Michigan Republicans — February 10, 2017

BOOM! Republican who called for “another Kent State” for protesters resigns, deletes social media accounts, loses radio show



Dan Adamini, the odious Republican from Marquette, Michigan who called for “another Kent State” for student protesters has resigned from his position as the Marquette County Republican Treasurer. Not only that, he deleted his Twitter account, deleted his personal Facebook account, deleted his radio show’s Facebook account, and has lost his right-wing radio show “In the Right Mind” for at least the next month while his contract is reviewed.

Adamini put up a Facebook post saying, “The violent protests at our universities certainly indicates Portage acacian at the lower level. I’m thinking another Kent State might be the only solution protest stopped after only one death. They do it because they know there are no consequences yet.”

He doubled down by tweeting, “Violent protesters who shut down free speech?Time for another Kent State perhaps. One bullet stops a lot of thuggery.”

Both the tweet and the Facebook post were deleted but now Adamini has gone completely silent on social media after facing withering criticism from across the nation. Kent State University itself put out a statement calling the comments “abhorrent”:

University Response to Abhorrent May 4 Tweet by Michigan Official

May 4, 1970, was a watershed moment for the country and especially the Kent State University family. We lost four students that day while nine others were wounded and countless others were changed forever.

This abhorrent post is in poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still pains the Kent State community today.

We invite the person who wrote this statement to tour our campus and our May 4 Visitors Center, which opened four years ago, to gain perspective on what happened 47 years ago and apply its meaning to the future.

Buh-bye, Dan. We look forward to never having to read or hear any of your disgusting, putrid effluvium ever again.

UPDATE: If you’d like to make a donation to the Marquette County Democratic Party to help them fight back against their Republican opponents like Dan Adamini, you can do that HERE.

[CC photo credit: Kyle J. Schultz | Flickr]

  • Kitty Smith

    That dumbarse DOES understand that the Kent State shootings only made things worse and pissed off a LOT of people, right?

    No, of course not. He just wants some “thugs” shot. Well, what the hell we can start with him.

  • The first paragraph of this made me very happy… hope to never heard of him again.

  • Rex Thorne

    The Trump disaster has emboldened the authoritarians to the point where they forget that Americans reject their hate.

    • RichardStk

      That’s what dictators like Putin & Turkey’s Erdogan do! They kill some protestors to scare the crowds. Or even shoot their own supporters & blame it on the resistance! And take away free press and replace it with their own untruths. Unfortunately, miserably & and against America’s own free history, we’ve now ignorantly & blindly voted for such a dictator who is quickly silencing all dissent.

      • Steven Irizarry

        dissent will be healthly dont you worry

        • RichardStk

          Our dissent & protests haven’t achieved much so far. All Trump’s unqualified, bigoted appointees are getting approved with no Republicans thinking about country, just selfishly about themselves! Problem is Trump voters ended up voting for a fascist strongman while democracy means listening to all with a President, a Congress and a Judiciary to check & balance each other. I don’t know what angry old white guys were thinking when they voted away our freedoms after so many Americans fought & died for our free way of life! Now we’re subject to what one man orders.

          • gratatt

            They don’t have any place in the new economy or new social order. They refuse to change, so they want the country to go back to a time when they fit in. They will die off eventually, hopefully sooner than later.

            What bothered me the most was the number of women and young people who voted for Trump. We will be fighting them for decades.

          • RichardStk

            Angry frustrated old white guys should have thought about what’s best for their kids and grand-kids! All Americans since 1775 have had the opportunity to live under the rule of law, free press, free speech, free religion and enjoying a new form of government our forefathers invented, democracy. We the people, for the people, by the people! Now this older white generation have stupidly listened to the O’Reilly’s, the Rush’s, the Hannity’s and Fox News, swallowed their poisonous untruths and voted to change America into an authoritarian government!

            As to your concerns, America, everyone, men, women & young people have been dumb-downed big-time! They don’t read papers, they just hear some sound bite and jump to wrong conclusions. And now Trump has told them evil, deplorable behavior, lying, cheating, threatening, racism, bigotry, prejudice is all fine. Our stupidity has come back to bite us! I just hope our judiciary/courts can stand up to Trump as our 3rd check & balance, the US Congress has already become impotent, a Trump puppet Congress!

          • Dawn Copley

            Can you read ? Read the Constitution! Plain as day Trump broke no law ! Wait and see who is dumb! It ain’t your parents !

