GOPocrisy — June 12, 2014 at 12:51 pm

GOP Senator Jeff Sessions thinks providing healthcare to veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford


In general, when you see a car with American flag and bald eagle stickers all over it, there’s also a “Support our Troops” ribbon sticker to go along with them. For some people, nothing says “patriot” like a “Support our Troops” sticker and nobody loves to wrap themselves in that patriotic swag more than Republicans.

But, for some Republicans, that support for our men and women in uniform ends the day they return home and are in need of healthcare services. That faux support was never more clear than yesterday when Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions said we just can’t afford a bill to help out veterans dealing with the tragedy of unnecessarily long waiting periods to get treated at VA hospitals:

The Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan measure aimed at easing healthcare delays for veterans by giving them more access to private care and allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to open more clinics and hire more medical staff.

The 93-3 vote in the Democratic-led Senate followed unanimous passage on Tuesday in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives of a similar bill to address a crisis that has embarrassed the Obama administration and prompted Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to quit. […]

I feel strongly we’ve got to do the right thing for our veterans. But I don’t think we should create a blank check, an unlimited entitlement program, now.

Certainly veterans benefits are an “entitlement” in terms of the technical definition of the phrase:

The kind of government program that provides individuals with personal financial benefits (or sometimes special government-provided goods or services) to which an indefinite (but usually rather large) number of potential beneficiaries have a legal right (enforceable in court, if necessary) whenever they meet eligibility conditions that are specified by the standing law that authorizes the program… The most important examples of entitlement programs at the federal level in the United States would include Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, most Veterans’ Administration programs, federal employee and military retirement plans, unemployment compensation, food stamps, and agricultural price support programs.

Though that definition is accurate, the term “entitlement” has taken on a different meaning in recent years coming out of the mouths of Republicans. The meaning has shifted to take on a negative connotation; something undeserving people get that the rest of us are forced to foot the bill for. That’s what makes Sessions’ use of the term so offensive.

What Sessions seems to be suggesting is that this is somehow a new program. Guaranteed healthcare benefits for veterans isn’t new or some sort of liberal plan to expand government. It’s something we’ve done since the founding of the United States of America. The Veterans Administration itself is well over 80 years old. The new legislation passed by the Senate yesterday – with Sessions one of only three people to vote against it – is simply intended to solve a problem that has prevented our country from fulfilling its promise to those who serve our country in the military.

But, according to Senator Sessions, we simply can no longer afford it no matter how “strongly” he feels we must “do the right thing for our veterans.”

Apparently “Support the Troops” has a different meaning in Alabama.

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  • Michiganmitch

    I once heard that republican support of Veterans ran a mile wide and an inch deep. I fear that was an overstatement.

    • Stanton

      A soiled tissue is more dependable support than anything the GOP can be bothered to muster.

      • detcord

        $18 Trillion in Democratic debt…92 million out of work….wages dropping…welfare exploding…foreign policy a joke with the nation burning…kids graduating dumber than other countries…morality and faith being eradicated by the Godless left…THIS, my friend, is what we can “depend” on the Democratic Party to do.

        • XxLR_JORDANxX

          “$18 Trillion in Democratic debt”
          Well, we had to pay for the two wars started by Bush at some point. Blame your village-idiot “Dubya” and his daddy’s friends who were pulling his strings for that.

          “92 million out of work….wages dropping…welfare exploding”
          Yeah, that’s what happens when conservatives repealed the laws that were in place to prevent things like the housing bubble and predatory sub-prime lending. Giving huge tax breaks to Big Business instead of small business owners also contributed to the massive loss of jobs.

          “foreign policy a joke with the nation burning”

          Actually our current foreign policy is the strongest it’s been since the Clinton administration and on the whole, the US domestic situation is getting better every day. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good partisan BS talking point, right?

          “kids graduating dumber than other countries”
          Yeah, because our public education system has had to deal with numerous, ongoing funding cuts at both the state and federal level, which were championed by conservatives so they could give more money to their pals in Big Oil, the Military-Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, etc.

