Episode 44 – How to win: Get your millennial friends to vote and RUN! wsg Sean McElwee & Darrin Camilleri

The show notes for Episode 44 are at http://www.eclectablog.com/2017/08/episode-44-how-to-win-get-your-millennial-friends-to-vote-and-run-wsg-sean-mcelwee-darrin-camilleri.html Sean McElwee on Twitter: @SeanMcElwee Sean McElwee at Demos: A Higher Minimum Wage Has Broad Appeal Sean McElwee at The Nation: How Oregon Increased Voter Turnout More Than Any Other State Darrin Camilleri on Twitter: @DarrinCamilleri Crain’s Detroit “20 in Their 20s” article on Darrin Camilleri: DARRIN CAMILLERI, 25 Vice News: […]

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