Affordable Care Act, GOPocrisy — September 3, 2014

Ted Cruz admits that Obamacare is working


Something great is happening in America — which is why the GOP would rather talk about almost anything else


Nearly every day there seems to be more news that the Affordable Care Act is succeeding in ways that seems inconceivable as floundered last year:

But the most amazing news of all is that Ted Cruz has moved Obamacare down his of issues he can use to rile up the Republican base.

In his speech at the Koch-funded “Defending the American Dream Summit” Kochfest, the junior Senator from Texas laid out what he sees is the biggest issue of the 2014 election “Number one, no amnesty. …If you support amnesty, vote Democrat. If you oppose amnesty, throw Harry Reid out.”

Cruz wants to make this election an referendum on amnesty because it’s a meaningless word that can be applied to anything less than deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. It’s savvy of the Senator since this election will be almost entirely decided in states in districts that have no significant Latino vote. For that reason President Obama seems to be delaying his plans to expand his initiative to delay the deportations of law-abiding Americans who have families or roots in America.

The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent points out that Republicans are still recycling old attacks against the name “Obamacare,” which hardly resemble what the law looks like in reality. And Democrats usually counter by pointing out the GOP wants to end Medicare as we know it. It’s an issue that’s fought to a draw, thus useless for most campaigns.

But just a year ago it was Ted Cruz’s obsession — and now it’s not even number one on his fuckit list.

If he were to describe his behavior using his cartoony rhetoric, he’d have to say his retreat from repeal hysteria is clearly an admission the law is working!

Cruz — who accused any Republican willing to keep the government open with Obamacare funded in 2013 of “surrender” — is also predicting that the law won’t be repealed to 2017. Even he now recognizes that President Obama isn’t going to delete his greatest accomplishment. So it will be up to the next president to cancel more than 20 million Americans’ health insurance.

Who will be the next president? Well, Latinos will have a bigger say in that election, especially in swing states where their share of the population is growing.

Given the child refugee crisis, fears about ISIS and the mostly white makeup of the 2014 election, calling for mass deportations is a smart strategy now. However, as Latino voters have shown in California, this kind of scaremongering does not fade from memories easily.

Ted Cruz’s penchant for opportunistic attacks has made him a Tea Party favorite and a frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination. Reality may not get in Cruz’s way in a GOP primary. But in a general election, Cruz’s demagoguery may be a Democrat’s dream come true.

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  • Don Handy

    Ted Cruz’s ethnicity is Cuban, and he was born in Canada. Is his railing against Latino immigrants a case of self-loathing? As some would put it, dude’s a head case.

    • The Weeping Cheeto


  • judyms9

    Cruz and Rubio both fantasize about becoming the first US president of their Hispanic background, but they will both be overtaken in the race by those smart Castro brothers from Texas.

  • billy2that

    Sadly many GOP supporters will continue to vote against their own self interest while registering for the ACA. They will accept a lying con man that will never help them than the POTUS that’s for all Americans….

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  • Quad Computer

    The government does not belong in health care. Obama Care is not healthcare it is government control of the health care insurance industry. No matter what the government runs it ends up a complete failure. Obama used executive orders for over 200 government programs and all of them are failures (including cash for clunkers) The only reason Obama won’t agree with abolishing his control of the health care insurance companies, is first his own arrogance and secondly it is the only thing he managed to past in now six years. Meanwhile Obama is a lame duck president; which simply means he is all done as a leader, except whatever aggravations he can continue to cause, for his fellow congressman. Please wake up people your drinking Kool Aide by the gallons. Massachusetts runs MASS HEALTH this program has been in operation long before Obama Care; the reason it works is because the hospitals and doctors run the program. Next Obama will be telling YOU what time of the day your allowed to make a bowl movement, and the the clapping seals will applaud him….like the many who left comments below.