          “morality and faith being eradicated by the Godless left”

          Yeah, because outright lying to the American people about Al-Qaeda and WMDs being in Iraq just to justify attacking a sovereign nation that was absolutely no threat to America or her interests abroad is TOTALLY a beacon of morality.

          As a veteran myself, I cannot tell you how proud I am to have served to protect your right to spout ignorant BS freely.

          • Brilliant. Thanks for this (and for your service.)

          • Hiwolf


          • detcord

            Liberal math skills rarely exceed 2nd grade…exactly how did we “pay for” $3.675B in “two wars” (the entire cost of the entire Dept of Defense for those years) with an ADDITIONAL $9 TRILLION in debt? Looks to me like the Idiot-in-Chief paid for those wars over 3,000 times based on your idiotic premise.

          • Gabby Parsons

            Read some non partisan news., You might be shocked at reading some actual real facts.

          • Jaded

            Actually that would be conservative math. The blue states aren’t the ones cutting funding to education so they can support their tax cuts to the rich.

          • Jasef

            You can’t reason with a jackass like this. Just tell him to fuck off and take his bullshit somewhere else.

          • EverTheGreen

            Correction, detcord, it’s conservative math skills that don’t pass the second grade. And their science skills are below pre-K. And YOU prove it.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            And yet red state students consistently do better then blue states do.

          • ecwagner

            Yeah, Red States like Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. This is #48, #49, and #50 – Yeah, the fact that everyone in these states vote RED shows how consistently better they are.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            That is always going to be the case, as long as we link education dollars to property values. What’s amazing is that some of these states are even in the ball park.

          • james crawford

            More like these states being amongst the first to enshrine “Right To Work” laws into their state constitutions, ensuring that they continue to cripple wage growth for the average worker and attract the bottom of the barrel in educators because no one wants to work for what amounts to slave wages.
            Vance Muse did Mississippi and Louisiana no favors by advocating the advancement of anti-worker, racist laws like RTW.
            Your argument is lacking any real sense of reality.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            I really don’t see a corilation between education and right to work states.if you look at a list of RTW states you see that wages and education really aren’t a factor. The problem is that some Schools in the same state receive as little as $2000 a year per student, while some are getting as much as $10,000.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            That really depends on what pool you look at.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            These are all very poor states, and this has nothing to do with red or blue. Look at New York and California. They are consistently at the bottom in education, yet at the top in spending per student.

          • siestaqh

            No, they don’t–do some real research beyond Fox “News”. When they aren’t faking the data, “Red” states are significantly lower in academic achievement. This is not a surprise since they also don’t support early education, enrichment programs, measures that keep class sizes at a manageable level or post-high school opportunities. I guess if we keep them ignorant, we can count of future generations of easily-manipulated, low intellect voters…

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            Well, that kind of depends on who you listen to. Again, the poorer states are always going to be at the bottom, as long as we tie education spending to property values.

          • Overtymem Usicradio

            Bullshit! Name one red state that is doing well in any category.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            That’s very hard to quantify, kind of depends on who you ask. One thing i can see is that the state’s with the highest per pupil spending don’t always get the best results.

          • Overtymem Usicradio

            Look man you have to be able to speak on what you know and prove around here, if not then you will okk as if you are speaking from the hip. New York and California is not at or near the bottom, but the bottom is filled with states to which are either fiscally or religiously conservative, to which has a negative impact on education not just for that state but for the nation as well.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            Calif. Is 40th in education. That’s not very good. And what exactly is okk? Try not to hate, okk.

          • Overtymem Usicradio

            okk is simply a typo. And disagreeing is not hating, okk, ok, okay? And I want you to take a good look at the states in regards to education in high school graduation, bachelor and graduate degrees.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            Ok, California is dead last. My mistake.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            And you right, disagreeing is not hating. But being a snarky jackass is.

          • Overtymem Usicradio

            Only to be a snarky jackass to an unintelligent mental midget who exposes misinformation, or maybe you are a Russian bot who needs to be investigated by the FBI?

