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Michigan House & Senate Republican Campaign Committees funded largely by the DeVos family – 34% and 41% respectively

The best democracy money can buy

As we get into the final week of the campaign season before next Tuesday’s election, there is a massive amount of money being spent, mainly on television ads and mailings, trying to sway voters. On the Republican side in Michigan, it’s no secret that one family, the massively wealthy DeVos family, is dominating the scene. In the last filing with the Michigan elections bureau, the amount this one family is spending comes into sharp relief.

Seven members of the DeVos family dumped $260,000 into the coffers of the Republican House Campaign Committee. This represents 34.4% of the money given in the last reporting period and 15.4% of the money they have received all year.…

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Multi-millionaire Dick DeVos: Passing right to work was “the most fun”, urges voters to support Rick Snyder

Dick DeVos, Jr., whose family is Michigan’s version of the Koch brothers, is one of the richest people in our state. After getting beaten by Democrat Jennifer Granholm in 2006, he turned his attention to changing the face of Michigan by using his vast wealth behind the scenes to affect state policy. Whether it’s spending money against Democrats or threatening to spend money against Republicans who don’t toe his line, DeVos is the corporatist money machine for some of the most odious and damaging policy changes in our state.

At meeting of the West Michigan Policy Forum last Monday, he bragged about one of them: making Michigan, the birthplace of the modern labor movement, a right to work state.…

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BREAKING: Dick DeVos threatening Republicans who don’t support EAA expansion with massive financial support of primary opponents

The best government corporatist money can buy

I have confirmation from two independent sources in the Michigan legislature that multi-millionaire Dick DeVos is using the threat of massive financial support for Republican primary opponents of vulnerable Senate Republicans to force them to vote for the bill that would expand the Education Achievement Authority statewide. The same approach was used to peel off recalcitrant House Republicans before they passed the EAA expansion bill last month. If Democrats John Olumba and Harvey Santana had not voted for it, however, they would not have had enough.

According to my sources, DeVos has pledged to fund Republican primary opponents to the tune of $100,000 each.…

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VIDEO: A heartfelt Rick Snyder valentine to Dick and Betsy DeVos celebrating their corporate love affair

There are few people who deserve a valentine from Michigan governor Rick Snyder more than Dick and Betsy DeVos. From funding his campaign to paying for ramming Right to Work through by threatening/bribing Republicans in the legislature, the DeVos family has been there for Rick Snyder every step of the way. In fact, it could reasonably be said that Rick Snyder is a business partner or even an employee of the DeVos family.

Our friends at SnyderFails have put together a video that shows the valentine that Rick Snyder would send to Dick and Betsy DeVos if he were allowed to publicly admit the central role they play in his administration.…

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Mother Jones exposé shows how Michigan’s right to work law was bought and paid for by the DeVos family

The best politicians, laws and elections money can buy

Mother Jones’ Andrew Kroll has an incredible piece out this week showing the growing and pervasive influence of the DeVos family in Michigan and national politics. Although much of what he reveals in his piece has been long suspected, he brings to light details about how the passage of Michigan’s right to work law on one day in December 2012 was the result of spending by the DeVos family, guarantees that Republicans would protected by DeVos money from primary challenges or recall attempts, and coercion by members of the DeVos family in the form of primary threats for Republicans that didn’t obey orders.…

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Is Rick Snyder hiding the fact that the DeVos family were major contributors to the NERD Fund?

We don’t blame you, Governor. We’d hide that, too.

[Caricature by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog]

With the announcement that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is closing down the secretive NERD Fund without disclosing its donors, questions remain as to WHY he is keeping the donors secret. Considering that Charlie Secchia is the fund’s president, it’s possible that Governor Snyder is hiding the fact that the corporatist DeVos family is one of the donors he’s trying to shield.

Charlie Secchia, once the Western Michigan Vice Chairman for the Rick Snyder for Michigan Committee, is the son of Peter F.…

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ALEC is behind making Michigan the 24th Right to Work for Less state (and other news)

Not that this is a surprise or anything…

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a national pro-business, anti-worker group that creates model legislation for use by its conservative members who are in state legislatures. Not surprisingly, ALEC’s fingerprints are all over the new laws that make Michigan the country’s 24th Right to Work for Less state as shown by some excellent reporting by PR Watch this week:

Amidst massive pro-labor protests, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed sweeping legislation attacking private and public sector unions, just hours after passing the lame-duck legislature. The operative language in the bills is nearly identical to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s “model” Right to Work Act.…
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