Fox News pundits Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson, and Juan Williams blame working women for … pretty much everything

Gentlemen, the 1950s called and they’d like their chauvinistic worldview back

The dissolution of society around us. The disintegration of marriage. Something going terribly wrong in American society. Minority communities torn apart. American society torn apart. A catastrophic issue. The loss of a generation. The undermining of our social order.

What is it that’s causing this societal conflagration? According to Fox News commentators Lou Dobbs, Juan Williams, Erick Erickson, and Doug Schoen, it’s the fact that, in 40% of American households with children, women are the primary wage earner. Who knew that women earning more than men would have such a corrosive impact on the very fabric of our American society?

Nobody except these sexist swine. Details after the jump.

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