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            Ok, well you try to have a nice, moron. And shouldn’t we all try to expose misinformation? Espouse is the word i think you were trying, unsuccessfully i might add, to spell. And im the mental midget. Look in the mirror jackass.

          • Margie Logue

            Do better at what? Blue states pay more into the federal government and red states take more out. Red states do better at living off other people.

          • West Coast O’s Fan

            Thats just ridiculous.

          • rossbro

            Wrap some detcord around your neck and detonate, jerk ! Can’t remember Bush saying Iraqi oil will pay for the War? ‘Course not. It would interfere with your attack on ‘ The Black Man’. GODDAMNED IDIOT !!!

          • syl1969

            See what no child left behind has done to this country? Your special math skills certainly leave a lot of room for bullshit!

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Either way, the debt still came from Dumbya’s lies to you. And you cheered it on then. So..why pretend to care now? Oh I know, to score political points, no matter how insincere and hypocritical.

          • Lparault

            Republican math skills would have to exist to exceed any grade level. Republican math: Give $9 BILLION in tax breaks to 5 corporations to create 5,000 jobs which generate $15 MILLION in taxes and it’s a wash. Give me a freakin’ break.

          • XxLR_JORDANxX

            I would say something about your comment, but it seems that quite a few of my fellow critical thinkers, which you folks like to call “Liberals” in a pejorative context (I’ll wait while you look up the definition of pejorative), have already smacked you down plenty.

          • Tom Tait

            Oh you mean the ones that George Bush started after 9-11? Are those the two you are referring to? Try again…..

          • Jacob Chacko

            The wars were way over 3.675B. More like an estimated trillion a year. I’d rather spend on aid than murder, just sayin.

          • Cliff

            You might wanna check your Republican math, decimal point-wise, before you flap your Republican jaws.
            Also check out how your hero Ronald Reagan also budgeted larger deficits than any previous prez. You are a hypocrite, plain and simple.

          • ecwagner

            Debt? Go back and look at what Ronnie Raygun did to the National Debt. He’s the one that started the fall of the middle class. The military industrial complex was the benefactor. He tripled the National Debt and when he left office, his administration had spent three times more than all the Presidents combined from 1789 to 1980. We had a projected surplus in the deficit when Bill Clinton left office which was turned around by Bush Co. During the Bush era, everything having to do with the WAR ON TERROR was done by continuing resolution and not placed in the Administration’s Budget. $3.675 Billion for two wars? Hell, when Bush was in office, we spent $300 Billion a month on his freaking wars (to make his cronies rich). Crack a book or look at some non partisan sources for your information. Stop getting your “facts” from FAUX NEWS

          • Jasef

            Like I said, fuck off you lying sack of shit

          • Mark F. Walker

            Good stuff…!

          • Max Wilkins

            I agree, XxLR_JORDANxX. Much of our country’s problems were caused by Republicans.They never even let the American Jobs Act come up for discussion in Congress, and it would have provided so many jobs. And no one gives President Obama credit for reducing our deficit by two-thirds, either. I really take offense to the term Godless left. My family, and many, many other Democratic families are religious and practice their faith, the same as Republicans, although it shouldn’t matter what a person’s beliefs are in that regard. We are all Americans. There is just so much wrong with decord’s comments, on so many levels. Wow.

          • BPZ427

            right-wingers only have fiction to argue the facts.

          • James C Smith

            Stop reading or listening to Obama he lives in a fantasy world and it you believe anything he has to say than I guess you think Hillary is the most honest person in the world The debt is large also because of his give away plans Money to support illegals, the so called poor Muslims from Syria we have to pay for Increase in welfare and food stamps and now we are going to pay for internet on their free phones Yea you sound like him still blame Bush I guess it was his fault when the Iranians took our guys I guess it is Bush’s fault that we kiss Iran and Cuba ass and give and get nothing in return

          • james crawford

            As another vet, I’m proud to say I agree with your solid assessment of the situation.