          • Dawn Copley

            The Dems are going away ! Their party is what they are fighting for now ! Don’t you see how scared they are right now. All of the Rich that had control are paying these protestors to fight everywhere! It is their jobs ! Unless the unemployment figures are really lying worse than Obama said , these folks should be at work ! They bus them from riot to riot !

          • Irenadawn

            Just what type of new economy are you referring to that has not been working for over 8 years now Socialism and globalization ??? We have a wealthy class and a poor class and the middle class was disappearing into poverty more each day and one big reason was because of a BIG government program called Obamacare or otherwise his attempt at a Socialized Healthcare plan . If you really study this plans in foreign countries everywhere they are in implementation, people will tell you that people are not happy with them for the same reasons we have been unhappy. Years ago , while attending the University , my friends and I befriended three foreign exchange students from Great Britain 🇬🇧! We have a wonderful program at our University! We have an International week to meet all of our students and they introduce us to so much of their culture , personal stories, we have performances and they have fun teaching us things we never dreamed and the best is the last day with all of the food !

            Anyway , there are some terribly sad stories too. Our friends from England were telling us about places they lived and places they usually socialized. Places you did not want to go because they were bad areas . Then how their families were too. One guy said the healthcare was terrible and they envied our system back then . His father had heart problems and needed heart surgery to clear blockages causing heart attacks. His closest appointment was a year away and they were afraid he would die before he could have what we consider a routine surgery now.
            The New Order of things or a more Progressive government does not sound like it is going forward for everyone in a positive way . The New Order sounds like a term you might hear in a movie like The Hunger Games , Divergent, even The Matrix ! The New Order does not sound like Democracy . Democracy has made our country unique and special . Democracy has proven to others throughout the world what strong and organized reasonable leaders we have been throughout history. One more special and historical benefit we have as a country that is always on our side is The United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights . So why do we want A New Order or a Social Democracy . Have you read any world history ? It is not President Trump you need to worry about as a dictator . Hitler took over Germany under the guise of a Social Democratic politician and from there you see where that sociopathic man went.
            President Trump may be many things but he is not a sociopath and he does have empathy for others . You rich guys do not want to count the poverty stricken in our own country and realize how many there are right now. The liberal lefts have always worked under the guise that they are for the little guy and yet they get richer off taxing the little people and then hand out monies to tell you the free people how to live ! It was time for government to get back to working for the people and not the other way around ! The New Order failed its people! Let’s see how the people do with just the guidance of some intelligent advisors ! Save our money and work to run our own states . Yes , instead of revolting and protesting , we the people are going to have to work together to improve our states and communities . Oh! And when we do , and we will , we the people will be so proud again of the hard work we have accomplished ! We will be a country of hard workers and a land we will be happy to share with guests ! We will find so much wealth in the gifts we have in our hearts and hands and yes in the pockets in which we scrounge for the causes we decide are most important to our choosing be it Education, healthcare, the arts , our infrastructure, our cities tourism programs or bringing in new businesses for our people. We need mental health centeralong with addictive help centers . We need family counciling centers and homeless help as well as help for our elderly and children who are orphans . Yes, we are at war and we need to help resettle refugees. But don’t we need to help our Vets foremost who have been fighting for us and those overseas. There are so many things we can do to help that we can put our own minds together to fix . We are intelligent and resourceful ! We do not need government to do it all for us ! Stop resisting and whining , let’s work ! I past decades our country has been through tough times . We have made through worse . We can do this together if we put aside hatred . We are all in this together. Settle it , keep your mouths shut and work . The selfishness has to end for our future and our children . I know it’s harder than I say but I BELIEVE!!!!

          • You’re blaming more people having access to healthcare for rising income inequality? Hoo boy… 🙄

          • Irenadawn

            I said not word about Income equality ! I said the left Liberals are pitching fits over every way the President and the Republicans are trying to make our economy better by getting rid of our national debt, cutting the biggest Healthcare Diaster of Obamacare, and trying to get our jobs back from experimenting with a global economy, and finally allowing too many people into our country that have caused crime rates to soar and fill our prisons. Poverty was established by Obama’s administration by handing out too much free stuff to make income equal for nothing. No one wants to work for less than what the government can dish out and the government is in a hole! We are no wher near income equality and the rich folk invested in the stock market can tell you all about the hiding of funds they have been doing. Ask Mr. RichardStk about the market over the past eight years. Oh! Pardon me, Vietnam was not our War and we can all agree on that but we did try for some reason to help those poor people just like the left wants to help the immigrants and refugees now. What if we were to say now that is , “Not Our War’! It affects us all over the world almost as bad as WWll . There is nothing strange or conspiratory going on right now except what started in Benghazi to leave a space for ISIS to rise. I bet the world really is not happy with us right now. You Need to read more about the Vietnam War, the Pentagon Papers, and then the lowly little wire tapping job that finally ended it all with no actual impeachment. Tricky Dicky was so out in the open . He had not one moral… President Trump appears to have some . His family is a very good example of faith, strength , honor and loyalty to family and the people around them wherever they go.

