Michigan Republicans — May 28, 2014 at 3:54 pm

Terri Lynn Land faces reporters for the first time and earns the title of “The Michigan Embarrassment”


Terri Lynn Land in front of reporters makes deer in headlights look calm & intelligent

NOTE: This post has been updated HERE with video of Land’s faceplant at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

I was pondering Terri Lynn Land’s lack of public appearances recently and knew that she was not going to be able to avoid facing reporters this week at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island. Sure enough, today she faced a crowd of reporters and what transpired would be downright hilarious if this weren’t a woman running for the United States Senate.

Land was asked her opinion about “net neutrality”, the concept of keeping access to the internet fair by ensuring that all data on the internet is treated equally and that service providers aren’t allowed to discriminate or charge different users different fees. At its core, net neutrality encourages new innovations and entrepreneurs because new start-up companies compete on a level playing field with giant telecommunications companies with vastly greater resources.

Land’s answer? “I think the internet should be free.”

I’m not kidding:

“I think the Internet should be free,” Land said. “It is a great source of information. I’m on Twitter and a fan of Twitter. I think that’s a very important part of this. It’s a way to actually interact with the community.”

Asked to clarify her position, Land later explained that she was not proposing free national broadband access. “I think it’s important that the costs don’t go up so people can have access to the Internet,” she told reporters.

According to Gongwer New Service’s reporting, the exchange was even dumber than this reveals:

Reporter: When you said that you think the Internet should be free are you talking about broadband infrastructure free access nationwide?

Land: Right, right.

Reporter: So you think that if you were in the Senate you would push for the creation of a nationwide broadband infrastructure with free access?

Land: No, no, no. We were talking about one specific item, there.

Reporter: Right, net neutrality, which is about access to faster Internet, not free Internet.

Land: Right. I think that … I think it’s important that the costs don’t go up so people can’t have access to the Internet, meaning that what he said, if it’s faster than they’re gonna charge more to the consumer.”

Net neutrality has been a huge topic of national discussion for several years now. But, apparently, Terri Lynn Land has been too busy working with the Koch brothers and the DeVos family to fund her campaign to actually pick up a damn newspaper and keep up with the major political discussions happening across our country.

It appears that I have actually been giving Land way more credit than she deserves in terms of her level of competence. I figured she was dodging reporters to avoid giving her opponent anything to ding her on. As it turns out, she’s been avoiding the press because she was afraid of being revealed for the uninformed, unqualified, out-of-her-league, power-seeking politician that she is.

What is now painfully evident is that Terri Lynn Land is Michigan’s version of Sarah Palin. Land’s “I think the Internet should be free” comment is akin to Palin responding to the question “What newspapers do you read?” with the now infamous, “Um, all of them.”

I don’t have a problem with uneducated, uninformed, non-intellectual people, in general. What I DO have a problem with is them running for office, particularly a national office like the U.S. Senate. Terri Lynn Land isn’t just not ready for prime time, she’s an embarrassment to Michigan. What’s clear is that, the more she speaks in public, the wider the gap Gary Peters will open up between the two of them heading into November.

There was one more bit of proof from today of her status as The Michigan Embarrassment: her position on the federal government rescuing the auto industry during the Great Bush Recession. When asked about it today, she completely avoided the question:

Land, a Byron Center Republican, had defended presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s anti-bailout position two years ago and noted that GM had become known as “Government Motors.” She declined to revisit the topic Wednesday during a brief exchange with reporters, which she cut short following the forum.

“I’ve always supported auto workers,” Land said. “Detroit put Michigan on wheels. They’re the backbone of our economy here in Michigan. It’s great that the autos are doing well. I support the autos, and what I want to do is go down to Washington D.C. and make sure we have a competitive environment here in Michigan and that you don’t over-regulate, you don’t overtax and you don’t over-burden Michigan families.”

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson’s response was spot on. “We’ve got hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line,” he said. “You’re a candidate for the U.S. Senate seeking to replace Sen. Carl Levin, and you would not have supported the auto rescue? That speaks volumes.”

Terri Lynn Land is an embarrassment. The Michigan Embarrassment.

  • Brainwrap

    Here’s what I don’t understand about Land: While she had some pretty slimy *policies* as SoS, by most accounts the SoS *department* seemed to run reasonably well throughout her 8-year tenure (I’m referring to the day-to-day stuff…license plate renewals, document notarizations, that sort of thing).

    So, if she’s this utterly clueless, what did she actually *do* all that time? Did she simply take a “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach and sit quietly in her office for 8 years, leaving it up to the SoS career employees to actually, you know, do stuff or what?

    • I would imagine so. The person in charge of a state department generally doesn’t get to make major policy changes, etc. Their job is to go before the legislature to justify their budget request, make public appearances, and sign on the dotted line when required. Most of the day-to-day responsibilities are handled by civil service people. It’s nice if the person “in charge” is actually competent and intelligent, but it’s not a requirement.

