Tim Walberg doesn’t want to hear from you about JOBS!

When this year’s crop of Republicans got elected, I went to their fledgling websites and looked for a section about “Jobs”. I didn’t find any which was pretty shocking. But, at that point, most of them were using the same basic boilerplate site, probably provided to them by the party or the government or something. So, I thought I should wait awhile for them to personalize their sites and most of them have done that.

I went to my Congressman’s site this morning, the site of Tim Walberg. I wanted to ask him to pass the job plan President Obama talked about last night (I know, I know, I’m wasting precious bandwidth on Quixotic ventures…) Here’s what I saw on his email contact page:

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Working America’s response to President Obama’s job plan speech last night

From my friends at Working America:

September 8, 2011

Working America Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Plan

The President laid out some proposals tonight that represent a starting point for reversing the devastating jobs crisis that our nation continues to endure. But if we are to truly dig ourselves out of this hole, we have much more work ahead of us.

We recently asked a sampling of our 3 million members what they wanted President Obama to say in his speech tonight. Fifty-six percent said they wanted to see job creation through direct investment in infrastructure or an end to outsourcing – including raising taxes corporations that send jobs overseas.

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Got an idea for creating jobs that doesn’t involve Congress? Let’s hear it!

Chris Bowers has a fantastic idea at Daily Kos.

While a campaign on behalf of stimulative measures to create jobs is unquestionably worth a try, it will be extremely difficult to convince this Congress to go along with any new legislation other than cutting taxes for the rich, taking away entitlements from everyone, continuing to slash non-military discretionary spending, and granting big corporations more items from their regulatory wish list. That’s just where Congress is right now.

Personally, I’ve had enough of this Congress. The only thing exciting about the legislative branch these days are the protesters swarming around the public events held by its members.

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State Rep. Dave Agema asked to speak at freakazoid “Pastor” Terry Jones’ rally at the Capitol

Want to know how bad things have gotten in Michigan? HERE is how bad. According to the shithead “Pastor” Terry Jones, one of our state representatives, Dave Agema, actually asked if he could speak at Jones’ rally held at the Michigan State Capitol yesterday. According to Jones, Agema “chickened out”. The “he said, he said” afterwards is a Popcorn Moment, to be sure.

The controversial Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones says that state Rep. Dave Agema (R-Grandville) called him and asked to speak at his Wednesday rally but “chickened out” when it came time to stand on the Capitol steps and give a speech about his anti-foreign laws legislation.…
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Big shake-up in southeastern Michigan Democratic Congressional districts & candidates

We all knew this was coming after the Michigan Republicans had their way with the redistricting of Michigan’s Congressional districts. Today we found out what the outcome would be. The 13th and 14th districts which comprise the area in and around Detroit have been rejiggered to force showdowns between several popular incumbent and freshmen Democrats. Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • 46-year incumbent John Conyers, Jr. will run in the newly configured 13th District, abandoning his current 14th District.
  • Freshman Hansen Clark is leaving his 13th District to run in the 14th District.
  • Two-termer Gary Peters will leave the 9th District to run in the 14th District (meaning a primary against Hansen Clark.)
  • 28-year veteran Sander Levin will leave the 12th District to run in the newly formed 9th District.
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Great mini-documentary on Michigan’s odious Emergency Manager Law

This 7-minute documentary, Dictators Over Communities of Color: Coming to a Town Near You , was put together by the New Media Adovocacy Project in cooperation with Michigan Forward and the Advancement Project. It’s well worth a watch and I would love for you to share it widely. This isn’t just something Michiganders should be paying attention to.

Big shout out to my very good friend Brit Satchwell. He’s the super-energetic guy toward the end with the sunglasses and big smile working the Ann Arbor Farmer’s market. Brit is the president of the Ann Arbor Education Association, our local teachers’ union and a phenomenal organizer.…

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My (blog’s) second appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show

This happened while I was on vacation so I never had a chance to post a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show where Eclectablog was once again featured.

The segment starts at 17:00 and my blog shows up around 21:00. She shows the blog and plays the audio of the robocalls.


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Looking for a place to sign a Rick Snyder recall petition? Here’s how to find out.

The folks at FireRickSnyder.org have established a phone number you can call to find out where petitions are available in your area. Simply call 1-855-SO-FIRED. Alternatively, you can always check out their website.

Now do it!…

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