Interactive panoramic image from President Obama’s speech in Detroit, Labor Day 2011

You can use your mouse to spin the image around and you can also zoom in and out using the scroll button on your mouse.


[This image is by Anne C. Savage. Please do not use without permission. Visit her blog for many more photos.]…

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I was feelin’ kinda patriotic in Detroit yesterday:

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President Obama in Detroit on Labor Day defies the laughable myth that his “base” has deserted him

Detroit’s a special place. On Labor Day, it doesn’t just have one labor union parade.

It has two.

Yes, in Detroit both the building trades union and the AFL-CIO both held simultaneous parades to celebrate workers in general and union membership specifically. The theme of the day was “Labor and Community: We are One”. Thousands of union members walked along the streets of Detroit, streets that are showing surprising amounts of life and resurgence despite the tales of gloom and doom we read about on a daily basis. Detroit’s quiet reemergence from the desperate economic straits we’re in was reflected in the quiet dignity of the union members who walked today.…

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President Obama hits the stage in Detroit on Labor Day 2011

Detroit loves them some President Obama!

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Crowd waiting for Pres. Obama in Detroit on Labor Day 2011

Think President Obama’s popularity is slipping among his “base”? Don’t tell that to Detroitans Michigan union members.

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The GOP strategy for regaining the White House and Congress in comic form

It’s pretty straightforward, really.

Comic by Dana Simpson, click for a larger version

We’re off to see the Prez in Detroit today, media passes in hand (by which I mean on iPhone.) We’ll have photos and such up tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day.…

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Eclectablog site update

I thought it would please you to know I have 86ed the full-page pop-up ads that you would see on Eclectablog if you loaded more than one page. They were my highest earning ad but they are obnoxious and, frankly, none of the ads is bringing a whole lot of revenue (ads are bringing in less than $25/month total.)

I’m toying around with the idea of allowing folks to sponsor an ad of their own for a month. There are banners at the top of the page, the bottom of each post and two in the sidebar. If people were willing to contribute $20-$50, I would run the ad of their choice for a month (like I have done for the Hope Center in the right sidebar.) It could be your favorite charity, your own blog, your [cough, cough] union.…

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Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris proposes changes to City Commission

Joseph Harris, the Emergency Manager for Benton Harbor, Michigan, is proposing a couple of major changes to the make-up of the City Commission.

Emergency Manager Joseph Harris announced Wednesday he’s filed ballot language that would shrink the Benton Harbor City Commission, but widen the commissioners’ voter base. Harris said during a town hall meeting that he filed two proposed changes to Benton Harbor’s charter with the Berrien County clerk on Tuesday. The changes will be placed on the November ballot and, if they pass, would shrink the commission from nine members to five and remove the ward system so that each candidate will battle it out city-wide.…
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