Beer With Bloggers event – 7-9 pm Thursday, May 31 – Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti

Getting to knooo-ooow you, getting to know all abooo-uuut you...

Super, uber blogger Mark Maynard of the legendary in Ypsilanti (and beyond) is resurrecting an event he used to hold semi-regularly called "Beer With Bloggers". It's a chance for us, the men and women behind the html code, to hang out with the folks that read our words and look at our photos and other artwork, answer your questions, and get drunk. Mark tells me the last time he did this (over two years ago), he had 90 people show up. The next Beer With Bloggers event is Thursday, May 31 from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti and YOU are invited. Details are after the jump.
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Effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces opposition – FROM THE LEFT! (Updated)

With friends like these...

The group working to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Rising missed a campaign finance report deadline by a few days this month. Though this isn't entirely uncommon given the unnecessarily complex and cumbersome reporting methods they use, it was still a black eye to a group trying to prove that it has learned its lesson from the first recall effort and pull off a feat that nearly everyone agrees will be a nearly impossible task. The group faces stiff opposition in their fight to recall our Republican governor. However, the fight they are getting is not from Republicans, tea partiers, the business community or conservatives. It's from a group that describes itself "independent left". I'm not kidding.
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Is Mitt Romney finally paying the cost for repeating debunked lies?

Is Mitt Romney finally paying the cost for repeating debunked lies?

How Mitt’s constant falsehoods help make the “bully” label stick

For weeks Rachel Maddow, Steve Benen, Greg Sargent and various other people with ears have been wondering if Mitt Romney would ever pay a price for repeating lies that had been debunked, again and again.

It seems to finally have happened. But not the way anyone expected.

By focusing on repeating lies about President Obama, Mitt was clearly avoiding a more important subject: Mitt Romney.

Howard Fineman of Huffington Post explains:

Most of the American people don’t know who Mitt Romney really is. They don’t know what is good and decent about his life story, his family, his work, his philosophy or his personal ethics.…
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And the winners are…

Envelope, please...

This post took way longer than I had hoped but I traveled for work last week, spent the day at the Michigan Summit on Saturday and planted a monster garden yesterday so I simply have not had the time. First, thanks to everyone who contributed to our 2nd Quarter fundraising drive. We are so appreciative and gratified by both the donations and the many very nice comments. Without further ado, here are our winners...
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LIVEBLOG – Michigan Summit 2012

Energizing. Engaging. Winning.

I’m at the Michigan Summit in East Lansing today, soaking up a healthy dose of progressive energy, to connect with other progressives and to listen to some amazing activists share their wisdom about our path ahead together.

The organizational showcase is packed full of progressive organizations:

The day opens with a plenary session with introductions by Amanda Stitt and Art Reyes from Michigan Voice, Elaine Mejia from Public Works: the Center for the Public Sector, and panelists AFL-CIO president Karla Swift, Rick Carter from Flint Area Congregations Together (FACT), and Anika Fassia from Public Works.

Elaine Mejia talked about reframing how we talk about government and how we tell the story of Michigan.…

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Break up the big banks, now

Break up the big banks, now

Ask not who the banks will screw; ask if this is still our country

If a law repealing stop signs resulted in streets clogged with totaled cars, you’d think they might bring back the stop signs.

And that’s what I thought would happen when in 2008—less than ten years after the repeal of the New Deal era law Glass-Steagall—we saw America’s big banks nearly take down the global economy.

Glass-Steagall had separated banking and investing in order to avoid the sort of crashes we saw in 1929 and again in 2008. Simply put: No tax, tariff or law will ever cost us more than the nine million American jobs and trillions in property and retirement savings we lost by setting Wall Street’s greed free to crash our economy.…

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Can a guy like Mitt Romney ever understand what it’s like to be the kid being held down?

Can a guy like Mitt Romney ever understand what it’s like to be the kid being held down?

His hair wasn’t the right height

Yesterday, America took a trip to Mitt Romney’s adolescence and I think I’m the only one who doesn’t want to come back.

Matthew Friedmann to Mitt Romney's left.

Around eight AM Thursday morning, news broke about a disturbing incident that took place at the Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan while Mitt was a student there in the mid 1960s. Romney’s high school friend Matthew Friedmann told the Washington Post how Romney was incensed by a classmate’s bleached hair.

“He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” Mitt reportedly said. Later Mitt and some friends tackled the boy and forcibly cut his hair.…

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Why President Obama’s support of marriage equality is a BFD

Why President Obama’s support of marriage equality is a BFD

Nobody puts Barack in a corner

Yesterday I wrote that the issue of same-sex marriage was coming to a crisis for the President, even though he’s running against an opponent who could not be worse on gay marriage — unless he were literally Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney has called himself “one of the nation’s leading advocates of traditional marriage” and has the embarrassing credentials to back it up. He’s personally funded ads against gay marriage. He’s for a constitutional amendment that would write homophobia in our founding document. Mitt’s even against civil unions, putting him to the right of George W.…

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