Petition language to recall Governor Rick Snyder approved – UPDATED with video from the hearing

And they’re off!

In a clear statement that they mean business and are not pulling any punches, Michigan Rising the group setting out for a second attempt at recalling Michigan Governor Rick Snyder begins their petition language with the statement “Governor Snyder has abused the children of Michigan”.

Here is the petition language in full:

Governor Snyder has abused the children of Michigan. He cut thousands of children off food aid. He robbed $400 million from the School Aid Fund, then slashed school payments. This forced children into crowded classes. Then he signed more laws that privatize services, attack teachers and blame unions.…
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Allen Park traffic sign hacked to say “Trayvon a N****R”

Racism is alive and well and flourishing in the USA

The Detroit News is reporting that an as-yet unidentified person hacked into a traffic sign in Allen Park, Michigan and reprogrammed it to say "TRAYVON A NIGGER". [Photo after the jump.]
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Thank You, George W. Bush

You’ll never believe who Mitt Romney thinks we should thank for preventing a Great Depression.

Here’s something that should blow your Splenda-addled mind: Though 56% still blame George W. Bush and the GOP for the financial crisis we’re climbing out of, the former president is still more popular than current GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

34% of voters view Mitt Romney favorably (ABC/Washington Post), lowest of any presidential candidate in decades. Things more popular than Mitt Romney include typos on Twitter and genital odor.

Now that the President has put the taint of social Darwinism on Paul Ryan’s social Darwinist budget—a budget that guts Medicare, slashes taxes for millionaires and explodes the debt, a budget that Romney has endorsed–Mitt needs to find some way to appear to have moved to the center.…

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Programming note: First Shift with Tony Trupiano this morning

See you on the radio

I will be on the First Shift with Tony Trupiano radio show this morning at 8:30 a.m. We’ll be talking about the “immediate effect” lawsuit filed by Michigan Democrats against House Republicans who seem to think the constitution doesn’t apply to them. I will be focusing on what people are getting wrong about this issue; namely that it’s about whether or not they should be able to pass the majority of their bills this way. That is NOT the issue. The issue is that the Democrats have called for a roll call vote on many bills and have been completely ignored by the Republicans.…

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Debunking the myth that it’s OK for the Michigan GOP to ignore the constitution because “Dems did it, too”

Wrong is wrong, illegal is illegal

I have been writing about how Michigan House Republicans have been refusing to acknowledge Democrats’ request to have a roll call vote on whether or not to make a bill take “immediate effect” rather than wait until 90 days after the end of the legislative session. Our state constitution says that they can do this if 2/3 of the House votes for it. If 1/5 of the House asks, the vote must be by roll call.

Democrats have over 1/5 of the House.

Republicans do not have 2/3 of the House.

Because of this, they have been ignoring Democrats’ request for roll call votes because they know they do not have the votes for it.…

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How the Republican Party Fails Miserably and Still Wins

Why refuting conservative lies will never work.

I’ve been haunted by a question recently: How did the GOP win the House in 2010?

I can’t even come up with analogy to express my disbelief of this insane fact that we’ve been living with for more than a year now. How can I explain the dismay at watching the GOP win a popular vote in this country less than two years after letting our economy crash? How could the same people that brought you the Iraq War and didn’t bring you bin Laden ever be returned to power?

Is it like hiring the designer of the Hindenburg to head the FAA?…

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An Easter PHOTOdiary: Peeps & global warming

We may be at a tipping point

Spring came early to southern Michigan this year so on Good Friday, my wife Anne and I put our kayaks in the Huron River and set out to document the effects of global climate change on the wildlife of our area. What we found was both stunning and shocking.
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Ann Romney: ObamaCare Poster Woman?

We can’t give all Americans a car elevator, but we can help everyone get decent health care.

A few weeks ago we learned that Mitt Romney’s palatial estate in La Jolla not only had its own lobbyist, it also had a car elevator. Yes, an elevator just for cars.

Maybe Mitt paid for it with the pittance, only a few hundred thousand dollars, he was paid for public speaking appearances. Or the money came out of his blind trust, which he never instructed to invest only in America. However he paid for his car elevator it seemed a perfect example of how a guy who made millions betting against American workers might not be the right man to lead an America in an income inequality crisis.…

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