stick it up your ass. I am sick of people like you telling me what I can run. Now I will run as many ads for they as possible free. as a public service message. You and the other 500 or more letters we got about this brought it on your self. Bud.

Connie then sent this rather humorous response:

Wow, Bud, decaf dude. It ain’t that big a fucking deal, not worth a heart attack. Sheesh. People sometimes like to know the truth now and then instead of what a bunch of rich white folk want us to believe.


That prompted this over-the-top response:


Connie once again responded:

I am a private citizen who requested this email be sent to your station. I am not the organization you seem to have so much animosity toward. YOU don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me. I might be best friends with your boss putz so CHILL dude before you have a heart attack. Pray I don’t file a complaint to the FCC for how you have treated me, a tax paying citizen who might have (past tense) watched your channel every day.

Nice customer relations there putz.

Not to be outdone by their previous outrage, yet another freakout response came back:


Connie poked the hornets’ nest one more time:

You received those 500 letters at the request of 500 INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS you moron! It was an email/online organization that asked us to send them to you if we agreed with them. So, let me type this slowly so you can understand, 500 CITIZENS OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN WANT YOU TO QUIT RUNNING ADS THAT LIE!

Understand yet?

That’s when she got this email which cleared things up completely:

Thank you for this information. Please be advised that our E-Mail account has been hacked into and someone has sent out E-Mails that did not come from this office. We are working to take care of this problem. Fenton Kelley WMKG TV


Tea partiers: Their own worst enemy since 2008.

UPDATE: I suppose it is possible that this wasn’t a tea partier but, honestly, does anyone really believe that?

[CC image credit: Evil Erin | Flickr]

  • la58

    Hey Chris your comment area is not working right.

    • Eh? You seemed to comment just fine : )

      • la58

        What I ment was when I click on comment, the comments are compressed But when I click on the news they are normal.

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  • Bullshit, they caught an employee acting like a psycho and tried to cover their asses with an “I got hacked” excuse.

    • Ian Kennedy

      This. The “I was haxored” is the new “the dog ate my homework”.

      They weren’t hacked. Some tard of an employee of decided to go off the deep end.

  • Arakiba

    Crazy teabaggers.

  • >implying any teabagger is literate enough to hack into an email account

  • Dianne

    Hacked my foot. Hope the “hacker” lost his job.

  • Scott Burdette

    Yeah, I am pretty sure that the person who hammered out the half literate tirades was no computer whiz who hacked anything. I am thinking this was an employee (hopefully former).