          • Jasef

            I don’t believe in free speech that hurts people and as a veteran I would not die to defend this assholes right to lie so prolifically and blatantly. fuck him/her

        • rmarqua2921

          What country you live in? I have a great confidence in the USA! Are we perfect, NO! Do we have problems that need to be solved, YES! I think it is time people like you need to start searching for a new country! You and your ilk seem to forget where the economy was in 2008! Go back check the newspapers! THAT IS WHAT WE GOT FOR 8 YEARS OF THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN CHARGE! Wages in this country may not be rising as fast as we want, but they are rising! The unemployment rate in this country has dropped dramatically since the Bush years! How many of those trillions were the result of all the Republicans wars we had to deal with, and now they want a war with Iran! And in regard to morality! You and your ilk are the biggest morality problem with all your hate! I gladly put my faith in the Democrats! As long as you Republicans send out men to war, I will fight that we take care of our veterans! The easiest way to stop all these health costs is to STOP YOUR WARS, STOP YOUR HATE!

        • veronica Alleyne

          just because you’re superstitious, doesn’t mean everyone else has to be also, you can go stuff that god thing

        • syl1969

          Uh, get your facts straight – all that crap began with Dummy, the Republican “decider”… Democrats have been working for 6+ years to fix the mess. And it’s Repubs who constantly CUT school funding! Turn off FOX and READ, you idiot!

        • James Kelso

          why don’t you just move to, say North Korea, we would be glad to get rid of your lying ass

        • Riverside, CA

          If it is being spend in the country, WHY NOT?

        • $18 Trillion in Democratic debt…?? Methinks you drank too much Fox News Kool-Aid… the debt was at $14 Trillion before Obama ever sat down in the White House… would you like to quote any more lies…?? Like crediting Bush with getting Bin Laden…? Or the Death Panel doozy…??

        • Hiwolf

          Stick your twisted opinion where the sun don’t shine! Because it is based on Lying Repub talking points .. If students are suffering why do the Repubs . ( in all Fed. and state legislatures keep cutting teacher wages and education funds )? The nation would not burn if the police would try to wound a black child instead of just shooting to kill when the kid is carrying a TOY gun? Do not mention faith and morality … just compare the morality of Dems and Repubs in office …not enough difference to talk about and YOU cannot legislate morality or do you think all Repubs are born and mature in morality above everybody else /

        • Kerry Kugelman

          Slam the Dems on some other thread. The issue at hand is that veterans should receive the medical care *to which they are entitled by law.*

          Veterans, who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the rest of us, don’t pick and choose who to protect. Politicians should not pick and choose who will get the care and services promised to them at the time they enlist.

        • BPZ427

          your on some bad coolaid

        • james crawford

          You’re an idiot if you think the Democrats created $18 trillion in debt. As fare as the rest of that crap you are spewing, so much fantasy for the ill-informed. You must be one of those “dumber” ones.

        • Sea Kelp

          Democratic debt? LOL. This chit is phunnie!

        • Jasef

          Fu8ck off troll….nothing you say is true.

      • SofaKingDrunk

        As long as we continue to blame each other, instead of the people at fault, we’ll continue to be divided and end up with Trump or Clinton as president. Is that what you want? Because if so, you’re worse than any Republican I know (I honestly don’t know 1 that supports Trump, but I know a handful of Democrats that can’t (or won’t) see through Hillary’s BS).

    • olinross

      You probably heard Glenn Beck say that…….lol

    • Ray

      Republicans only care about Rich people. People need to open their eyes.

  • judyms9

    If the nation wants to have a military at all we cannot afford not to have veterans’ care. How many combat veterans are there in the Senate? Sessions would have been better off saying nothing at all than saying what he did.

    • Stanton

      The problem is is that the GOP views the military as being a big box of cannon fodder and rent-a-thugs. Those who survive past their expiration dates, as Senator Jeff so eloquently explains, are nothing more than annoying vermin who deserve to be ignored.

    • helzapoppn

      How many combat veterans? Not nearly enough. In the years after World War II, more than half the Congress had served. Now, not so much. And it shows, particularly with the Republicans’ ever-growing “Yellow Elephant Brigade.”

