“A Separation” We Can’t Live Without

Won’t be fooled again?

Of all Mitt Romney’s deceitful pandering, his warmongering when it comes to Iran is the most despicable.

Faced with an ever-weakening campaign and an improving economy, his only hope is to gin up war. This President has been cautiously and effectively receding the “tide of war”, as he calls it. And Romney, along with Santorum and Gingrich who don’t know better, is doing everything he can to reverse this course. Foremost in this strategy is to identify Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel. He is not.

Netanyahu, unlike many of his predecessors, has shown no willingness to commit to a permanent peace in the region.…

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Michigan Senator Carl Levin calls on military radio to drop Limbaugh

Bringing out the big guns

There are some good reasons to be proud of Michigan politicians these days and Carl Levin is, in my opinion, one of them. Yesterday, as the powerful chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he supported a group of female veterans and called for the American Forces Network to drop Rush Limbaugh.

From CNN:

Sen. Carl Levin, the powerful chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday he would like the Armed Forces Network to drop the controversial Rush Limbaugh program from its service that provides radio and television shows to U.S. service members around the world.…
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Sarah Palin says, if asked, she’d run for president if the GOP convention is brokered

Settle down, Tina Fey. Settle down.

Really, CNN? You’re asking the woman that couldn’t even be arsed to finish her term as Alaska’s governor and was arguably the main reason why the McCain campaign imploded so hilariously in 2008 if she’d consider running if the Republican convention this year is brokered? Really???

Yup. It starts about 40 seconds in after she defends Rush Limbaugh (yes, defends Rush Limbaugh) and pretends she was hoping to get through the airport without being stopped by a major network:

John King: I’d ask the governor how likely does she think there’s a possibility of an open convention and, if there is an open convention and someone approached her and said, ‘Governor Palin, I want to place your name in nomination’, would she stop that?…
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How to be the Perfect Republican Wife (by Callista Gingrich) – UPDATED w/VIDEO

Yes, honey. Whatever you say.

Callista Gingrich tells us all how to be The Perfect Republican Wife:

When asked by a reporter what he was giving up for Lent, the hefty Newt admitted sheepishly that he was giving up sweets. Perfunctorily, the reporter asked the same of Callista. Her response had just a tinge of bitterness to it: “My opinion”.

Yikes. Anyone want to guess what precipitated that response?

I’m assuming she also has to pay for her own birth control, too. Couldn’t have people paying for her to have sex or anything.

Here’s the video:

Notice that Newt says, “That doesn’t count.” Must be because he doesn’t value her opinion.…

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Occupy Detroit and others to rally at home of foreclosure victim Alma Counts – UPDATED

Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Detroit, Moratorium Now!, UAW, People Before Banks, Metro AFL-CIO,
and Jobs With Justice are having press conference tomorrow at the home of Alma Counts, a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase bank. They will also be having a rally at the downtown Detroit branch of Chase bank later in the month.

From the Occupy Detroit event page:

March 8: Press Conference & Rally, Thursday, 4pm
Location: Home of Alma Counts, 19145 Marlowe St., Detroit, north of 7 Mile, west of M-10

Alma is a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase.

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Rush (the band) asks Rush (the human swine) to stop using their music

What a Rush

Via a Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go! exclusive, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neal Peart of Rush have asked Rush Limbaugh to stop using their magnificent music on his Hate Show.

Yesterday, I contacted Anthem Entertainment and Rush (the band) about Rush Limbaugh’s airing of its music on his show, and today I was exclusively informed that the legendary Canadian rock group has formally demanded that the Rush Limbaugh Program stop using its music on the air.

For years now, Rush Limbaugh has been playing Rush music (get it?) as bumpers out of his commercial breaks, including the tracks “Bravado” and “The Spirit of Radio”.

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Random Wednesday morning thoughts


  • One of the reasons I didn’t go for Democrats crossing over to vote in the Michigan Republican primary was that I feel pretty certain that neither Romney or Santorum is going to be able to lay a glove on President Obama this fall. Now that Mitt Romney seems to have it all but in the bag, I don’t feel any different.

    Have a look at these fundraising numbers for the last year:

    That’s gotta make any Republican tremble a bit, particularly when you look at how much of it was raised in small donations.

    Mitt, you better hope the GOP is willing to settle.

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Mitt Romney’s Not-So Super Tuesday

Good Luck Tonight. Really.

As Republicans in ten states take their turn at reluctantly accepting the creator of Obamacare as the GOP standard-bearer against President Obama, the actual President took the stage in the White House briefing room.

He announced new help for veterans and millions of homeowners then took some questions from the press corp.

Deftly, he explained to Fox News why their talking point about the President wanting gas prices to rise makes no sense. He explained why he thinks there is a window for peace in Iran. And he explained how the Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh incident made him think about how he wants his daughters to feel safe to speak out.…

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