          • “We have a wealthy class and a poor class and the middle class was disappearing into poverty more each day and one big reason was because of a BIG government program called Obamacare…”

            Yeah, ya kinda did, actually. In fact, you TOTALLY did.

          • glebec

            Protesting and dissent are long term strategies. We have to keep at it. It took years to shut down the Vietnam War. It took a long time between the Watergate event and Nixon leaving office.

          • Dawn Copley

            Watergate was a true conspiracy and lie ! HA! It is laughable ! The real lie were the Pentagon Papers scandal! Watergate was just the cherry on top ! The true Scandals were never caught in the 8 years of the Obama whitehouse with Hilary involved ! WooHoo! She got away with it all and she was total scapegoat for our dear Obama because she wanted to be the next President she had to promise to keep our precious President from ever being questioned ! Not ever was he questioned ! Not once over anything as deep as it got up on the hill! So close he came to impeachment! But Republicans would not go there because of elections at midterm. I wonder how close the Dems will push to 2018 !

          • Dawn Copley

            Look at the age of the democrats in Congress and Senate compared to the Republicans! The Dems are your old guys ! Today on the news , one Dem could hardly speak or stand up ! Trump is following his advisers and his promises to US OR WE THE PEOPLE and everyone else is trying to stop what we voted for and won ! That is not justice !

          • RichardStk

            First, read some history! America has made all our progress under progressives (Democrats), not conservatives (Republicans). The definition of conservative by itself means staying in place, not willing to take a chance, keeping status quo, or in America’s case, keep burning oil, racism & bigotry, keeping the money in the hands of the top1%, purging unwanted voters, not listening to the majority, etc. Lastly you didn’t win the election fairly. It was stolen by long term ongoing GOP conspiracies like #crosscheck, gerrymandering, the FBI picking sides and Russian intervention. You still lost by almost 3 million votes resulting in huge protests worldwide regarding this injustice.

      • baruchzed

        Right wing extremists committed violence in Berkeley recently and tried to blame it on antifascist protesters…typical.

        • RichardStk

          That’s how they operate, They want to distract, deceive and confuse the opposition while they quickly consolidate power.

      • glebec

        He is trying but not succeeding. At least not yet. We have more dissenters and protesters acting right now in the US (and around the world) than at any time in last 100 years.

      • Dawn Copley

        Oh! BS ! Go read a dystopian novel! We are not even close unless you and some stupid brats and paid thug protestors from the scared Democratic Party want to keep going that way ! This could be the makings if we were all so stupid ! I do not think our kids are this stupid ! You may be , but someone is going to get over themselves and realize there is a world beyond pop stars and druggies and criminals that we do not want to look up to or after everyday ! They make their choices and we help them with our hearts , our souls , our money and everything we can think of but they continue to multiply because we do keep enabling them . We have our own families with loved ones that are suffering each day without food, homes, and health and our own love. We have to fix our home before we can invite someone over to stay and help ! We must clean our house and make it safe for visitors to come before they visit and get hurt on our property ! What happened to that way of thinking ! Clean up here first ! We have to take a break and clean our house ! We are not winning hospitality awards right now ! There is crime everywhere . We do not have enough to keep our own well . We must be healthy before we can take care of anyone else ! Let’s just take a break and learn to love one another again and then go forward. Our own children need schools and good food as well as our elderly need healthcare and homes ! We are all living so much longer ! Let’s rejoice and work this out !