      • EverTheGreen

        That’s PINK Elephant brigade, or Chicken Hawks.

  • Nancy Wickman

    And he’s being talked about as a successor to Cantor. Eeew.

    • You’re thinking of Pete Sessions.

      • Nancy Wickman

        You’re right. Wrong Sessions.

        • Jay Dub

          Two peas in a pod, though! The mistake is understandable!

  • Bruce Norbeck

    Soldiers are awesome at election time when you need votes. Between elections, not so much. With that in mind, I guess someone forgot to tell Sessions that there’s an election this year, & a good deal of veterans in his home state.

    • anthonyadams

      Sessions and his like may cause the GOP to lose the military/veteran vote. Hell, the Republicans have tossed everyone else in their shitter.

      • ecwagner

        Sorry to tell you, but Sessions has run unopposed for several terms in Alabama now. He was elected into his current term in 2014.

  • hoodlum11

    well, why don’t we give ole’ Jeffery the chance to carry an m-16 or m-4 around the hills of Afghanistan or the deserts of Iraq. Let’s see if his opinion changes. What a great guy, he’s just a little brain dead. I would suggest people read Major General Smedley Butler. He was the Major General of the United States Marine Corp after WWI. Interesting man.

    • Jay Dub

      Or better yet, while he is insisting that Obama is the one that screwed up Iraq, let’s send Session’s kids and grand kids back there first to scope things out!
      He’s not a patriot… far from it!

  • The Chocolate Chips

    Republicans are jaw droppingly terrible.

  • pfair143

    Said the party who charged America 24 billion for an immigrant to read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor.

    • Frank Scolaro

      Excellent point.

  • Chris Korb

    I am a Vietnam era veteran of the Womens Army Corp. First question did Mr. Sessions serve? if not why? or was he one of those that treated us so despicably when we served? Second question what makes YOUR entitlements given to you when you became senator more important? If this country can afford to pay you your salaries AND your benefits then it sure as Hell can afford to pay for mine!

    • He was in the Army Reserve in the 70s.

      • BillStewart2012

        “In the Army Reserve in the 70s” means “Got out of going to Vietnam.” Which I’m just fine with, because I would have done Conscientious Objector to stay out of that evil stupid war if I hadn’t gotten a good lottery number, but he doesn’t get to give money to the Pentagon if he doesn’t take care of veterans.

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  • J. Crew

    what do you expect? Republicans. I don’t know how any veteran can vote for them.

    • anthonyadams

      The only reason the GOP voted for the veterans bills is that they think that will make them heroes in the vets and military eyes and they’ll get out votes. Bullshit! We veterans remember their vote against our healthcare and their bill to cut VA healthcare and pension benefits by 52% so they can give more tax cuts to the rich. These clowns can’t serve on any battlefield as they would fall victim to friendly fire (in Vietnam, know as fragging).

      • J. Crew

        Yes. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t really realize as you do, and they still vote Republican. All the GOP does is vote against veterans time and time again. A lot of education needs to happen, so that vets do not continue to vote against their own best interests.

  • dougmeeks

    This is a half truth, he was trying to make them pay for it with existing funds and not more deficit spending which in this case was agiansrt the law but it is weasy to do no research and say Congress SUX that way you don’t have to use your brain.

    • judyms9

      Gee, Bush/Cheney managed to put two wars on a charge card, but you’d not do the same for those who actually fought the wars? And Bush/Cheney get pensions on the charge card. What’s wrong with this picture?

      • dougmeeks

        Uh, the point was (as always) the media trying to manipulate a story to their own political leanings. Accuracy in the media should be a concern for anyone but zealots.

  • Steve Anderson

    Hey Senator Chickenhawk, Those veterans offered you a blank check with their lives…

  • anthonyadams

    As a combat vet of Vietnam who killed people and shed my blood so this asshole could live the good life, I’d like to get him alone for what we used to call “wall to wall counseling.” I can always blame me beating the shit out of sonofabitch on my PTSD that I still live with – 43 damned years later.

