Politifact tells the tale: Obama/Biden lead in truth department, Romney/Ryan tell more lies (CHART)

Not that this comes as any surprise or anything…

Here’s an interesting thing to ponder. When you have a look at the Politifact rulings on statements made by President Obama & Vice President Biden vs. the statements made by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, it becomes immediately obvious who lies the most.

For statements that were ruled to be “True” and “Mostly True”, it’s Obama and Biden at 45.0%, Romney and Ryan at 29.1%. When it comes to “False”, “Mostly False” and “Pants on Fire”, it’s Romney and Ryan at 43.9% and Obama and Biden at 28.8%. In fact, Romney and Ryan have over 4 times as many “Pants of Fire” lies as the President and Vice President. Mitt Romney himself has well over half of the total amount of “Pants of Fire” lies (58.6%) of all the candidates combined!

Charts and data after the jump.

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