Flint, GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail, Rick Snyder — February 3, 2016 at 8:37 pm

THIS is how you know Michigan Republicans are absolutely freaking out over the #FlintWaterCrisis that they created


After passing legislation to slash revenue sharing to already struggling urban areas including Flint and after passing an anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law – Public Act 4 – and after passing another anti-democratic Emergency Manager law – Public Act 436 – after voters rejected the first one (and making it democracy-proof with an unnecessary appropriation) and after these Republican-appointed overseers – the Emergency Managers of Flint – made decisions that lead to the poisoning of Flint’s drinking water and after our Republican-led administration altered water test data to avoid taking action when lead was found and after our Republican administration lied to the USEPA about treating the Flint River water and after our Republican administration violated the Clean Water Act and the Lead and Copper Rule and after our Republican administration ignored, maligned, and ridiculed the heroes who blew the whistle on the Republican-made catastrophe in Flint and after our Republican-run administration ignored and delayed and obfuscated until they no longer could and were forced to take action months after lead was found in Flint’s drinking water, Michigan Republicans now want you to believe that THEY are the ones taking care of business and that the federal government is somehow failing Michigan.

Exhibit A:

This needs little commentary. The Republicans control every single aspect of our state government and they have run the show for five years. During that time an entire city run by their Emergency Manager overseers poisoned its citizens.

They own this.

And they know it.

  • Someone should send a copy of this poster to Elijah Cummings so he can question Snyder about it when Congress gets around to calling him on the carpet.

  • teachon57

    Amen. Republicans also own the deplorable conditions of DPS, are trying to take it out on the Ts…yes, I’m talking to you Sen. Pavlov!

  • judyms9

    This Republican produced visual reminds me of their unfounded worship of the Paul Ryan budget in that Republicans seem to think reality is created by fantasy writing, merely putting something/anything down on paper or up on a screen. That’s why we get ridiculous visuals, especially Congressman Chaffetz’s use of a graph lacking a “Y” axis in an attempt to smear Planned Parenthood.
    Where did these folks go to school?

    • Jopin Klobe

      In a world where “nature” is linear …

      … not this world …

  • enkelin

    Why should the Republicans in Michigan be bailed out for what they INTENTIONALLY did to their own citizens. They want to bill the rest of the USA for their ACTIONS which were NOT a natural disaster. I agree they should not have access to unlimited federal funds to fix their mess. Let the Rich Republicans who live and vote Republican and would DENY Disaster fund to victims of hurricanes and fires from drought pay for their own actions. I agree with Obama, in fact I think he shouldn’t have even declared it an emergency. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/18/us/obama-flint-michigan-water-fema-emergency-disaster.html?_r=0

  • enkelin

    From the NY Times
    “The declaration was requested on Thursday by Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, who had also sought a major disaster declaration and asked for nearly $96 million to be expedited for relief efforts. A disaster declaration would have freed up more federal aid, but Flint’s problem did not qualify because it was a man-made disaster.”

    • Enanahwe Burk

      I am reading these statements posted on eclectablog and I’m curious if that $96M Snyder wants would even be used for Flint.

  • Dean Wormer

    I’m an advertising creative director who wants to contribute my services to any Democrat candidate running in the next election. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Susan

    Until the MSM starts covering the miserable job Republicans do in the states they control like Kansas, Wisconsin, etc., as well as, begin exposing the Koch’s ALEC and their State Policy Networks, the Republicans will continue to take over and devastate America one state at a time.

    • cattletracks

      MSM, for the most part, is in bed with these guys. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, based out of Midland, is the largest conservative state-level policy think-tank in the nation. They’re using Michigan as their test kitchen.

  • Roggie

    Can the Michigan republican party be declared a terrorist organization and denied the privilege of ever holding elected office in our state in the future?

  • Cancer1951

    he keeps saying he will fix it b/c his ass doesn’t want to go to jail. Slick Rick already has his scapegoat picked out that is why he refuses to resigned PLUS that GOP congress is not going to make him suffer any consequences….pitiful!!

    • Enanahwe Burk

      Can’t a Michigan resident bring charges up on Snyder, his EM, those in the know at MDEQ, etc? I just don’t understand how a criminal (snyder) is also being handed the reins to fix his crime…and ultimately, cover it up.

      • cattletracks

        It’s what MDEQ and Snyder do. Husband and I busted a company for dumping toxic oil field waste on northern Michigan roads. Their penalty? A slap on the wrist, and a stern wag of the finger telling them not to do it again.

    • cattletracks

      Pretty much puts a damper on his aspirations to be chosen as a VP running mate.

  • Bathazar Xavier

    this is a great example of when paying attention to what people aren’t saying tells you more than what they pretending to tell you. if, for the slightest millisecond, republicans, particularly the RNC and the clown car of republican presidential candidates, thought they could get away with the lie that this graphic is telling, why does not one of them mention the flint crisis AT ALL unless asked directly about it? granted, fear of telling half-truths, falsehoods and out-and-out lies has never stopped the rnc but this one is too obvious for even the low-information viewers of faux news to buy (which is why flint is not discussed on fox either). snyder has nothing to lose at this point, the best he can hope for is to avoid jail time, so printing a lie is a pittance compared to the incriminating evidence of his actions so far.

  • Jopin Klobe

    Manslaughter convictions …

    … then, prison terms …

    … then, Civil Suits!