Terry Jones brings George W. Bush to Dearborn?

Terry Jones brings George W. Bush to Dearborn?

Terry Jones, the Quran-burning nutjob is in Michigan news this weekend. Go read about it elsewhere if you want to know why, I won’t dignify the idiot by reporting on it here. However, this caught my eye.

This is the photo on the front page of the Detroit News this morning:

Tell me that’s not George W. Bush next to him wearing a fake beard.

I’m just sayin’……

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Fracking millionaire claims “There’s no such thing as clean coal” 2 weeks before his natural gas disaster

Last week, I wrote about a millionaire natural gas tycoon named Aubrey McClendon and his ties to Michigan. I also wrote about the man-made disaster his company Chesapeake Oil has created in Pennsylvania when one of their natural gas wells blew up and spewed thousands of gallons of chemical soup into the surrounding land an into a creek that leads into the Susquehanna River and out into Chesapeake Bay.

Funny thing is, less than two weeks before his fracking oil well blew up, McClendon was interviewed and said there has been no “lasting environmental damage” from fracking and “there is no such thing as clean coal

Issues of water contamination in Northeast Pennsylvania are due to the region’s geology, and they have not – and likely will not – be seen elsewhere, the chief executive of Chesapeake Energy Corp.…
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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to be Grand Marshal at Benton Harbor festival

I’ll give Rick Snyder credit. The dude displays a whole lotta chutzpah. He’s going to be the Grand Marshal at the Benton Harbor Grand Floral Festival next month

Gov. Rick Snyder plans to take part in the 2011 Grand Floral Parade on May 7 as its grand marshal.

Blossomtime Executive Director Sabrina LaSota said the governor’s office has confirmed his plans to appear.

The governor is always invited to be the parade’s grand marshal, though it has been years since a governor has taken part in Southwest Michigan’s annual salute to the fruit industry.

Lt. Gov. Jim Cherry served as grand marshal in 2004, and Gov.

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State Rep. for Benton Harbor Al Pscholka to face a recall?

State Rep. for Benton Harbor Al Pscholka to face a recall?

I don’t have complete details at this time but it appears that there is an organized effort afoot to start a recall effort against Michigan State Congressman Al Pscholka.

Who is Al Pscholka? In addition to being the state Representative from the area that includes Benton Harbor, Pscholka is a former aide to Congressman Fred Upton, a man who has deep ties into shoreline development efforts all along Lake Michigan including in Benton Harbor. I wrote about this complicated web yesterday.

Pscholka himself was the president of the Board of Directors of the Cornerstone Alliance in 2008, the group that developed the Harbor Shores golf course and luxury residential development that snagged some of Benton Harbor’s public park for its own use.…

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Benton Harbor/Emergency Financial Manager news update

A few things to report today about Benton Harbor. First, Jesse Jackson made an appearance in Benton Harbor yesterday to highlight their situation.

“Clearly we must prepare to file a major lawsuit to restore democratic rights in Benton Harbor,” said Jackson. He encouraged church and city leaders to form a coalition.


“You don’t solve an economic crisis by decapitating mayors and city council people. You don’t solve the economic crisis by replacing democracy with dictators in the name of emergency.”

According to one article, “Jackson plans to come back to Benton Harbor once a Rainbow Push Coalition group is formed locally.” Video HERE.…

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Wait, you can have NATURAL gas spills? You can when Aubrey McClendon is running things.

I’ve heard of onshore and offshore gas and oil spills but never before have I heard heard of a blowout at a natural gas facility. But yesterday in Pennsylvania, that’s exactly what happened (and is still happening):

A blowout at a natural gas well in rural northern Pennsylvania spilled thousands of gallons of chemical-laced water on Wednesday, contaminating a stream and forcing the evacuation of seven families who live nearby as crews struggled to stop the gusher.

