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Ace the pit bull from Detroit has been euthanized

From Fox News Detroit:

A story people around the world have been following involving a pit bull who was found lost, alone, and hungry — at a hardware store, over the weekend.

He was nick-named “Ace” and has been at the center of a controversy surrounding his well being since the day he was found.

He was taken by animal control and slated to be euthanized. But people all over expressed outrage, demanding he be saved.

Late yesterday a judge issued a stay of execution, banning any pit bulls from being killed until a hearing next week.

However Fox 2 has just learned that Animal Control put ‘Ace’ to sleep.

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Make it viral! Gretchen Whitmer reads Michigan Republicans the riot act. Epic!

State Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer is on a tear lately. After dressing down Republicans for their passage of an anti-bullying bill that was anything but last week, today she read them the riot act for going on a two-week deer hunting season vacation when they have so much left undone.

To my colleagues: we are poised today to leave the Capitol for a two-week vacation. Before we do, though, I ask a very simple question: what in the world has this chamber accomplished that warrants taking a vacation? Michigan unemployed workers won’t get a vacation. Our families and seniors won’t get a break.…
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Candlelight vigil for Ace the pit bull in Detroit TONIGHT!

Candlelight vigil for Ace the pit bull in Detroit TONIGHT!

The various groups working to save Ace and the other animals housed at the Detroit Animal Control (DAC) facility are having a candlelight vigil tonight in front of the DAC. As of this writing, over 620 people have said they will be attending. From the event’s Facebook page:

Candlelight vigil for Ace
Thursday November 10, 2011 – 7pm-10pm
Outside of the D.A.C.
3511 West Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI

Bring a candle to light and one for a friend who might need one. This needs to be a PEACEFUL gathering of concerned citizens, to bring LIGHT to the fact… that there are people who support Ace and want to bring about positive change in the City of Detroit and want to do it peacefully and professionally.

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More hiring of military vets & spouses announced by FLOTUS Michelle Obama

After an announcement last month about a similar agreement with the American Logistics Association, there’s more good news on the hiring of vets and their spouses today from First Lady Michelle Obama:

First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Major Private Sector Commitments to Hire 100,000 Veterans and Military Spouses in Support of Joining Forces

Leading Organizations Answer President Obama’s Challenge to Private Sector to Hire & Train Veterans and Military Spouse

Washington, D.C. – Today, in her keynote address to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Business Steps Up: Hiring our Heroes event, First Lady Michelle Obama announced that the International Franchise Association (IFA) which represents 1,100 franchises has committed to hiring 80,000 veterans and military spouses by 2014.

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Michigan is 10th nationally in mercury emissions, has 3 of the 100 dirtiest coal-fired power plants

Michigan is 10th nationally in mercury emissions, has 3 of the 100 dirtiest coal-fired power plants

A new report out today from Environment Michigan titled “Michigan’s Biggest Mercury Polluters” (pdf) shows that Michigan is tenth in the country for mercury emissions and has three of the top 100 most-polluting coal-fired power plants.

Their report shows that:

  • The Detroit Edison Monroe Power Plant in Monroe emitted the most mercury pollution of any power plant in Michigan in 2010, releasing 660 pounds.
  • The Monroe Plant ranked as the fourteenth most polluting power plant for mercury emissions in the nation.
  • Three of the top 100 most polluting power plants for mercury emissions in the country are located in Michigan.
  • Among all states nationwide, Michigan ranked tenth in terms of the total amount of airborne mercury pollution released by power plants – 2,253 pounds.
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Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris handed stunning defeat at polls

As I have written about in the past, Emergency Manager Joe Harris by-passed the normal process simply decreed that seven proposals be placed on the ballot for last Tuesday’s elections. These proposals would have altered the Benton Harbor city charter to reduce the number of City Commissioners and eliminated the ward system. In addition to the three I previously wrote about, he also included proposals to shift the responsibility for interactions with Department of Finance and Law from the City Commission to the City Manager, allow the City Manager to hire and fire the City Clerk , City Attorney, City Assessor, and City Treasurer.…

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Ace the pit bull from Detroit granted a stay of execution – if he’s still alive

Ace the pit bull from Detroit granted a stay of execution – if he’s still alive

Ace the pit bull from Detroit who faces euthanization today or tomorrow has earned a stay of execution from a Wayne County Circuit judge. (I have written about Ace’s situation HERE and HERE

A groundswell of support to save Ace, the dog taken by animal control last week and whose fate was unknown Wednesday, has helped push a Wayne County Circuit judge to grant a stay of execution and a city leader to mull changing its shelter policies.

The pooch’s plight has also prompted several people to claim ownership and a national animal rights group to get involved.

A hearing is scheduled for Nov.

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I’m sorry, Rick Perry who?

Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey, hey, hey. Goooo-ooood-bye.

These are easily 52 of the most painful seconds in politics I have ever witnessed. I detest Rick Perry and I still felt sorry for the guy. My twitter feed was full of “OMG” and “Oh, dude…” comments for a solid 2 minutes when this happened.

Mr. Drillheredrillnowdomesticenergyrightunderourfeet couldn’t remember that he wants to eliminate the federal Department of Energy.


I guess I should feel sorta happy that I was there to witness the end of the Perry campaign on national television. The fact that it happened here in Michigan is a deliciously sweet cherry on top of an otherwise delicious political moment.…

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Jennifer Granholm asks “What if Mitt Romney had been President in 2009?”

This is a worthy question for Michiganders to be asking tonight as we host the clown show that is the Republican primary debate in our fair state: “What if Mitt Romney had been President in 2009?”

When the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president stand onstage in Michigan tonight to debate the future of this country, they will be expected to answer for this important fact: Not one of them would have lifted a finger to save the American auto industry that is so vital to both the Michigan economy and the entire nation.

In fact, when the U.S.

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Dominos falling: yet another Michigan city faces imposition of an Emergency Manager

This is becoming a daily thing for Michiganders.

On the heels of an announcement yesterday by the Governor’s office that Flint may soon be put under the control of an Emergency Manager, today it was announced that Inkster may also receive an Emergency Manager, as well.

The state Treasury Department announced today that a preliminary review of Inkster’s books shows the city is in ‘probable financial stress’.

Treasury spokesman Terry Stanton says the city is having trouble solving a multi-million dollar deficit.

“And the review also found city officials…have proposed unrealistic budgets and failed to make budget revisions in a timely manner,” says Stanton.
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Update on Ace the Pitbull from Detroit Dog Rescue – Updated

Update on Ace the Pitbull from Detroit Dog Rescue – Updated

I have received a rather unfortunate update from Monica Martino, the co-founder & CEO of Detroit Dog Rescue. The original post about Ace is HERE. Here’s the latest news:

Detroit Dog Rescue has become very involved in this fight — we were able to find the owner of “Ace” (she saw him on the news — he had been stolen from her months ago). My partner Hush went to the Department of Animal Control this morning with her to claim Ace. She brought all the proper documentation, including vet records, rabies certificates, and personal photos of her dog. Department of Animal Control showed her the wrong dog and tried to convince her it was Ace, despite her protests.…
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