Republican-Fail, Rick Snyder, Tea Party — August 23, 2012 at 8:34 am

Michigan tea partiers win, Gov. Snyder backs down from state health insurance exchange


Leadership? Not so much…

As I reported last month, tea partiers in Michigan have been working diligently against their own self-interest, trying to prevent a state-run health insurance exchange from being formed in Michigan. The exchange, mandated by the Affordable Care Act, would help up to a half million Michiganders obtain affordable health insurance.

If the state doesn’t create one of their own, the federal government will do it for them. And that, apparently, is exactly what is going to happen in Michigan because Governor Rick Snyder has backed down from his push for the Michigan-run exchange:

Gov. Rick Snyder is abandoning hopes of setting up a state-run health insurance exchange system after repeatedly failing to convince fellow Republicans in the state House to authorize the program, The Detroit News has learned.

Instead, the governor will pursue a joint partnership with the federal government to create an online portal for customers to shop for health insurance as mandated by President Barack Obama’s health reform law, Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel confirmed Wednesday.

“He would have preferred a state-based exchange so Michigan can control its own destination instead of the feds being in driver’s seat,” Wurfel told The News.

This is what I wrote last month:

What these maroons don’t appear to realize is that, if the states don’t create their own health insurance exchanges, one will be imposed on them by the federal government, the exact thing they say they are adamantly and loudly opposed to!

They are also bucking hospitals that are counting on more insured Americans to help expand Medicaid coverage to our poorest citizens

It’s frightening to me that a group of people that are so clearly misdirected are having such a major influence on our elections. If they were consistent in the application of their ideology, it would be one thing. But they are not. Theirs is a highly reactionary approach, one where they fight with outrage, even if it’s against the very thing they claim to be for. And, too often, their position is based on misinformation, lies, and a total lack of understanding of the issue at hand.

That’s no way to run a society. Our Founding Fathers would be embarrassed.

So now they will get what they want … errr … DON’T want: a federal government-run program that the state has no say in.

Well, done, my tea party friends. I’m not sure how this helps your cause but you win.

  • Teresa Blundell

    It “helps” the tea party because now they can say it’s all President Obama’s fault, not Snyder’s that the Federal government will have to come up with some sort of health care plan for Michigan citizens. It gives Snyder a pass while citizens who are ill but don’t have health care continue to pass out. Which is interesting that these same people want to blame the president for helping to provide health care for Americans who don’t have it. That should be a good thing. The U.S. is one of, if not the only, modernized country in the world that does not provide some form of health care for its citizens. That is not only a national disgrace but an international one.

    We as a country are so quick to point out the faults that we find with other countries, even to the point of declaring unsubsidized wars which not only kill or permanently maim our young men and women but also placed our country in a severe financial deficit which will last for years to come, but refuse to acknowledge that we don’t take care of our own citizens. And when President Obama makes a stand on this national epidemic, people criticize him for spending money.

    It was okay for President Bush to spend money by starting two unfunded wars under false pretenses (WMDs) that created the deficit and led to thousands of deaths and permanent injuries to American citizens. But shame on President Obama for trying to provide health care for American citizens. This logic continues to baffle me. Spend money we don’t have in order to kill people (some of them Americans) for reasons we can’t justify – that’s okay per some people. Spend money we don’t have in order to save lives of American citizens by providing health care – no way per the same people.

    When someone can actually explain why we had to attack people in oil rich countries other than the bogeyman was hiding in a cave there or another bogeyman dug a hole in the desert and buried bombs which have never been found, I would be more than willing to listen to your rationale for taking this country from a surplus to a deficit national budget. Until then, please stop telling me how President Obama is ruining our economy by trying to keep Americans healthy.

    How about a special tax for all those people who thought that two unfunded wars was good for our economy and has actually kept us safer. Remember Michigan has contributed to our country’s home-grown terrorists in more ways than one. They can fund the “Pay for War Tax” and when the costs of those two wars has been recouped in the national budget, then complain about health care costs. Only problem is those wars won’t be paid off by the time all of us currently living are gone.

  • kirke123

    well, time to kick the tea party alas KKK and the republicans out of office!

  • Jonathan Riley

    the repubs are so convinced mitt is going to win and repeal the ACA they are willing to risk the very thing they hate (the government, including themselves) being in charge of michogan policy.

    i am just waiting for the michigan repubs to try and secire a Romney Win by violating the constitution and violate voting rights.

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