The Chesapeake Energy Corporation lost control of the well site near Canton, in Bradford County, around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday, officials said. Tainted water continued to flow Wednesday afternoon, though workers finally managed to prevent any more of it from reaching the stream.

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Mich Gov. Rick Snyder’s fake “concession” on the Earned Income Tax Credit

We could all learn a little bit about negotiating from the Republicans, I suppose.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget eliminates the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) which helps the working poor, especially those with kids.

In a dramatic concession, he’s agreed to give qualifying families $25 per child . This represents 5.8% of the EITC the average family would have received.

He will now tell everyone he made a concession. But, if his budget passes in May as it most likely will, he will have actually slashed an important bit of assistance for many poor Michiganders with families by 94.2%.

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Apology accepted!

Apology accepted!

Apparently Rachel Maddow got at least a bit of an earful about mispronouncing my name on her show last night, calling me Electablog. (Well at least one tweet from me ;) It’s a common mistake, so, whatevs. I kinda facepalmed it, had some fun on Twitter with it and moved on.

Tonight I got this tweet:

I hereby submit to @Eclectablog my mispronunciation apology! Keep up the ace work on #BentonHarbor and #BigGovtConservatism in MI.

I then got 41 new Twitter followers over the next three hours. Whoa!

One of them was this one:

One of 702 she follows? And she has over 1.8 million followers?…

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Netroots for the Troops - Where "Support the Troops" actually means something

Netroots for the Troops – Where “Support the Troops” actually means something

Hi. I’m back again to talk about Netroots for the Troops, a project aimed at providing 600 CARE packages to men and women in the military who are stationed overseas.

As I mentioned in my last blog about this, I have set up a team called “Team Eclectablog” (original, eh?) and have given myself a goal of raising $2,500 for the cause. Right now, I’m at a paultry 18% of my goal. So, I need you, my fine EclectaFans to dig deep and help us out.

Here’s a video from last year’s event:

You can read my full write-up of the event with lotsa photos here: Netroots for the Troops – Here’s what we did.…

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Eclectablog gets mentioned on the Rachel Maddow Show

About 9:10 last night, my Twitter feed started going nuts. Turns out my humble blog got mentioned on The Rachel Maddow Show. Well, she mentioned “Electablog” so I assume that she meant “Eclectablog”. Maybe it’s time for a name change… ; )

It’s at the 6:30 mark:

I’m also told my blog was mentioned on the Thom Hartmann show on Monday.

If you’re here based on any of this attention, welcome!

If you were one of the folks who emailed or tweeted Rachel’s show with my stuff, thank you SO much. I really appreciate it.

I’m just sayin’……

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The connection between Michigan’s EFM power grab, Rep. Fred Upton and Big Oil/Gas

Based on some tips from folks who have contacted me about my blogging the Big Government TakeoverTM of Benton Harbor by Rick Snyder’s Emergency Financial Manager, Joseph Harris, I’ve been doing some digging into the development known as Harbor Shores. I have found an amazingly tangled web that involves a number of very powerful, very wealthy men.

In the process of developing the Harbor Shores Golf Course/McMansion residential complex which opened last summer, part of a park in Benton Harbor called the Jean Klock park was leased to the developers. The process by which that happened appears to have been very shady.…

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Dean of the House, Cong. John Dingell chosen as Detroit Free Press "Michigan Green Leader"

Dean of the House, Cong. John Dingell chosen as Detroit Free Press “Michigan Green Leader”

I am one of those environmentally conscious liberals who has, over the years, had an unfriendly word or ten to say about Congressman John Dingell. For many years he fought the raising of CAFE mileage standards and that really bothered me. But, since that time, I can honestly say that Congressman Dingell has become someone I not only admire, he has become a friend. So, I was very pleased to learn the that the Detroit Free Press had chosen Congressman Dingell as one of their 2011 Michigan Green Leaders.

John Dingell hasn’t always been environmentalists’ most darling member of Congress, it’s true.…
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