Detroit News poll: two-thirds of Michiganders do NOT want the GOP to tinker with No-Fault auto insurance

By a ratio of roughly two-to-one, voters in an on-going Detroit News poll reject reforming Michigan’s No-Fault insurance rules to remove mandatory lifetime medical coverage.

However, if GOP lawmakers go against the will of the people, Michigan voters will have no recourse. The bill under consideration has an expenditure line item that makes it referendum-proof. This is the fourth time Republicans have done this this year.…

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MLive poll: over 82% say “Recall Paul Scott!”

I’m traveling for work this week so it’s been light blogging. I thought you might enjoy this link, however:

Poll: Should Rep. Paul Scott be recalled?

Answer: with over 800 votes cast, an overwhelming number say “YES!”. 78+% in fact.

[NOTE: this is even higher than the 61% in support of the recall that came out of a MIRS poll of voters in his district back in August.]

H/T: @FooteSteppes via Twitter…

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Michigan Supreme Ct. to GOP Rep. Paul Scott: “Strike three, you’re out!” Recall is STILL on!

After going to the Michigan Supreme Court well for a third time, GOP Representative Paul Scott has been smacked down a third and final time. The Supreme Court ruled today that Paul Scott’s recall WILL go forward.

The Michigan Supreme Court says it will not stop or postpone a recall election targeting a state lawmaker. Today’s decision clears the way for the November 8 vote.

Republican Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) has spent much of the past month trying to convince the courts to stop next month’s recall election.

With less than 2 weeks to go before the November 8 vote, the Michigan Supreme Court appears to have had the final word on Scott’s request and that word is ‘no’.

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Republican-led voting registration restrictions finally come to Michigan

I think in our heart of hearts, all of us progressives in Michigan knew this was coming.

Senate Bill 754 is one of a series of bills introduced this year with the purpose of making it harder for people to register to vote, and harder for the nonprofit organizations that perform the service of helping them to register to vote.

The Michigan bill was introduced last week and is pending in Committee on Local Government and Elections.

First, SB 754 requires people trying to register at a government agency to bring state-issued photo ID with them. If they do not, their application will be treated like a mail registration.

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First Lady Michelle Obama in Detroit – October 25, 2011 – PHOTOS!

First Lady Michelle Obama made a stop in Detroit today for a Democratic fundraiser. Appearing at the elegant Book Cadillac Hotel, she was met by an enthusiastic crowd.

First Lady Michelle Obama

[NOTE: All photos by Anne C. Savage. Please do not use without permission. We're serious about that. Please ask first.]

Before the event, she met with a group of supporters.

Democratic supporters waiting to meet the First Lady

Sharing a laugh with her staff

Ready to take the stage

Mrs. Obama was introduced by State Representative Rashida Tlaib of Detroit who urged the crowd to stand up and work in the upcoming election.…

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Rep. Eric Cantor to speak at University of Michigan on Oct. 31, will be greeted by protesters

Next Monday, October 31, 2011 (Halloween!), Congressman Eric Cantor will be giving a speech on the Campus of the University of Michigan. When he arrives, he will be greeted by a multitude of protesters angry with his obstructionism and his anti-Middle Class agenda.

Dear Fellow Graduate Student or University or Michigan faculty member,

After previously canceling a public appearance at the University of Pennsylvania because he was unwilling to face public criticism over his destructive votes on economic and social policy, U.S. Congressman Eric Cantor is now scheduled to speak at the Ford School of Policy on Monday, October 31st at 1:00 PM.

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The constitutional hypocrisy of the tea party

I am on a number tea party email lists, just for the occasional laugh. I got one this morning from the Tea Party of West Michigan. The title of the email was “A message to all members of Tea Party of West Michigan: WE NEED YOU TO GET ACTIVE ON THIS STUFF OR WE WILL LOSE OUR REPUBLIC“.

Here’s a snippet:

You may not realize it but these rules by unelected bureaucrats will affect you. When your internet service provider raises your monthly fee it will be because of these new regulations. When you get lower quality healthcare or less healthcare it will be because of these new regulations.…
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Gov. Snyder & Att. Gen. Schuette involvement in Paul Scott recall is “clumsy and nakedly partisan”

As if it weren’t a big enough travesty that Rep. Paul Scott is asking the state Supreme Court to reconsider their ruling that his recall go on. Now Governor Rick Snyder & Attorney General Bill Schuette are sticking their noses into the matter.

Gov. Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette filed requests with the Michigan Supreme Court today, asking the court to delay the Nov. 8 recall election targeting state Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc.

In documents filed with the court, Snyder and Schuette said the legal tangle surrounding the case – which has been ordered on, off and back on the ballot over the course of the last two months – has left voters confused and in danger of being disenfranchised.

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