Obamacare — April 12, 2014 at 11:50 am

This is a fantastic pro-Obamacare ad — why aren’t there a thousand like it?


BREAKING: 14 to 20.3 million Americans gaining health insurance may be a good thing

Since news broke that enrollments in the Obamacare exchanges had broken 7 million, there has been a steady stream of positive indications for the law.

Signups in the exchanges continue at impressive pace as the deadline to complete applications nears. Medicaid expansion is taking off in Michigan and will continue all year long. But the best news is this new ad from a Super PAC supporting Alaska senator Mark Begich that makes the most effective case for the law — it ends discrimination against people who’ve gotten sick.

This is an effective message because you know who gets sick? Everyone, eventually.

Mark Begich Obamacare ad

The bad news is we likely won’t be seeing many ads like this from candidates as Democrats in close elections recognize that the enthusiasm is on the side of repeal, which is less popular than the law nationally but gospel among the GOP base.

Going on the offense, which is always the right strategy, is more challenging when you’re afraid your only inflaming the people most likely to vote in a low-turn out election.

However, there is a huge opportunity for outside groups and supporters of the law to flood the internet with these kinds of testimonials. Film a friend. Speak into a camera. I’m even thinking about how to fund a contest for the best homemade video.

The tide could be turning for this law and personal stories — along with stern indictments of the incredible cruelty of denying Medicaid expansion — could transform the political landscape. And there are signs the shift has already begun.

And though the approval of the law is only up 5 percent from Gallup’s all-time low in January, there’s been a sharp drop in people who say the law is making things worse for them.


The bungled roll out of Healthcare.gov aligned with purposely misleading cancellation notices mitigated what many Obamacare advocates saw as the law’s best hope for becoming popular: While about 85 percent of Americans would not be affected by the law, a vast majority of the 15 percent who were would find that they benefited from subsidies and Medicaid expansion. Then their family and friends would see that the law’s benefits could be life changing.

In advocates’ imagination, or at least my imagination, these testimonials combined with the benefits all Americans get — free preventative care, the consumer protections and promise you will never be denied coverage — would make the law a net positive in 2014. Then it would be on its way to be as engrained as Medicare and Social Security.

We are closer to that reality today that we have been in six months.

In the naive part of my brain, it’s still amazing to me that the fact that 14 to 20.3 million Americans, according to ACASignups.net, have gained health insurance because of the ACA isn’t widely considered a miracle. But the political environment we’re in feeds on the fear of falling out of the middle class that conservative politics has fostered.

Obamacare gives working people new freedom, new hope and new opportunities by making a fundamental — yet still imperfect — promise of basic health coverage. Now we just need the people who are benefiting from the law to explain how it’s working for them.

  • michael atlanta

    total bs because this a lie on Americans. Obama does not care about anyone but himself. Please 2016 come fast so I do not have to hear anymore lies from Obama…

    • You funny.

      • Susan Dailey

        Hope he likes Hillary better…and we can only expect that the President’s post term accomplishments will rival those of Jimmy Carter and Clinton…unlike a certain painter we could mention…

    • Mephisto


    • David Resley

      Don’t get out much, Michael? Please list your sources concerning your comment. If you’re having trouble with accepting what even the GOP accepts as fact, maybe YOU are the problem.

    • toncuz

      Healthcare costs are the greatest drag on the American economy. Since the ACA, healthcare costs are rising at their slowest pace in DECADES. No longer will we see the doubling and tripling of costs that the GOP wants us to return to. The ACA has put an end to that fiasco.

      This is really the greatest fear Republicans have…That voters will see proof that good government can do good things while profiteers and greed-meisters can be America’s worst enemies. Government simply cuts out the middle-man profiteer with his bloated “costs” that go back into healthcare instead of his yacht and mansion.

      While Obamacare is preventing bankruptcy in middle-class America, if not creating a stronger middle-class…the right-wing conservative approach of privatizing everything, like prisons, is proof of yet another disaster.

      This is the message progressives must send at every turn.

    • shawn_von_socialist


  • jaramil4

    Great ad. All the Democrats should go on the offensive like this.

  • catdad7

    enthusiasm is on the side of repeal,

    Says who? Want to go back to pre-existing conditions denial? Don’t see any riots over the street for a return to the old horrible system

    • kescad

      No, catdad7, that’s just fanaticism.


    Numbers are pulled from the air. What about the breakdown of the 7+ million? How many of those were actually sign-ups of people that didn’t previously have insurance? How many were from the people that lost their insurance late last year and now purchased more expensive plans with higher deductibles? Why all of the delays in the mandates? Why push every controversial mandate beyond the November elections of 2014 and some even past the Presidential elections of 2016?

    Answer some of those questions and I might take this author more seriously. Until then, LOLGOP is nothing more than a socialist bullhorn with his mouth on the Government gravy train.

    • bozolives

      “A socialist bullhorn with his mouth on the government gravy train”?

      Troll much?

    • The biggest mouths on the Government gravy train are … “conservative” states. They’re the ones with the most people on food stamps (who also happen to be white), the ones taking the most in government jobs, road money, and benefiting the heck out of various other services. The “liberal” states are the ones paying the freight.

      • winger

        I didn’t know that California and Maine (Numbers one and two) were conservative states.

        • As a percentage, doofus. Also, you might note that Maine has a Republican governor. Tea Party favorite, in fact.

  • spindog

    more liberal spin cycle politics, I wonder if they will interview the middle class working slobs that have to pay for this BS?…Love the statement “Healthcare costs are the greatest drag on the American economy. Since
    the ACA, healthcare costs are rising at their slowest pace in DECADES.”

    What a clown! Commiecare is not even in effect yet..what liberal crap.

    • BillW

      I see why the call you spindog – ‘cuz all you do is spin like a dog.

      ACA is indeed in effect, and I bought more insurance for less – and I was close to being priced out of the market with Medicare almost 10 years away.

      Moreover, before ACA passed, GM was starting to move jobs to Ontario because it was *cheaper to pay taxes in Ontario* to cover health care than it was to buy health care in this country.

      • kescad

        Actually, “Commiecare” would be closer to the old system of the uninsured having to use the emergency room @ taxpayer expense (of course, that’s not actually communism either, but there’s really no point in trying to explain that to a right winger.)

        • spindog

          So now they’re getting insurance..at taxpayer expense, great idea…….

      • spindog

        any chance of YOU moving to Canada? someone else I won’t have to pay for

    • jaramil4

      I’m thrilled as my kids who are both too old to be on our insurance and don’t get insurance through their employment now have insurance at a reasonable rate. Before this, we just had to hope nothing ever happened to them

      • spindog

        Good, please send me a check as I’m paying for them, next time, if you can’t afford kids, don’t have them thanks for playing

  • cohones

    Why would anyone believe anything coming out of this lying adminstration,he lost crediablity a long time ago,besides let’s talk about the other side of the coin,the one where millions of Americans that work and actually pay taxes can no longer afford this so called good thing,this is only a good thing if you don’t make much money where you are subsidized by us taxpayers.