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The next Trayvon Martin could easily live in Michigan thanks to our Stand Your Ground law

The next Trayvon Martin could easily live in Michigan thanks to our Stand Your Ground law

Michigan’s “stand your ground” law resembles Florida’s more than any other state

Graphic by Chris Lozos

The tragic death of unarmed Trayvon Martin in Florida was a direct result of that state’s odious “Stand Your Ground” law. The fact that George Zimmerman was acquitted of his death is a direct result, not of the six female jurors ignoring the law, but, rather, of them enforcing it to the letter. Zimmerman’s murder of Martin was completely protected by this hideous law.

As Michigan Radio reports, Michigan has a similar law that is more like Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law than any other state:

States that adopt “stand your ground” laws generally indicate a person has no duty to retreat if they feel unlawfully threatened by another individual, regardless of where the person is.…
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Michigan teacher fired for raising funds for family of Trayvon Martin

The wrong person got fired

At a time in this country and my state when we’re dealing with crap like this hacked road construction sign, now we get a story about a teacher who was fired for using the Trayvon Martin case as a teachable moment. Brooke Harris was fired for supporting a student-run fundraiser for the family of Trayvon Martin.

Last month Brooke Harris’ eighth-grade class asked her about the “kid who was killed over some skittles;” she seized the opportunity to bring her students’ lived experiences into the classroom—a strategy we and other experts advocate.

Brooke’s students identify with Trayvon Martin.

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Allen Park traffic sign hacked to say “Trayvon a N****R”

Racism is alive and well and flourishing in the USA

The Detroit News is reporting that an as-yet unidentified person hacked into a traffic sign in Allen Park, Michigan and reprogrammed it to say "TRAYVON A NIGGER". [Photo after the jump.]
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Rush Limbaugh: Trayvon Martin was over-zealoused to death

Wait. This guy gets paid for this???

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Trayvon Martin was shot to death a month ago. Turns out you're wrong. According to radio Hate Show host Rush Limbaugh, he was actually "over-zealoused" to death. Who knew?
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On Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi and “taking our country back”

They've taken our country back, alright...

I haven't yet written about the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin, not because I had nothing to say but because I wasn't sure I had anything to add to the conversation. Then, over the weekend, an Iraqi mother in California was beaten to death and left with a note that said "Go Back To Your Country, You Terrorist". It was then that I realized that fearful, angry conservatives have achieved their goal of "taking our country back". They have taken it back to the 1950s and before.
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