Michigan Dems unify, Mark Brewer withdraws from Chair race and Lon Johnson voted in by unanimous consent

THIS is how it SHOULD be done

It was a day that promised to be memorable and the 2013 Michigan Democratic Convention at the Cobo Center in Detroit did not disappoint. In addition to electing the Party Chair, Michigan Democrats are coming off a 2012 election where they experienced mixed results. On one hand, we elected President Barack Obama by 9 points, Senator Debbie Stabenow by more than 20 points, and picked up 5 seats in the Republican-dominated House. On the other hand, we still don’t control any major power position in Michigan whatsoever.

So Michigan Democrats are fired up. Based on the number of voting delegates, 3,677 compared with the Republicans paltry 1,500 and change, Michigan Democrats are more fired up than ever before and poised to fight back HARD in 2014.

The day ended unexpectedly when Mark Brewer withdrew his nomination for Chair of the MDP, paving the way for Lon Johnson to be voted in by unanimous consent. My report after the jump.

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