Affordable Care Act, Obamacare — May 29, 2014

Survey shows the newly enrolled are happy about their health insurance


And why shouldn’t they be? They’re getting the care they need at a price they can afford.

A national survey conducted by PerryUndem for Enroll America provides some of the first insights into how people who got covered during the first Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period feel about their new insurance.

Not surprisingly, they feel pretty darn good. Just check out this infographic created by Get Covered America, a national campaign of Enroll America (click on the image to enlarge):

Among the highlights:

  • The newly enrolled are four times more likely to say they are happy with their coverage than unhappy — 41% compared to 11%.
  • 74% of new enrollees were very or somewhat confident they would be able to pay their premiums moving forward.
  • The feeling that best expresses how the newly enrolled feel about having health insurance is “relieved.”
  • 56% of the newly enrolled believe their plan has enough doctors and providers to choose from; only 13% feel there are not enough doctors.

You can read more about the survey results HERE.

Here’s what Erin Knott, Michigan state director of Get Covered America, had to say about the survey results.

Throughout the first open enrollment period and the months that preceded it, Enroll America staff and volunteers were laser-focused on cutting through the political noise and getting consumers the facts. When consumers learned of these facts, they were eager to enroll. We are thrilled, yet not surprised, that survey results we recently released ​indicate that consumers are four times more likely to be happy than unhappy with their new coverage. This only strengthens our resolve to shrink the knowledge gap and mobilize even more consumers to take advantage of the new quality health coverage options.

Although Republicans like Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg continue hunting for “horror stories” about the ACA, or Obamacare, they’re coming up empty-handed.

Earlier this month, Congressman Walberg spoke with physicians at the University of Michigan Family Practice Clinic at the Chelsea Health Center, according to the Chelsea Standard.

Walberg asked about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the center and the physicians responded that with the expansion of Medicaid [under the ACA] more people are coming to the practice instead of the emergency room. With improved access to health care, the new patients are getting better care for improved health.

‘We have found the volume at the free clinic diminishing,’ Eric Skye, associate chair for Educational Programs, said. ‘The populations we serve are getting access either through Medicaid expansion or through the exchanges.’

Doctors and patients agree: Getting covered is good for your health — and your physical, emotional and financial well-being.

  • judyms9

    This is a government-designed program that is proving to do what it set out to do the same way that Social Security and Medicare set out to provide minimal maintenance for the elderly and disabled who supported the programs during their working lives. It is especially noteworthy that according to the New York Times last Sunday more health insurance providers–the ones that hesitated initially–are planning to join the exchanges in 2015.
    Mr. Walberg will just have to stew and grouse about the myriad of manufactured scandals his party has engineered, but he will be silent on the biggest scandal of all: the smell of a rotting corpselike congress, the real zombie apocalypse.

    • disqusux

      I hope one day the US can enjoy single payer health insurance like the rest of the modern world. What is a nation if not its people?

      • ParisianLady45

        Random comment but oh well. A liar like you needs to read truth somewhere.

        You lie about people daily.
        You cover up lies from people whom you choose to like
        You obsess over the slandering of Bristol Palin , a good mother as everyone who KNOWS her and Tripp knows.

        You ignore how Democrats used Levi’s name to pen a hugely fictional book that actually does not put him in a good light. At all. Not even referencing the clearly manipulative lies either.

        You ignore his sister has some pretty big personal problems, has obsessions with celebrity, says she is good friends with famous people, is not close to her inlaws, has called multiple exes hubby after just a few weeks, is obsessed with her Louis Vuitton room designs and at least 20k designer goods. (Actually, that is kind of a small town. Britta shops every time she leaves Alaska because she’s a “desperate Alaskan girl.” Designer goods are not bad. Mercedes has said she “owns everything in the mall” before she started working. You would have to know all this as you are the biggest, creepiest stalker. Or you read blogger Allison’s post questioning where Mercede gets ALL her crap despite not working. She once said Levi’s favorite designer was Armani and bought him diamond encrusted things.

        No, this doesn’t matter. But the fact that you falsely project these things onto other people, whom you also do not personally know makes you a hypocrite and malicious person. Kind of like how you ignore Sunny’s numerous pics of her daughter in a bath, knowing it has the potential to reach hundreds….

        What does Keith think about Levi and his longtime hunting buddy ending their close relationship? Or Sunny’s loss of friends due to her facade” put on for strangers and “bulls*t.” One actually named Karen H, a known Palin liar and trash talker who manipulates Sunny or used to. It is no secret that Levibots were mocked by Mercede’s friends years ago. Mercedes moved on and doesn’t kiss their asses anymore despite knowing they aren’t ethical. She’s grown up. Why don’t you and your friends?

        These people do not deserve to have unethical liberals use them, create fictional lives for them (both Levi and Bristol) or stalk them, despite Sunny’s super public sites. Their friends do not deserve to be stalked. Who cares that Bristol and Shelby are crackerjack bowlers and have fun with their kids. They are mothers first. Always have been. Sarah’s mentioned Tripp once in a SPC video, when she and him made moose hotdogs after he requested when they got home from school.

        Time to grow up and leave the double standards.

        Don’t continue messing with people’s live when it’s people like you who made things VERY difficult for Levi, i.e. made him the biggest liar out of spite and politics.

        I hope you’ll consider all this.

      • ParisianLady45

        But about health care. Sure it’d be great for all Americans to not stress about it. I’ve supplied my own because I’m an independent contractor who travels frequently. But I’ve never been without. If I can afford it since age 20, most can. All about choices.

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