GUEST POST: An open letter to Michigan Senator John Pappageorge about Medicaid expansion in Michigan

If only having a big heart could overcome having an afflicted neurological system…

The following open letter is by 28-year old Emily Todebush. Emily was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and faces a lifetime of medical problems and major health issues. But Emily is fortunate: she has health insurance. Thanks to her health care coverage, she doesn’t have to face catastrophic medical bills that would bankrupt families without health insurance.

In Michigan and every other state in the United States of America, millions of people who go to work to earn a living don’t have health insurance and don’t make enough money to pay for insurance on their own. These are the people that the Affordable Care Act, though the expansion of Medicaid, would be saved from bankruptcy, crippling diseases, and even death.

Despite the fact that she has health insurance, Emily understands the critical importance of expanding Medicaid in Michigan. While others would be preoccupied with their own problems were they in her shoes, Emily has a heart big enough to care for those not as fortunate as she is. She understands that upwards of a half million Michiganders — WORKING Michiganders desperately need this life-saving health insurance. This is a situation in which, though the tea partiers and conservatives would love to simply shout “GET A JOB!“, having a job is not enough.

Unfortunately, Emily’s senator, John Pappageorge does not understand any of this. Pappageorge is one of the many Republicans with hearts too small and ideologies too large to understand just how important expanding Medicaid is. He is far more concerned about harming our president’s legacy and making sure that he has no successes, even one that would help so many people.

So, Emily wrote to Senator Pappageorge. He has not responded.

You can read Emily’s important letter after the jump.

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