Obama breaks new ground in social media with Reddit “AMA”, broke record & almost broke Reddit

Ask me anything…

Reddit is a force of nature. The biggest traffic days on Eclectablog are directly attributable to us hitting the front page of Reddit and doing that actually shut the site down at one point because we overloaded our host’s servers.

On Reddit, people post links, photos or commentary for others to look at. There are subreddits which are categories. For example, links to stuff at Eclectablog typically end up in the Politics reddit. Links that get popular enough in a specific reddit get promoted to Reddit’s front page and that’s where the traffic really gets heavy.

There’s a specific type of post on Reddit called an “AMA” which stands for “Ask me anything”. Some of them are “IAMA” which means “I am a … ask me anything”. They are very popular and numerous celebrities, business owners and other folks have done them. You can read more about AMAs at Reddit’s blog HERE. Last week, President Obama did an IAMA titled “I am Barack Obama, President of the United States — AMA”.

He almost broke the internet. Details after the jump.

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