UPDATED: FIVE fake Democrats Michiganders should watch out for in the primary next Tuesday

Dude, you ain’t no Democrat

I have updated this post to include more information about Cody Bailey. I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to include him in the “fake Dems” category. In the end, I did not. I have, however, included additional information about why he MAY be, why I think so, and why he’s a bad choice for Michigan.

There are two FOUR FIVE people running for office who Democrats should watch out for when they vote in the primary next Tuesday. One of them, Bill Roberts, is a LarouchePAC candidate who wants to impeach President Obama. Another is Jim Fink, running for circuit court judge in Washtenaw county on the nonpartisan ballot but who has been attempting to cuddle up to Democrats for months now. Husband and wife Susie and John Hughes from Muskegon are numbers three and four and Mike Eller, a John Bircher from Ypsilanti is the fifth.

All the gory details after the jump.

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