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20 (completely serious) questions for Kid Rock


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Is Kid Rock — AKA Robert James Ritchie who grew up in this plush home in Bruce Township, Michigan — a serious candidate for the U.S. Senate?

No, but he could be a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Michigan next November.

And if there’s anything the last year should have taught us is that we have to take publicity-starved elitist candidates — especially publicity-starved elitist candidates with minimal experience in public service and a gift for affecting a persona that appeals to white workers — seriously.

Rock has been up over incumbent Debbie Stabenow slightly in two Republican-leaning polls and GOP consultant Dennis Lennox says that unless the singer is “caught in bed with a little boy, or beat up a woman between now and August 2018,” he will be the party’s nominee, if he gets in.

The general election will be much tougher. The non-partisan Target-Insyght poll finds Stabenow up by 8 percent over Rock. But we can’t assume that a fight at a Waffle House or making a sex tape with the guy from Creed will inevitably destroy his candidacy. The opposite is more likely true. The GOP in many ways has become “Kid Rock’s party” and the outrage he generates in us is what the party loves about him.

If you want to know how this all can go wrong, remember one of the worst mistakes the Hillary Clinton campaign made, according to George Lakoff:

They used negative campaigning, assuming they could turn Trump’s most outrageous words against him. They kept running ads showing Trump forcefully expressing views that liberals found outrageous. Trump supporters liked him for forcefully saying things that liberals found outrageous. They were ads paid for by the Clinton campaign that raised Trump’s profile with his potential supporters!

How do you deal with a problem like Kid Rock?

Treat him as seriously as hell, if he decides to run. He’s already set up a non-profit. He’s already registering voters. He’s already accountable to voters then until he reveals this is just concert promotion.

So let’s get him on record.

Here are 20 questions any U.S. Senate candidate from Michigan should be able to answer mostly from our own Chris Savage:

  1. What would you do to prevent Canada from opening a nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron?
  2. Given your support of President Trump, do you support his effort to defund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative which funds cleaning up the Great Lakes?
  3. Do you support Betsy DeVos’s plan to send federal tax dollars to private and religious schools?
  4. Has the federal government done enough to help the residents of Flint whose water was poisoned by lead? If not, please tell us your proposal for changing that.
  5. Do you support the federal loans given to American auto companies during the Great Recession?
  6. President Trump believes auto workers make too much money. Do you agree? What policies do you support regarding improving workers’ wages (e.g., increasing the minimum wage to at least $15/hour, making it easier for workers to form a union to negotiate their wages and benefits, etc.)?
  7. Would you support the Equal Pay Act that ensures women are paid the same as men for the same job?
  8. Do support the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?
  9. Do you support Attorney General Sessions’ plans to increase the confiscation of property from people accused of crimes who are awaiting their day in court? What is your position on Republican Congressman Tim Walberg’s legislation to make this more difficult?
  10. What is your position on the right of a woman to get a safe, legal abortion?
  11. Do you support the overturning of the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Act that allows more farm and industrial pollution in Michigan lakes, streams and other waterways?
  12. Do you support Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law that allows an unelected person appointed by the governor to take over a local municipality or school and essentially fire the elected officials?
  13. What changes should be made to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that would help Michigan workers and Michigan companies?
  14. What is your position on Enbridge’s Line 5, an aging oil pipeline that runs under the Straits of Mackinac? Should the 64-year old pipeline be shut down or allowed to continue operating? If it’s kept open, what would be Enbridge’s responsibility if the line ruptured in the middle of winter when there are several feet of ice covering the Straits?
  15. Do you support the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that allows almost unlimited money to be spent in elections?
  16. Do you support the decriminalization of marijuana?
  17. Do you support an independent committee to draw Congressional and legislative districts in Michigan to end political gerrymandering? If so, how would you structure such a committee (who would pick the members, etc.)?
  18. Do you support the Republicans’ healthcare plan that will increase the number of uninsured Michiganders by up to 200,000, increase the cost of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, increase premiums, and allow insurance companies to cap benefits for nearly anyone with health insurance?
  19. Do you support the Violence Against Women Act?
  20. Do you support Steve Bannon’s idea of creating a new bracket to tax income over $5 million at 44 percent?

Bob or Mr. Rock, you can come on The Spit and Spin Room any time to answer them in a serious manner.

Yes, we’ll take Kid Rock on like he’s any other Republican, because he could actually become the key vote to passing Trumpcare. No shit.

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  • TeacherPatti

    Can I add a few?

    1) Why, during the 1999 Sugar Ray concert at the State Theater, did you roll onto the stage and drop your pants? And then proceed to beat your flaccid penis about like it owed you money? Some of us are very scarred by that horrific event.

    2) Why do you literally wrap yourself in a treasonous flag that represents the support of enslaving other human beings? How can you represent non-whites (and the city of Detroit) when you do that?

    3) Why do you hate women so much? When did this start? Did someone do something wrong or did you get rejected and turned it outward?

  • A2er

    Another clown who wants to join the Trump Circus. Another privileged white guy who wants to keep rich people rich and make sure brown people don’t get too uppity.

  • Tim Kies

    But the picture of Al Franken in a diaper sucking his thumb didn’t bother anyone? It doesn’t disqualify someone because they are a Democrat, but if they are a Republican, that is a problem. How about this, let’s try and be fair to Kid Rock and at least let him answer the questions before we just call him a joke. It might be that he is pointless but just maybe he is intelligent and articulate. You don’t know until you hear him answer the questions that you have listed. At least let him answer them before you just out of hand start the name calling. That just makes you look small.

    • svejk

      like he’s ever gonna answer meaningful questions on anything from anyone. that’s not the trump model. their model is: serious question, flip answer full of racial inflammation. he’s a trumpista in style (such as it is) as well as (lack of) substance.

      • Tim Kies

        You make a big mistake if you count Kid Rock out if he decides to run as a candidate for Senate. Much like Hillary counted out Trump as an opponent in the presidential election. I was making predictions that he was going to win fully 3 months before the election, based upon what I was seeing online, not only on social media, but also from the people whose blogs that I stopped into, that were all saying how fed up the country was with the status quo. As a person who lives in Michigan, I can say that it is the same thing here in our state, as of now. People here are fed up with politicians who are not doing a good job of representing us in Washington. To say that Kid Rock has no style or substance, before you have even heard him out is a big mistake.