  • Jim Wetherell

    What is pathetic is that he keeps getting re elected, maybe they should disqualify all Alabama veterans from all benefits, then we will see if they re elect him.

    • randalltx

      I don’t deny Veterans the benefits the EARNED; even if they are stupid Republicans or from a useless southern state.

  • HoldenLitgo

    Aggressively stupid.

  • Michael Vittitow

    They are all liars! If we can afford billions in corporate welfare to companies raking in Billions in profits, then we can afford to provide for Veterans and fix Social Security.

  • labman57

    So providing for the health and welfare of military veterans is an extravagance, an “entitlement” that the nation cannot afford — but subsidizing the fossil fuel and tobacco industries is essential.

    Got it.

  • BillStewart2012

    If the Pentagon isn’t going to take care of the veterans they already have, they don’t get to have any more of them. If nobody’s trying to invade your country, taking care of the veterans from the times you’ve invade other countries takes priority over new weapons and hiring new soldiers.

  • 3monkeys

    Again….these people voted for more money to build additional fighter jets. Gave the DOD/military even more money than they wanted and he has the balls to say caring for vets is an entitlement we can’t afford? He is a disgrace to America. Two vets and one active duty in my family and I couldn’t be more disgusted…..Absolute scum.

  • Sig.

    Mr Sessions. You are a true piece of shit. If you can’t afford to look after the people you put in harms way, you can’t afford – or deserve them to begin with. I would ask fellow brothers in arms to never regret serving their country, but only regret that such as you represent some of it’s people.

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  • patrick

    This republican jerkoff obviously never served in the military. Probably too chickenshit.

  • Jim Mooney

    Yet Republicans are the same scumbags who rant for war, and vote for war, in vasts numbers. If you don’t want to foot the bill, don’t start the $#@! war.

  • DesertSun59

    This is all about privatization. It has nothing to do with the cost of the VA.

  • detcord

    Sessions is right. Fixing the VA does NOT mean throwing money at it. These incompetent civil servants running it already waste BILLIONS. The Senior Executive Service (SES) managers are inept little crybabies thinking of nothing but getting their bonuses. Fire this bunch of zero-military experience dimwits and get some retired Vets in there to actually manage the CARE for our vets.

  • pattersonsm

    Anyone ever wonder where all the money went that helped the thousands of WW2 veterans, Vietnam veterans, Korean veterans, a lot of whom have passed, shouldn’t that money still be available for the healthcare of our Gulf War Veterans Retiree’s. Where does that money go once someone dies? Into a big defense contract, Halliburton or some other company that would pick the pockets of veterans to ensure their CEO gets his hundreds of millions of dollars? Now they are tell the few Gulf Veterans and their families we can no longer afford you, I am calling Bullshit on that one.

  • KK Will

    Congress should not fund VA CARE after the fact as an entitlement rather WARS should be funded as MANDATORY part of the budget before we go. No funds for VA care when they return, no funds to leave our soil for WAR. Make it MANDATORY!

  • Royal Richardson

    Providing healthcare for our part time congressman is something the nation can not afford!

  • Mark F. Walker

    SMH. They want that military budget increased, though. So they want all the money to FIGHT the wars, but when the soldiers they sent come back mentally and physically broken, well, thanks for your service, Mr/Ms. Fodder, but we can’t afford to get you whole again…

  • rich714

    Well we are talking about the south after all i am of the mind that we should have fenced out the south after Richmond burned down. Like we have done to ever vanquished foe in history. if we did then we would not have the problems we have now. They could have peddle there hate to Mexico or some place south anypalce than here

  • Guest

    Yet this INGRATE Senator has NO problem with the tax payers footing the bill for his healthcare.

  • Radarlock

    One of these days you are not going to find anybody to defend the freedom you so highly regard, Senator.

  • Fran Miller

    He should get his withered ass on the line when the Republicans and Israel send our young people into Iran. Be first in line Jeff Sessions, you scumbag.

  • Jose Pons

    This bag of crap is the entitlement we do not need. Nut cases like these are ruining this Nation.

  • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

    GOP Senator Jeff Sessions thinks providing healthcare to veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford.

    Well Mr. Sessions, your tenure in the Senate is an “entitlement” that we Americans can no longer afford!!!

  • OUR12

    If you think we can’t afford healthcare for vets, don’t send them to war.

  • hrholmes

    Well vets do ‘volunteer’ to join the military and the majority of them tend to vote repubelieklan so they probably should not be entitled to much in the way of health care since it was all their choices,

  • John Carter

    Jeffy is dumb as a bag of hammers.

  • Ray

    And these are the people that idiot vote for Republicans.

  • Disposal mind

    Yet he was probably all gung ho to send these same veterans off to wars that Bush/Cheney invented. I’ve seen this Sessions dick on CSPAN, if I ever met him in person I’d kick his ass so hard his nose would bleed.

  • slickwilly43

    Sessions comment: can’t afford to care for our veterans: from a Senator whose lifve is ever in danger yet gets a lifetime pension and health care paid for by taxpayers.

  • Sideswiper

    Why should anybody fight for a country that doesn’t follow up on their healthcare?

  • Larry Marina

    As a disabled veteran, I guarantee that I will never vote Republican the rest of my life.

  • Robyn Ryan

    As a reitred, 100% disabled vet,I want to rip his smug face off and feed it to pigs.

  • Steven Morris

    Im sure the Congress will go without their overpriced medical benefits to insure at least 535 of injured returning vets get proper care. In other words PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS AND QUIT BLOWING SMOKE UP OUR ASS

  • Disposal mind

    Yet he was probably all gung ho to send these same veterans off to wars that Bush/Cheney invented. I’ve seen this Sessions dick on CSPAN, if I ever met him in person I’d kick his ass so hard his nose would bleed.

  • PAUL

    I wonder what kind health care this azzhole gets ……Members of Congress receive retirement and health benefits under the same plans available to other federal employees. They become vested after five years of full participation. I wonder what kind of PAY this red teabag gets…….Senate Majority Party Leader – $193,400
    Minority Party Leader – $193,400 , but now this idiot wants to cut the veterans off who fight , have fought and died for this country. I THINK
    that providing healthcare to Rich red teabag Republicans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford either. >>>>>

  • Mikey 444

    we could do it easily if the GOP a holes would raise the tax rates on multi millionaires/billionaires back to where Clinton had it.

  • wps

    ….eating popcorn.

  • Giantsfan

    If we can’t afford healthcare for veterans, we can’t afford war. End of debate.

  • Jo James

    I am thinking that Senators & Legislators should have to use the VA Medical facilities for their medical needs and have no special treatment because of who they are. Then we will see just how they like the waiting for medical treatment. I bet things would change then. Next time i see Jeff Sessions I am going to suggest this to him. He needs to be sent straight over to Syria to fight ISIS.

  • Ray Field

    Somebody slap this punk bitch, veterans don’t get entitlement anymore than people are citizens….. you have to earn the right to be a veteran… stand in front of a loaded gun… let somebody pull the trigger… stand in a mine field while some asshole calls the bomb with a phone….
    here’s the deal… every doctor at the VA has privileges at other hospitals…. the veteran can go see that doctor at one of the other hospitals… the doctor bills the va for services and gets 100% o the bill paid because ITS NOT INSURANCE…. ITS VETERANS BENEIFITS….. ITS AN INVOICE, NOT A BILL FOR CARE….. ITS NOT BLUE CROSS OR AETNA ITS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT VETERAN CARE…..

  • Daulton Pilcher

    The solution to this problem is simple. Stop sending our young men to war. We are NOT the world’s police. Downsize the bloated military budget, spend the money on the citizens of the United States.

  • Michael Casillas

    Maybe we could pay for it by eliminating all pensions for all members of Congress? Even if it would not cover all of it, it would be a good place to start.

  • riceski

    I feel strongly we’ve got to do the right thing for our veterans. But
    I don’t think we should create a blank check, an unlimited entitlement
    program, now.