    • judyms9

      That’s pretty much what she did, all right. Oddly enough government agencies are staffed with the same kinds of people who work in the private sector so many of them are equally conscientious and actually know what they are doing, just like in the private sector. Land has no substantial record to point to from her tenure as SOS. Neither do most state department heads which is why the public barely knows who they are. They delegate the work and hope for the best. For most of us the SOS is the person across the counter from us when we go to get our license renewed; TLL was just a name there. Land benefited from the work done by Candice Miller who was SOS when that agency transitioned to the digital world.

    • Randy Burbach

      She inherited a SOS office that had been heavily, and effectively, restructured by her predecessor, Candice Miller. As far as I can tell, all she did was maintain the status quo.

    • Votekeeper

      Right, she did almost nothing while SOS, and she utterly failed to make Michigan’s election system, laws, or driver licensing system keep up with the times. Now we have an obsolete voter data system that is running on a 19 year old Oracle platform. The driver license data run on an even older platform, and the communication between the two for “motor voter” applications takes a two-night batch process. That is why you should register to vote at your local Clerk’s office, NOT at the SOS, because all kinds of stuff can go wrong and your Clerk may never get your app from them. If your signature is your identity on your DL and for voting, why are we capturing it on a 72 dpi scanner that produces an almost unreadable image? Why do we still not have “no reason absentee voting” (voting by mail)? Why don’t we have election day voter registration like 18 other states? Because Land was too lazy to get her Party to do anything. Why are we stuck with 8,000 unreliable, aging test score scanners to count our votes? Because Land rigged the State’s 2003 purchase for her favorite vendor, using federal HAVA money, and never bothered to study whether these insecure machines could even count votes accurately. (Turns out they do not.)

      • hippie1367

        Why would GOPer filth ever want more people voting easier?

  • Patti

    Her first interview and she failed. Big Time Fail. And the reason is she didn’t have Devos, Koch, and the Mackinac Center loons writing her script so she didn’t know what to say. Land is an extremist. She supports RTW for less which is bad for auto workers and all workers, she supports personhood which defines life as beginning at conception which will make not only abortion illegal but will make birth control illegal. These are huge issues with Michigan voters. And Land is on the wrong side of both. She’s a Romney/Snyder clone. Vote Blue 2014 and elect Gary Peters and Mark Schauer and the Democratic slate.

    • ud106c

      Vote Blue 2014 and elect Gary Peters and Mark Schauer and the Democratic slate.

      That goes for you, too, Purity Left; you all better vote this year. Did you learn your lesson in 2010, or do you need to “teach Obama a lesson” again?

  • josh80

    Wow, that was downright Palin-esque.

  • catasetumkid

    Someone – not me! Posted this on the Freep discussion about Land today. A woman had problems with a car repair shop. This is what she thinks of Land:

    “I had forged documents and those of us who were ripped off
    got together collectively. She was too busy campaigning for others in
    her party to help any of us. She couldn’t be bothered with any of us.
    This particular shop had plenty of complaints, yet she never took the
    time to look at the forged documents we sent, the number of times they
    kept running our debit cards, the repairs we were charged for that were
    not authorized, and the extortion we all went through just to get our
    cars back, without the repairs that we authorized. I took my ’55
    Cadillac in for a brake job and valve cover gaskets. It had 44,000
    miles on it, and they forged an invoice and had the engine rebuilt.
    That wasn’t necessary, nor did I authorize it. The car was leaking more
    oil after the unauthorized engine rebuild. Sorry, that was against
    the law, and she was too busy politicking to do her job. Granted, she
    was nearing the end of her term, but she could have given the evidence
    we all sent to Ruth Johnson and had her take care of it. Sorry, she
    wasn’t fulfilling her obligation of office, and the company continued to
    rip others off because they got away with fraud. They knew they could
    get away with it. When a group of people have a whole lot of evidence
    of fraud, it should be looked into, she may have helped some people, but
    I found her office selectively meted out justice. I sued them in court
    and I won. If a judge can find all the violations of the law, then why
    couldn’t she. The judge even asked us if we had filed a complaint with
    her office, and we all had. He was disgusted when we told him we
    received no help from her office. She never contacted any of us to
    respond to our complaints and when we contacted her office for
    information under the FOIA, we were all told we had to pay $250.00 in
    order to get it. I know those of us who were ripped off won’t be voting
    for her. You can’t pick and choose what laws you feel like enforcing,
    and who you decide to make whole, and that is exactly what her office
    did to us.”

    • Damn…

    • judyms9

      And it’s Land’s party that that does the most bloviating about “waste, fraud, and abuse” in government when it’s often they themselves who set the stage for it. I hope you will forward your account of this experience to Gary Peters.

      • catasetumkid

        Not my experience, someone else’s that wrote into the Freep – but I will forward it to him.

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  • hippie1367

    Her ads are: 1) I have a vagina so I can’t be against women or 2) Not so inept as to preclude her grandparents from letting her run a trailer park.

  • hippie1367

    Yeah free internet! The woman is an idiot.

  • hippie1367

    The headline is very insulting to deer – which are charming and lovely creatures – and much more intelligent than Land

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