Mother Nature gives Washingon, D.C. a good shake

Is it just me or did it seem like today’s earthquake in Washington, D.C. was just Mother Nature’s way of saying, “WTF? Get your shit together and do NOT make me come down there!”

God, knows Mother Nature only did what most of the rest of America wants to do but lacks the ability.…

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Sorta live-blogging The Most Beautiful Place in America, Day 4 – Ahhhhhh

10:00 a.m. on the Crystal River


When you arrive back in Glen Arbor, you see this on the side of one of the kayak liveries:

Me and Eclectablog reader Lisa Nordby who works at the Cherry Republic ( yum)


Whale-watching on Lake Michigan with the Wisconsin Alps in the background. Only saw two today.

And a proper one by Anne, of course:

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Sorta live-blogging The Most Beautiful Place in America, Day 3 – More Sleeping Bear Goodness

Just outside of Cedar, 10 a.m., going in search of the Cedar Creek

Just another day in paradise The Most Beautiful Place in America.


Found it:

a natural cedar bonsai tree, sharing a stump with some moss and fungus.

Just saw a river otter chomping on a crawfish. First one I’ve ever seen in the Lower Peninsula.


Coming back into Lake Leelanau from Cedar Cteek.


Mmmmmmm…the beach.


Life’s a beach


Art’s Tavern, a Glen Arbor icon

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BREAKING – Michigan Forward Stands Up to False Accusations & Misinformation Disseminated in Robocalls

My breaking of the news about the anti-petition signing robocalls has received widespread coverage. In addition to the Rachel Maddow Show, several other news outlets have covered it, including the Herald Palladium, Michigan Messenger and WNDU.

Michigan Forward, the group who is working to put the repeal of the odious Financial Manager law on the ballot, has now issued a response.

You read it here first.

August 21, 2011
Contact: LaToya Henry (313) 447-6404

Michigan Forward “Stands-Up” to False Accusations and Misinformation Disseminated in Robo Calls

DETROIT – The blatantly false charges being spread in an anonymous robo call to voters in Western Michigan are a desperate attempt to stop the hard work of hundreds of genuine grassroots volunteers collecting signatures to repeal Public Act 4.

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Sorta live-blogging The Most Beautiful Place in America, Day Two – the socialist Nat’l Parks

Click image for a larger version

As I ramble about this most awesome place with my best friend, soulmate, lover and wife (all the same person, fortunately for me), I’m reminded that this this amazing place belongs to all of us. That’s the beauty and strength of the National Parks — they are owned by all of us collectively, a truly socialist idea.

I’ll post a few pictures throughout the day. Or not. We’re playing it free and easy on this, our seventh anniversary. Seven years ago today we were married on Sunset beach. Tonight we’ll take a bottle of L.…

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Sorta live-blogging The Most Beautiful Place in America

Our first real view of Lake Michigan. Just north of Empire near North Bar Lake.

A view north from the beach:

Adding… Did I mention that they have 3G data coverage throughout the whole park?


Here’s the (only) sign that marks the trail to this beach:


North Bar Lake, just one small dune away from Lake Michigan. Click for larger version

Empire Bluffs, south from near North Bar Lake. Click for larger version

Fishtown, Leland, MI. Click for a larger version.

Sun setting on the Sleeping Bear. One of the baby bears (South Manitou Island) to the right. Click for a larger version.

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Our home in The Most Beautiful Place in America

This is our home, smack dab in the middle of The Most Beautiful Place in America for the next five days.

Bliss: found and followed.…

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Michigan GOP sliminess (and Eclectablog) get noticed by Rachel Maddow

Eclectablog got another shout out last night on The Rachel Maddow Show. You can watch it HERE. (It’s the one that mentions the bridge.)

I’m in the northern part of Michigan for the next few days so you won’t see much blogging. Last night I spent the night in this one-room school house, built in 1898 or 1899.

Pretty cool, eh?…

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