Martin Bashir contrasts Steve Jobs’ American exceptionalism with Sarah Palin’s crass opportunism

Martin Bashir of MSNBC completely nails it with his contrast between the extraordinary genius Steve Jobs and the extraordinary grifter, Sarah Palin (the transcript is below.)

It’s time now to clear the air and today, we’ve marked two important stories: the tragic and sad passing of a true creative genius at the age of just 56 and, hopefully, the end of a charade that’s been going on for three years. One individual represents the very best of American exceptionalism: brilliant, determined, creative. The other represents the very worst form of American opportunism: vacuous, crass, and according to almost every biographer, vindictive too.…
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The latest steaming pile of excrement from Congressman Tim Walberg

I don’t what I did to deserve this idiot as my Representative to Congress. Here’s his latest lie-filled drivel:

More than two and a half years after the Obama Administration’s trillion dollar “stimulus” package, the Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate remains unchanged this month at 9.1 percent. Yet, the Administration continues to undermine job creation with the triple threat of higher taxes, excessive regulation and more “stimulus” spending. I remain committed to fight for an economic environment that encourages job creation. This week the House passed legislation which will halt a new, costly, job destroying regulation issued by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).…
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I am the (lucky) 50%

THIS is astounding.

Nearly half of all Americans lived in a household that received some kind of government benefit during the first three months of last year, the Wall Street Journal reports, based on new Census data. That’s even higher than the figure recorded during the depths of the Great Recession.

I’m not rich by most people’s standards. I’m more in this category:

A recent national survey indicates that “[o]ne in three Americans would be unable to make their mortgage or rent payment beyond one month if they lost their job.” Even higher-income households would find themselves in trouble quickly: “Ten percent of survey respondents earning $100K or more a year say they would immediately miss a payment.”

But I was still in the fortunate half — the half that didn’t need government assistance.…

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Obama-supporter Derangement Syndrome

First is was Queen Hamsher declaring that Obama supporters are the “dumbest motherfuckers in the world”. Now there’s this douchebag. He’s Frank Beckman, a far-right radio news personality out of WJR in Detroit.

It is revealing that President Barack Obama’s re-election supporters are embracing the disjointed complaints of the Occupy Wall Street crowd now that union members and the George Soros-backed gang have organized to join the demonstrations, and presumably co-opt them.

Obama’s financial supporters — and the president by virtue of his silence over their actions — can no longer conceal a plain truth: their ultimate goal is a complete dismantling of the capitalist economic system and America as we know it.

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Privatization can get you killed

New Yorker Michael Trapp nearly found out the hard way that privatization can get you killed.

Confusion by a Virginia-based controller and search operations coordinated by the U.S. Coast Guard in Cleveland are blamed in a report for delaying rescue efforts for a pilot who spent 18 hours in Lake Huron after his small plane crashed within sight of the Michigan shoreline.

The report, released this week by Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson, said it was close to two hours after 42-year-old Michael Trapp radioed that his two-seat Cessna was “going to be going in the drink” on July 26 that anyone was in position to begin a search.

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When librarians march

This sorta sums things up for me with regard to the Occupy Wall Street and other protests going on around the country at the moment. Not my photo, but so very perfect.

Photo by Velcro Ripper

You know things are messed up when librarians start marching.

Protesting! It’s not just for hippies anymore!…

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Occupy Ann Arbor rally – 10/6/2011 – Getting organized!

Several hundred people gathered on The Diag at the University of Michigan last evening to organize for further protests in support of #OccupyWallStreet.

It was a diverse crowd and may appear to some as being somewhat disorganized. But they are taking the right steps to move forward.

People in orange shirts like this fine fellow collected names and contact information for things like Transportation, Food & Water and “Tech” (which I have signed up for to help publicize their events.)

Because they were not permitted to have electricity, speakers utilized the “Human Microphone” technique utilized successfully in the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York so that everyone could be heard:

One by one, speakers got up to speak to the gathered crowd.…

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Right to Work (for Less) bill for TEACHERS ONLY introduced in Michigan – RIGHT TO TEACH is real

Yesterday, Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof introduced SB 729. This bill makes Michigan a “Right to Work (for Less)” state BUT ONLY FOR TEACHERS. This is the concept first floated by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville last month. To remind you, here’s a transcript from the Off the Record show where he first floated it:

Tim Skubick: Right to work?

Richardville: Uh, not Right to Work. No, uh, I’m not a believer that that’s going to transition the economy at this point. However, I will look at some other things, maybe a subset of that. If you pay dollars into a public school system, you send your kids there, you want to participate, I don’t know that you necessarily need to be a part of a union in order to work or teach in the school district.

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