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Michigan Tea Partiers working to stop health insurance exchange


Sorry, face. This nose has GOT to go…

Tea party types in Michigan, facing the stinging blow of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the constitution, are now working on a self-defeating effort to make sure that Michigan doesn’t create a health insurance exchange for Michiganders to shop for affordable health insurance. This comical effort apparently disregards the fact that, if they are successful, the federal government will create one FOR us, limiting our state legislators’ ability to have any say or control in the matter.

This is from an email I received yesterday from the Tea Party of West Michigan (all typos and grammatical errors are theirs, not mine – like the grammatically incorrect tagline at the top of every page on their website: “Influence policy, effect elections, protect the Constitution”):

[C] all the Governor’s office as it seems he’s bound and determined to have the ObamaCare exchange passed in this state. We can kill ObamaCare, I believe by enforcing our Michigan State Sovereignty. I’ve always thought this was a way to go. So much so that I tried to get it passed as a resolution in our Michigan Republican Party State Committee. I’ve run into people on our Issues Committee who are not ready and willing to fight for it there. They claim it’s too hard. Well, is it too hard to fight for our Freedom and our Country? Is it harder than what our soldiers are doing right now in the desert? Don’t they deserve to come home to an America they left? An America that they are over there sacrificing for? I think not. {…}

We must not let the MI House pass the Exchange bill that the MI Senate already passed and that the Governor is sure to sign if the House passes it. If enough states refuse to pass this part of ObamaCare we might just be able to kill it as the bill did not fund the Feds to write these things from us. {…}

Other things you can do. LEARN YOUR CONSTITUTION!! I hear so many “tea party people” pay lip service to the Constitution but then bend it when it’s something that they think will benefit them or someone they know. That’s just what I feel Justice Roberts has done. He was scared by press and pressure into WRITING LAW. He became an activist Judge! That is not supported by the very Constitution he was put there to uphold!

Apparently, our men and women in the military are fighting to protect us from affordable health insurance for everyone. Who knew?

What these maroons don’t appear to realize is that, if the states don’t create their own health insurance exchanges, one will be imposed on them by the federal government, the exact thing they say they are adamantly and loudly opposed to!

They are also bucking hospitals that are counting on more insured Americans to help expand Medicaid coverage to our poorest citizens:

A growing number of Republican governors, including Scott, Terry Branstad of Iowa, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin say they won’t carry out any parts of the law, which threatens to deny millions of poor people access to the Medicaid coverage it provides.

But Obama and those uninsured people aren’t the only ones who stand to lose. Hospitals that currently treat the poor for free in emergency rooms were counting on a broad expansion of health insurance coverage to cut down on the number of unpaid bills on their books. The American Hospital Association and other national industry groups endorsed the health care reform law, calculating that more insured people would make up for $155 billion in lower Medicare payments over a decade.

A smaller Medicaid expansion would be bad news for hospitals, especially in states like Florida and Texas with large numbers of uninsured people, according to Sheryl Skolnick, a health care equities analyst at CRT Capital Group in Stamford, Conn. “That risk is real and meaningful: the hospitals may end up paying for the poorest and sickest of today’s uninsured anyway AND see cuts in Medicare and Medicaid on top of that,” she wrote in a note to clients Friday.

But, that won’t stop this group who loves you until you disagree with them and then suddenly you are an “activist judge” who apparently wipes his feet on the Constitution. Their love affair with Governor Rick Snyder appears to be over, as well. After his vetoing of three voter suppression bills this week, MIRS news service is reporting that “At least one Michigan Tea Party group is rearing to find a primary opponent for Gov. Rick Snyder in 2014, and others are welcoming the idea of a debate in search a more conservative Republican”.

It’s frightening to me that a group of people that are so clearly misdirected are having such a major influence on our elections. If they were consistent in the application of their ideology, it would be one thing. But they are not. Theirs is a highly reactionary approach, one where they fight with outrage, even if it’s against the very thing they claim to be for. And, too often, their position is based on misinformation, lies, and a total lack of understanding of the issue at hand.

That’s no way to run a society. Our Founding Fathers would be embarrassed.

Here’s a key point the tea partiers seem not to understand: our country is a UNION. The UNITED States of America. We came together 236 years ago to form “a more perfect UNION”. Our American values have always been based on helping each other and looking out for those who are in need.

It’s spelled out in the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, in fact:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

We have historically welcomed the “poor and huddled masses” from other countries and protected minority groups from “the tyranny of the majority”.

These traditional American values are not held by our tea party brothers and sisters. They have shifted to a new ideology, one that says, “I have what I need. If you don’t have what you need, you are on your own and I will not help you nor do you deserve to be helped. The ‘general Welfare’ is of no concern to me. MY welfare is all that matters.”

These people are not patriots. They are self-absorbed, selfish and ill-informed about the very things they say they are fighting for. The fact that the Republican Party has ceded its power to them should worry all of us.

[Photo credits: Chris Savage | Eclectablog]

  • Chupacapra

    Let’s just point & laugh while they do this. Why bother correcting them? A federal exchange means larger pools means even lower premiums. So…by all means, fools, go ahead. Make my day. They really haven’t the first clue what is in ACA. They take their cues from Limbaugh and Palin and blindly believe whatever they’re told about it, bc it’s what they want to believe. And they wouldn’t bother reading it bc they lack comprehension skills, hence the preexisting condition that is being a tea party member to begin with.

    As for Bobby Jindal, he would happily allow those public hospitals sink treating the poor. He’s already spent his entire governorship defunding them. One of the first things he did was close every psychiatric hospital on the southshore/new Orleans, and the only public one left on the north shore is going private. Please bobby, go on, stand up to that democrat in the white house. because this is all about Obama. Not the 50 million people who stand to benefit from it. All that hard work you have done making sure people don’t get treatment they need, down the drain. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Now if only there were a federal public education alternative exchange…

  • Dan

    I hate to be the one to do this, but if we are going to lambaste them for grammatical errors, perhaps we should be beyond reproach with our spelling and grammar.
    the first paragraph ” the federal government will create on FOR us,” and down the way some
    “What these maroons don’t appear to realize is that” and you don’t really need the “that”
    in that fragment.
    To the issue at hand: it is pure and unadulterated ignorance. Tea Partyers will trash the ACA as long as it is still called “ObamaCare.” I believe the connotation on that term hurts and hinders more than it actually helps the cause of single payer health care

    • Touché.

      I’ve added the missing “e” to the first paragraph. The second one is grammatically correct as is.

      • Dan

        yes, you are correct, just had to read it aloud. “Maroons”, however, is generally reserved for runaway slaves. I bet that monster, Autocorrect, had something to do with that.

        • No, “maroons” is a direct quote from The Three Stooges. “What a maroon…!”

  • BillW

    Well said Chris!

  • majii

    This group’s position reminds me of a video I saw on Crooks and Liars recently. A young woman was in a southern town interviewing people about the ACA. The majority of them are against the law. What stood out for me was one woman who admitted she was on a country healthcare program. She admitted this yet, she’s against the ACA. She went on to say that she deserves for the government to subsidize her healthcare but others don’t. She plans to vote for Romney. Little does she know that if it were left up to Romney, she would have no form of health coverage. This woman and the tea partiers in MI are excellent examples of those who are taking advantage of every government benefit they can get while they’re opposing allowing others to have the same benefits they’re enjoying. IMHO, these people represent the highest form of greed and selfishness known to man.

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