IRONY ALERT! Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris being forced out of power


Irony this large needs a zip code

In what may be one of the most ironic stories of the year so far, Joe Harris says he’s being forced out of his position as the Emergency Manager of Benton Harbor.

Gee, Joe, I wonder what it’s like to lose power as a person in charge in that town? I guess you could as the Benton Harbor City Commissioners. They’d certainly know since you were the one who forced them out of power.

Harris said state officials are in the process of forcing him out of office, bending to pressure from a group of high-power political adversaries of his.

Harris said he recently received confirmation of the decision to remove him via the state treasurer’s office, although he still is not sure when he will be required to step down.

Harris said the move was sparked by a group of his adversaries, who convinced the state to remove him for “political” reasons. Although Harris would not disclose the individuals’ identities or provide more detail, he said he has evidence that five individuals had a meeting in January with state officials to discuss the possibility of an emergency manager change in Benton Harbor.

“Knowing what I know, there’s no question that it’s political,” Harris said during an interview on Wednesday with the MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette about the future of the state’s role in governing Benton Harbor.

I wonder if this group of political operatives who are his enemies forced him to take himself off the planning commission (pdf), too? He only just appointed himself to the planning commission in February.

I’d say that Joe Harris has an obligation to share with us who is pulling the puppet strings here. Are they elected officials? Are they businesspeople? Who is truly in control over things like this? The people of Michigan deserve to know who is making decisions that affect entire towns in this way.

We deserve to know if we, as voters, still have any say whatsoever.

  • majii

    Harris cast his lot with Snyder, now he has to deal with it. No crying foul allowed. When one knows that one’s dealing with the devil in hell, one doesn’t get a “get out of jail free card.”

    • panarchyangel

      You are so right Majii!! Keep your eyes open, it’s going to be a house of cards here in Benton Harbor soon. Hightower is looking at 5 recalls, Darwin Watson buried himself at the Cemetary job, (missing bodies and money!) Marcus Robinson is no longer with Consortium for Community Dev. (he says that will free him up to work in Africa and other places.) Truth is he failed to bring in the numbers the PGA wanted (needed) to make it worth their time and he failed to get away with the take-over of the local NAACP chapter #3155- Rev. Edward Pinkney – President. And even Wendy Dant Chesser (Queen of back door deals) has said she is leaving Cornerstone Alliance!! Lots of prayers and people coming together make these things happen, we have to search out the truth, and when you do occationally find it-SHARE IT WITH ALL!! Our state gov. put this fool here, so I know we can’t look to the current office holders for help. We must make sure Act 4 is wiped out in Nov. I don’t like living in a dictatorship, and if this isn’t stopped here and now, it WILL spread like a cancer across the country–there are already other governors taking intrest in this fascist law. Make sure everyone you know uses their voice at the polls not just in Nov. but also in the primaries–AUGUST 7th.

  • pati

    A little more irony for you, I just received a letter from Yvonne White from the Mich. NAACP informing our membership of a new “election” for our chapter (#3155)!!! Rev. Edward Pinkney is our President, and I think he’s a great one. He speaks out and stands up when others bend and fold. This attempt of a take-over is very sad to me because it tells me that the leaders of this organization are more concerned with personal gain than keeping a legacy alive and our rights intact.

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