        • RichardStk

          First off, I’m a grandfather, not a kid, or your term a “brat.” 2nd, as a teacher, clean up your crude, classless and insulting verbiage! 3rd, go clean your own house, mine’s clean. 4th, we have a great America now, not one filled with Trump’s “carnage” or your “crime everywhere.” 5th, if it’s so bad there move to a morel forward state with morals which helps its residents, not MS, 6th, “we don’t need no stinkin’ walls,” wars never work & aren’t the way to treat neighbors! You pay for Trump’s Folly if you are so scared of multinationals. Your forefather was also an immigrant. 7th, I’ve studied economics, history and the stock market for over 40 years and Trump is indeed a wannabe Hitler style fascist dictator, who is now trying to discredit the free press, close our borders, lie to the people and consort with other dictators. Please, wake up! Lastly, I’ve read the Constitution and Trump has already violated numerous amendments and indeed, has broken many laws, like the emoluments clause. PLUS, on top of all that evil, he’s a cheating, threatening, vulgar detestable sick PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!

        • RichardStk

          If you click on a writer you get a bit of bio. Simple. That’s how I found your profession & state. Also, you are admirable for stepping up & caring for your parents! Otherwise, you see a much different world. I will say regarding Trump, no matter what you write, say or declare he is detestable, has proven that over & over & all who voted for him ignored that fact & did America a huge disservice!

  • Tom Afinowicz

    how come we cant Flush Rush?

    • Red Syn

      Need a bigger toilet for a turd that size.

    • RichardStk

      Right wing talk show people make their livings by leeching on society. They promulgate twisted, biased hateful untruths. They get their followers angry and brainwash them. Awful. Until Trump discredits & then silences our free press & free speech it’s still ok in America. Problem is right wingers will still be allowed to lie under Trump, only the truth will go away.

    • Mary Sullivan

      Am thinking…. because we haven’t tried. Flood his phone lines?

  • hippie1367

    Just another white trash shitstain…I mean Republican

  • michelle from maine

    one bullet stops a lot of thuggery – nice comment

  • Mipsie

    What the flying fuck is “Portage acacian?” I thought I spoke English.

    • LOL. I couldn’t find it on the internet but one journalist asked him an he said it means “poor education”.

    • Dawn Copley

      Look up Acacaia it is a very old term . It has been used recently to describe groups of people . I looked it up and added to the definition and it fits this bullshit thread very well !

  • gratatt

    I am crying and cheering as I read this. Kent State happened exactly one week before my 18th birthday, and I hated the government for many, many years after that. Anyone who spent their formative years watching the Viet Nam war on t.v. news every night probably feels as I do that there is no punishment too great for someone who wants to repeat that heinous act. I’m glad he has lost so much, and hope he loses more. I’m not a hateful person, but Kent State killed a part of my soul that I have never regained, and I cannot wish anything but destruction on anyone who supports that kind of evil.

    • Irenadawn

      Can’t you see you are a walking contradiction? Kent State happened before my birth but it was a horrific and tragic event and with the riots that are going on now , I do believe it was a lesson everyone should have learned from in the past . The confusion and fear of that demonstration with all of the armed guns walking in on a sowhat peaceable demonstration that went chaotic was a clear example of how any large protest can go very wrong in a second when panic is in place . It is the natural fight or flight syndrome . I worry every time I see large protests that terrible things are going to happens . Ferguson was so terribly tragic too and it was recent . It was the first that led to more violent protest that make our people look uncivilized. How can you say you loath this behavior and then wish harm or destruction to those who cause this behavior . That is wishing for more violence and is hypocritical. Do you understand this? We have all got to start trying to watch the words we use . The words we use are like weapons and they can work against us or others . In schools that I taught to help acknowledge bullying there were signs everywhere that said , ” Stcks and stones may break my bones , but words can get you or someone else killed”. Think about it .

  • Please don’t attach “BOOM” to your titles. It’s something that idiotic conservatives do because they like shiny objects and loud noises. You’re better than that.

    • teele

      Being better than them has accomplished a lot, hasn’t it?

  • EvanRavitz

    What is “Portage acacian”?

    • According to one of the linked articles, the reporter asked him and he said “poor education”. I Googled it and couldn’t find anything.

    • Dawn Copley

      Hey Evan – I looked it up and found the term Acacia led to a very old term referring to two groups of people referring to the same Godshead or as I suggested the same leadership ! Two large bloated and misled groups of people on different sides but under the same leadership . I wrote about it further up where he actually wrote the sentence to add it to the dictionary! Each group seems to be propped full of ideas according to two totally persuaded different points of view some of which may or may not have any basis in reality or truth . Propaganda and paid sponsors oppose the oppositions in many cases to cause the lack of practicality in fact or proof before incidents escalate!