Donald Trump — February 2, 2017 at 8:45 am

WATCH: Pr*sident Trump uses the “Yank and Pull” power play handshake on SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch


In the world of handshakes, there numerous different types. One well-known one is the “Yank and Pull” handshake designed to manipulate and demean its recipient:

Yank and Pull: This handshake is considered a power play, as it’s when a person decides to grab your arm and pull you in close towards them and inside their territory/personal space. There are three possible reasons for this: firstly the person may be feeling insecure and needs you to be in their own territory in order to feel comfortable and safe, or secondly they come from a culture/city that requires smaller space needs, or finally, they want to take control and get you off balance. In any of these cases, they should be considered manipulative because the persons wants things done a certain way.

Immediately following his speech accepting Pr*sident Trump’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch was publicly subjected to this power play handshake in front of a global audience by Trump. It starts around the 16-second mark in the video below. Trump yanks Gorsuch in once, then twice, then, just as Gorsuch is returning to the podium to collect his notes, a third time. The last yank is so violent that Judge Gorsuch is nearly pulled off his feet as his body is jerked toward Trump:

The unspoken message was clear: “Stay in line, mister. Do NOT forget that.”

This was done to a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, a man Donald Trump himself describes as ” brilliant mind” with “outstanding legal skills”. And he has just been made subservient to the President of the United States of America.

*Donald Trump is the largest loser of the popular vote in history to become the President of the United States of America.

  • And I’ll bet he didn’t wash his hands either …

  • fernaig

    I actually googled this and did some searching because I thought it might have been altered. I’m horrified to realize it’s a thing and that it’s something he does all the time. It’s absolutely learned and deliberate. And proves again (as if we needed any more proof) that the man is unfit for this role.

    • Helium3

      You actually had to search for this? Trump has been shaking hands this way since birth. His father taught him this method of shaking hands. Actually, anyone in a position of power in ANY company shakes hands this way. I’ve had more “handshake wars” than I can even remember. Handshakes like this are why we still propagate as a species.

  • David

    Lol Trumps awesome

    • Sheila

      If by awesome you mean a monster, then yes. Monsters can be awesome, as can devils.

    • lexngton

      Your SUCH a DICK for even saying such a stupid thing!

  • Sheila

    “F*ck up and you won’t be fired, you’ll be DEAD!!!”–DJT to JNG

    • Tsveno

      Waaaa. You’re such a child. Go back to reading fairytales about the much overrated, coattail-rider, Hillary Clnton.

  • Sondra Stevens

    Gorsuch was prepared for it, having done his homework. He kept a wide distance from Trump to maintain independence and resisted the control with an expertise that shows Gorsuch is no puppet. He will resist the authoritarian physically and intellectually.

    • Sondra Stevens

      I also got the indication throughout the event that Gorsuch doesn’t like Trump at all.Check the expression on his face after handshake when he turns back to the podium. He knows what Trump is.

  • I would love to meet President Trump and have a hand shake. His tiny hand would be unable to sign lame executive orders after I give him a dose of his own bully medicine. This guy has lined up so much bad karma that I can hardly wait for it to unravel on him. I wait in suspense and will enjoy every minute of it when it happens and it will BIGLY!

  • Tsveno

    You’re all such babies. That’s how many business men and people of influence shake hands. It isn’t only about displaying power. It also shows appreciation and enthusiasm. Grow up and maybe you’ll give or receive a handshake like that someday too.

  • Linda Smith

    Dumb. Report something important.

  • Sherlock Ohms

    One problem with the statement, biggest loser of a POPULAR vote, The only POPULAR votes that exist are for each county and each state which is result of the POPULAR vote.
    We have no nationwide popular vote, never have and never will.
    Unless you want California to decide for the other 49 states.

    So what the reality is that President Trump has won more counties than any republican since 1984!! And no democrat has won over 800 counties since 1996!

    3,200+ counties for Trump & all popular vote
    200+ counties for Hillary

    31 States for President Trump
    19 States for Hillary.

    California has 10 million people in Los Angeles alone!
    Once they got the 55 electoral votes it doesn’t help to have 3 million more voters, especially since millions of Drivers licenses have been given away along with 12 states all of which are in the 19 states Hillary won!

    If you look at a county by county map you see that Hillary was very unpopular overall. California’s huge population including millions of illegals are what gave a non existent popular vote that decides nothing relevent.
    Her popularity was isolated to smal coastal areas so she was not popular over all thus the red map county by county Trump got 80% of the country states decide who wins not people.

  • Sherlock Ohms
    at the time that Trump got 274 electoral votes to give him the Presidency, he was also ahead in the popular vote. Hillary wound up getting .2% more of the popular vote. She got 47.7% to Trumps 47.5%.
    new york and Califonia have the largest population so there votes are what made the popular vote. not her over all popularity.

    Trump’s EC margin is relatively enormous for this small a margin. This is a new phenomenon– the small states ganging up on the large ones with their “senatorial” elector advantage

    538 ELECTORAL votes.
    It’s a fairly transparent process. If you can count, you can figure out exactly how each elector votes just by looking at the popular vote of their state. Ex: if Hillary won the pop vote in NH, then every senator and representative from NH votes for her in the Electoral College. It’s pretty easy to tell if those 4 votes were cast correctly. You don’t even need a human to do it. News services provide Electoral vote counts as soon as a state’s popular vote has been tallied. They don’t need to wait for 4 human beings to fill in a ballot.
    As long as the popular vote is calculated correctly, and fraud free, the Electoral vote will be correct.
    (It would be incredibly obvious and therefore ridiculous for an elector to take a bribe and vote against the outcome of their state’s popular vote, because #1- in all but two states everyone’s vote is the same. #2- once the popular vote has been confirmed across the nation, all any of us would have to do is look at the map and we’d be able to figure out who the Electoral vote will go to. Virtually impossible for bribery/fraud to happen in that part of the process, my friend.)

  • Wow I nearly thought Trump was going to break Gorsuch’s arm off … poor guy