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UPDATEDx2: Koch brothers’ fake “Obamacare victim” Julie Boonstra made to look even more foolish and exploited

“It can’t be true…I personally do not believe that.”

My home town of Dexter has been in the national news a bit lately. It started when Congressman Tim “the Original Tea Partier” Walberg invited a resident of our Stars Hollow-like village, Julie Boonstra, to be his guest at President Obama’s State of the Union address as a “victim of Obamacare”.

From there, she was featured in an anti-Gary Peters ad by the Koch brothers’ front group Americans for Prosperity, an ad that has gotten more attention after being completely debunked than it would have gotten otherwise.

AFP doubled down, running another ad where Boonstra tearfully cries about being “silenced” by Gary Peters who questioned her veracity.…

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Terri Lynn Land’s campaign crashing and burning before she even makes a public appearance

Actually, it’s more like the Koch brothers’ campaign…

Terri Lynn Land can best be described as the U.S. Senate candidate in absentia. Unlike her Democratic opponent Gary Peters who has been touring the state talking to voters, Land hasn’t made public appearance in months, not one where she could be asked direct questions since she began her tepid campaign to replace Sen. Carl Levin. She has appeared at a handful of Republican events, one for which she wasn’t even listed on the event flyer. But that hasn’t stopped her from running a campaign so full of fail that it is crashing and burning before it even gets off the ground.…

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Republicans maintain a laser-like focus on Obamacare misinformation campaign

GOP Congressmen Walberg and Bentivolio are so busy trying to discredit the ACA, how can they have time for anything else?

How many Obamacare “horror stories” have to be debunked for people to realize that the GOP spin machine is pedaling so hard it’s about ready to rotate off its axis?

Better yet, let’s call it what it is: lying. And two U.S. Congressmen from Michigan are spending an awful lot of time doing it — on the taxpayers’ dime, too.

Rep. Tim Walberg has been holding a series of events I like to call “Let’s All Complain About Obamacare” meetings.…

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Michigan Democratic Party gets serious, will file FEC complaint against Terri Lynn Land for collusion with Super PACs

Fighting back against corporate funding of bought-and-paid-for Republicans

In late September of 2013, RNC Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land appeared at a Republican Women of Leelanau County Garden Party. Like Mitt Romney in 2012, Land neglected to notice that she was being recorded. Video of her appeared on Huffington Post saying that she had been talking to people at conservative Super PACs and they were “committed to Michigan” where she’s running for Senate.

Candidates are prohibited by federal law to coordinate with Super PACs.

So, my husband and I, like I said, are committed to this. We’re out on the road, we’re raising money, it’s going to take a lot of resources to do this.…
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UPDATED: Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity taking a page from OFA’s playbook, funds State of the Union watch parties in at least 13 states

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

A Politico piece titled Koch World 2014 revealed that the Koch brothers realized that their failure in the 2012 election was due largely to a poor field organization. They learned from their mistake, according to the article, and are spending their vast resources to help shore up local field organizing.

A clear example of this happens tomorrow night as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) state chapters in twelve at least thirteen states hold “State of the Union Watch Parties”, fully funded by the Koch brothers corporatist front group. There are four here in Michigan alone; one in Marquette, one in Grand Rapids, one in Novi, and one in Traverse City.…

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Koch brothers’ attempt to bolster Terri Lynn Land’s candidacy draws scathing rebuke from the New York Times

Oh, the Koch brothers are spending millions to propagate lies? REALLY?! What ARE the odds???!!!

A couple of weeks ago, the Koch brothers, through their astroturfing corporatist front group Americans for Prosperity, attempted to roll out their latest attack ad on Gary Peters in the state Capitol Building. They literally planned to use the resources of the Michigan state government to propagate pro-business propaganda by holding a press conference in the Speaker’s Conference Room. Only after they were shamed into by Democrats did Republican leaders kick AFP out the door.

An editorial by the New York Times editorial board today excoriates the Koch brothers and AFP for the ad which they describe as “full of distortions and lies”.…

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UPDATED: Michigan Republicans open state Capitol building to Koch brothers front group to air anti-Democrat attack ad


This afternoon, at the invitation of Michigan Republicans, the Koch brothers-funded corporatist front group Americans for Prosperity debuted a new attack ad aimed at Senate candidate Gary Peters. Portrayed as an anti-Affordable Care Act “issue ad”, it clearly targets only one candidate, Democrat Gary Peters and represents another example of the corrosive grip corporate “dark money” has on our state’s elections.

AFP aired their hit piece inside the state Capitol building in the Speaker’s Conference Room.

House Democrats were suitably outraged. House Minority Leader Tim Greimel issued the following statement:

The state Capitol is the people’s house, and it’s unconscionable that Speaker Bolger and House Republicans would allow it to be used in such a partisan fashion.…
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Obamacare isn’t going anywhere — and it’s as healthy as ever

Republicans aren’t telling the truth about Obamacare. So what else is new?

Ever since the news broke that the Obama Administration is delaying the mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance to their employees until 2015, the GOP has been salivating over the news like a junkyard dog that hasn’t eaten in weeks.

They see it as an “admission” from the White House that Obamacare is a failure. That it’s time to pull the plug on Obamacare and pull it for good. I see a 38th repeal attempt in our future. My own U.S. Representative, Kerry Bentivolio, has already called for repeal.…

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Americans for Prosperity wants Gov Snyder to use cuts to education & state employees to fund road repairs

At least they’re not hiding it…

As the debate rages on where to get the millions of dollars in funding needed to repair Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges, Americans for Prosperity have an answer: use cuts to education and state employee wages to pay for them.

Click through for details on the efforts of this corporate whore to get the poor and middle class to pay for public improvements that benefit corporations more than anyone else.

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AUDIO: Speaker at Americans for Prosperity workshop refers to “ethnically challenged” charter school students

Hoo boy…

At a recent Americans for Prosperity-sponsored “Citizens Watchdog Training” workshop in Warren, Michigan, one of their speakers was a prominent Michigan conservative and member of the North Oakland Tea Party Patriots, Norm Hughes. During his talk, he used a phrase I have honestly never heard before: “ethnically challenged”. What is “ethnically challenged”? I have no idea.

Let’s roll tape, courtesy of Progress Michigan (after the jump.)

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