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After agreeing to study determining the cost to educate a child in Michigan, GOP now poised to kill “this crazy study”

Education cost study? We doan need no stinkin’ education cost study!

As part of the package of legislation passed to put Proposal 1 on the ballot, Republicans agreed to fund a study of the costs to educate a child in Michigan. Democrats pushed for the study so that smart choices regarding the funding of schools can be made in the future. Republicans not only agreed to it, it was in fact a bill – H.B. 423 – introduced by a Republican and all of the cosponsors were Republican. Twenty-five House Republicans and eight Senate Republicans voted for it. It was signed into law by our Republican governor as Public Act 555 of 2014 and is now actually part of the Revised School Code.…

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GOP House Speaker wants to pay for road funding without raising gas prices by cutting – you guessed it – education funding

During the 2014 campaign in Michigan, we were told repeatedly that Republicans hadn’t cut education funding. Despite the fact that they had actually taken BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from our schools each year, the told us with a straight face that, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, they had increased funding for our classrooms.

Now, just a few weeks later, Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger is proposing that we pay for billions of dollars in road and bridge repairs by cutting education funding so that legislators would “not have to raise taxes”.

I’m totally serious.

The plan would remove, over six years, the 6% sales tax now charged on fuel sales, while at the same time converting the 19-cent-per-gallon fuel tax to a percentage rate that would gradually increase over the same period.…
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Michigan House Dems introduce education reform bills developed with input from parents, teachers, admins, ed. experts

It’s not “Our way or the highway”, it’s “How about this BETTER way?”

In response to my exposé of mistreatment of students in the Education Achievement Authority, EAA spokesperson Terry Abbott, a former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Education and Deputy Commissioner for Communications at the U.S. Social Security Administration in George W. Bush’s administration, attacked my credibility and the credibility of an elected state Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood:

“Abbot said the serious allegations of what amounts to criminal activity has never been reported to administrators. Plus, given the quotes were shared anonymously should cast real credibility questions on the information.”

Abbott said Hopgood has been a long-time political opponent of the EAA and that he is a politician who does not believe in establishing other ways to provide opportunities for success for children who are “trapped in failing schools year after year.”

“Our focus is going to continue to be on the needs of our kids and not worry about the politics of adults,” he said.

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Mich. GOP education plan is clear: destroy public schools. Dems’ plan involves community/state input & teamwork

The Republicans’ goal is to “try to find a way to educate students on the cheap”

Photo credit: Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

Michigan Republicans have made their education “reform” plan quite clear: slash funding to traditional public schools, privatize schools to for-profit corporations, and knee-cap teachers to prevent them from collectively bargain for decent wages and benefits. This plan is being played out in vividly across the state, resulting in schools going bankrupt and, in some cases, actually closing their doors, leaving students and parents with no public schools in their community.

Michigan Democrats have been fighting the good fight to save our public schools system but, facing majorities in both houses of the legislature, their impact has been negligible.…

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Mich House Speaker retaliates against Dems holding Republicans accountable for leaving No Fault ins. hearing

Intentionally furthering the divide

Last week, Republican members of the House Insurance Committee walked out of a hearing on No Fault insurance reform to avoid having to hear testimony from victims of catastrophic accidents and their families. The disrespect shown to these citizens who had traveled to Lansing to participate in our democratic process prompted Democratic House Leader Tim Greimel to call for their replacement. In response, House Speaker Jase Bolger, in what can only be described as a petulant and childish act, removed eight Democrats from their committee assignments for missing meetings in the past. He took no action whatsoever against Republicans, of course. Click through for more.
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GRAPHIC MEME: Michigan, where Democracy goes to die

More genius from Anne C. Savage: Larger version suitable for sharing and pinning after the jump.
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VIDEO: Rep. Brandon Dillon eviscerates Michigan Republicans for jamming Right to Work though without debate or input

More of this, please

Michigan State House Representative from Grand Rapids Brandon Dillon gave the Republicans in the House an earful about their hypocrisy and outrageous behavior in jamming Right to Work for Less legislation through with no public input, no hearings, and no opportunity for Democrats to offer amendments. It's a thing of beauty Video and transcript after the jump.
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