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An open letter to EMU leadership from a former student, current teacher regarding partnership with the EAA

Eastern Michigan University is under increasing pressure from public education advoctates, its own faculty and student body, and from former students to end its partnership with Governor Snyder’s failed education experiment on Detroit students known as the Education Achievement Authority. I have published open letters to the EMU Regents HERE and HERE

The impact is being felt. There are now multiple school districts where teachers are refusing to accept student teachers from EMU’s College of Education:

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Washtenaw County Education Association Member Schools
    • Chelsea
    • Dexter
    • Lincoln
    • Manchester
    • Saline
    • Whitmore Lake
  • Taylor
  • Northville – unconfirmed
  • Wayne Westland – unconfirmed
  • Livonia – unconfirmed

Today we have another open letter, this one to EMU President Susan Martin from an EMU College of Education graduate and current teacher Cynthia Nicholas.…

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BREAKING: EAA Chief unexpectedly quits to take new job – “Screw you, guys. I’m going home.”

In a shocking development few saw coming, Education Achievement Authority Chancellor John Covington quit his job this morning to take a new position a university somewhere in Illinois.

Some EAA staffers have suspected Covington was interviewing for other jobs over the past few weeks.

“He’s never around the office anymore,” said one EAA office staffer. “And he’s been out of town most Fridays and Mondays.”

Covington has been under intense scrutiny and criticism for failing to produce the level of academic achievement he promised would happen and, in fact, claimed was happening. After recent MEAP testing results revealed that a significant number of students actually showed WORSE results from year to year rather than Covington’s claim that most EAA students had advanced a year and a half in just the first year of the education experiment, even some of Covington’s most ardent supporters began to question his truthiness.…

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Another OPEN LETTER to the Regents of Eastern Michigan Univ. from a College of Ed. faculty member

Earlier this week, I published an open letter to the Regents of Eastern Michigan University who made the decision to partner with the Education Achievement Authority, Governor Rick Snyder’s failed education experiment on Detroit’s children. In it, he admonished the Regents for betraying the history and legacy and mission of EMU by supporting an education model that relies on untrained, inexperienced teachers. EMU’s reputation and history as a “university for teachers” seemed to be thrown to the curb with this move and continues to be thrown to the curb by their continued support.

Today, we have another open letter, this one from EMU College of Education faculty member professor Stephen Wellinski.…

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Open Letter to Eastern Michigan University Regents regarding EMU’s partnership with the EAA from a faculty member

“Your support for the EAA is a black-mark on this university’s history”

Yesterday, Eastern Michigan University’s Board of Regents met and, as part of the meeting, they took public comments. Below is the commentary of Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the EMU Special Education Department, Steve Camron. It does a fantastic job of outlining why EMU’s partnership with Governor Snyder’s failed education experiment on Detroit students, the Education Achievement Authority, is so antithetical to the University’s legacy and purpose. I have written before about EMU’s history as a teacher education institution:

When Eastern Michigan University was founded in 1849, it was called the Michigan State Normal School.…
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EAA bill now goes back to the Senate so our work is not done + impressions on yesterday’s vote

The fight continues

Yesterday’s narrow passage of the legislation that will expand the failed Education Achievement Authority experiment statewide was a blow to those of us who rely on data and facts to inform our decisions. With the help of two supposed progressives from Detroit, Representatives John Olumba and Harvey Santana, the bill passed by only two votes. THEIR votes.

However, the fight is not over. The legislation now goes back to the state Senate where I’m told there’s a good chance they won’t pass with changes since the House significantly altered it from the previously-passed Senate version. This gives opponents more opportunities to shine a light on the colossal failure that the EAA represents, a system run by a man who left Missouri to come to Michigan only to see the Kansas City school district he previously headed up lose its accreditation shortly after his departure.…

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Republicans pass bill to expand EAA with help of Detroit Democrat Harvey Santana

House Republicans along with Detroit Democrat Harvey Santana and Independent Detroit Rep. John Olumba passed legislation this afternoon that expands the EAA. The bill passed with a two vote margin.

I have rarely been prouder of the House Democrats (with the exception of Santana) who spoke eloquently, passionately, and with facts in hand about how terrible this bill is and how it represents a colossal failure of the Detroit children in the EAA and those who will be in the EAA in the future. Rep. Sam Singh asked if we would would go to a hospital where most of the people came out sicker, pledging never to return.…

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Ann Arbor school board votes to publicly oppose EAA, calls on Eastern Michigan Univ. to sever ties

Educators are speaking. Are lawmakers listening?

Last night the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education unanimously voted to voice its opposition to HB 4369, the legislation that may likely be voted on in the state House today to expand the Education Achievement Authority.

“As an educational body, as a policy body, when we see the level of distress that programs are causing students…we have the moral obligation to step in and say something, particularly when it’s public education that’s we see under attack and is disturbing kids and students,” said Trustee Simone Lightfoot, author of the resolution. [...]

“The reason I’ve been urging my colleagues to speak out against it … this experiment has not proven to do what it stated it was going to do, which is to help those students come up out of the morass of low achievement that they had been subjected to,” Lightfoot said.

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UPDATED x3: As Republicans twist arms for EAA expansion votes, Detroit Democrat Harvey Santana is helping them out

What gives, Harvey?

[Photo by Anne Savage, special to Eclectablog]

Yesterday was another day without a vote on HB 4369, the legislation that would expand Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s failed experiment on Detroit children known as the Education Achievement Authority. I’ve spoken to multiple legislators who say that bill proponents are close to having enough votes. However, there is so much evidence that the EAA is failing Detroit children rather than helping them that even some Republicans are distancing themselves and refusing to vote for expansion.

(UPDATE: MIRS news service is reporting that Republicans DO have enough votes and will vote today.)

UPDATE 3: As of 3:30 p.m.

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Public opinion against EAA expansion grows as Republicans modify bill to gain enough votes

I slipped out of the country for a few days’ vacation in Mexico this past week and was pleased to learn upon my return that the EAA expansion bill has not yet been passed. What I have heard is that the Republicans pushing this legislation are only one vote short or that they may, in fact, now have enough and that a vote on the bill will be held as soon as today.

I have had a look at the latest version of HB 4369 and was pleased to see that it has been modified in positive ways — a direct result of the pressure that has been put on legislators, particularly with regard to the Education Achievement Authority.…

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GUEST POST: Students for an Ethical and Participatory Education respond to staged EAA “forum” at Eastern Michigan University

Yesterday we heard from a faculty member about the Education Achievement Authority “public forum” held on the campus of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In that account, we learned that the forum was little more than a staged promotional event for the EAA.

Today, we hear from David Chapman, an organizer with the EMU student group Students for Ethical Participatory Education (SEPE). The group is part of the People Against the EAA Coalition and, like the faculty members who attended the forum, they found the forum to be a sham with no true dialogue. And like Professor Rebecca Martusewicz, Chapman renews the call for EMU to sever its relationship with the EAA.…

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