The tax timebomb that explodes in Michigan in 2012 is MUCH worse than you thought

The GOP finally finds a good tax: on the poor

As bad as things are right now in Michigan, they are about to get so much worse that I fear there is a genuine risk of the types of riots we haven’t seen since the 60s & 70s in my state. If you think we have too many failing schools and too many failing cities now, if you think the disenfranchisement of our citizens through the imposition of Emergency Managers was at a shocking level in 2011, wait until you take a peek at what’s to come in 2012.

This is corporatocracy and war on the 99% writ large and writ bold.…

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Fred Upton appoints Big Gas lobbyist to position on House Energy and Commerce Committee

Another day, another lobbyist appointed to a Congressional position

Iraqi war vet and “Friend o’ the blog” John Waltz (pictured right) is running for Congress in Michigan’s 6th district against the pro-Big Oil, pro-Big Business, anti-environment incumbent Fred Upton. This is a good thing because, honestly, Upton is everything we do NOT want in a Congressional Representative.

Upton is the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Given his anti-EPA/anti-environmental protection position, him having this position of power is both ironic and frightening.

In a typical move for Upton, this week, he appointed a former Big Energy lobbyist to be the General Council for the Committee.…

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Thursday afternoon Michigan Emergency Manager new round-up – 2/2/2012

This is becoming an every day thing…

  • John Conyers & Rev. Charles Williams confront Gov. Rick Snyder in Washington, D.C.
    While Governor Rick Snyder was in Washington, D.C. yesterday, giving testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Education & the Workforce Committee, he was confronted by Congressman John Conyers and Rev. Charles Williams II about Public Act 4.
    U.S. Rep. John Conyers, an outspoken critic of Michigan’s emergency manager law, shared his concerns with Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday in Lansing.

    Conyers, joined by Reverend Charles E. Williams II of the Detroit National Action Network, discussed the constitutional validity and “inherently undemocratic nature” of Public Act 4, according to his office.

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“Photo Credit: Google Images”? NO!!! STOP THAT!!!

Attention, bloggers!

Hi, bloggers. Come in and sit down. We need to chat.

When you have photos on your blog, do you ever grab them off Google images? Cut it out, I know you do. Sometimes I even see you say “Photo credit: Google images”. Or “Photo credit: Flickr”.


That’s illegal. You are stealing if you do that.

Google images is simply a search result for images. It does NOT give you the right to use those images without permission. Let me show you something. Here’s a Google image search for my wife’s company Anne Savage Photography. I clicked on one she took of White House photographer Pete Souza.…

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Plotting Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti-area blogger world domination with Mark Maynard

Don’t fight, it’s inevitable

Last night I had the chance to have several beers with one of my local blogging heroes, Mark Maynard. His website, (“For all your Mark Maynard needs”), is essential reading, particularly for anyone in the southeastern Michigan area. His support of the arts and local businesses and his charitable activities are unparalleled. Mark has been at this blogging thing for about ten years and it was an honor to spend some time with him.

Chris and Mark at Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Photo credit: Anne C. Savage

Besides, honestly, why wouldn’t you want to have beers with a guy whose city goverment has taken an official position on his penis?…

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Mitt Romney is a truth-teller

Tellin’ it like it is…

You have to give Mitt Romney credit: the dude doesn’t mince words. One day he’s telling you corporations are people. The next day he’s being (very) honest about (very) poor people:

I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there…”

Then, last night, he told us what this next election is really about. Via Twitter:

Thank you FL! While we celebrate this victory, we must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama. #Mitt2012

This election, for Mitt rMoney, anyway, isn’t about getting America working again. It’s not about lifting people out of poverty or giving everyone a fair shot a success and happiness.…

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Defense Sec. Panetta announces draw down of troops in Afghanistan – prepare for liberal and conservative backlash

Can’t win for losin’…

Well, this certainly seems like good news:

The United States and NATO will seek to end their combat mission in Afghanistan next year and shift to a role of providing support and training to Afghan security forces, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said Wednesday.

U.S. military commanders had said in recent weeks they would begin a transition this year toward taking more of an advisory role as Afghanistan’s national army and police take greater responsibility for fighting the insurgency. But Panetta’s remarks were the first time the Obama administration has said it could foresee an end to regular U.S.

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Wednesday afternoon Michigan Emergency Manager news round-up

It just goes on and on and on again…

  • Decision to close Highland Park school not made by Emergency Manager Jack Martin
    Contrary to what some outlets have reported, the decision to close Barber Focus school was NOT made by new Emergency Manager Jack Martin
    During a parent meeting on Monday, superintendent Edith Hightower announced that Barber Focus School would merge with Ford Academy. The decision to close Barber was made prior to Martin’s arrival without his knowledge, contrary to other published media reports.

    At the meeting, tempers flared with one attendee saying, “I’m sick of them in Lansing sending these black men in here to take over”, before being escorted out.

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