Terri Lynn Land, War on Women — April 22, 2014 at 1:11 pm

Terri Lynn Land Wants to Remind Us She Doesn’t Support Equal Pay


Terri Lynn Land apparently thinks we didn’t spend enough time talking about her record on equal pay over the last couple of weeks, so she’s airing a snarky ad defending herself.

So let’s talk about it again. For the record, Terri Lynn Land does not support improving our equal pay protections. Gary Peters does. Even though she wants being a woman (and her apparently decent record as an employer of women) to insulate her from attacks here, the fight about equal pay is a legitimate policy disagreement and one that women (and men) in Michigan are entitled to hear the candidates address.

The problem for Land about having that conversation is that public opinion is against her. For example, a poll by Lake Research found 84% support for expanding equal pay protections. Even so, she is not helping herself by bringing up the issue again in this way. She should either “evolve” on the issue to match her constituents’ views, or explain her position and her record and trust Michigan voters to make a decision for themselves. And if she can’t do either of those things, she would be better off to stop talking about it.

  • Someone needs to let Nolan Finley know his candidate is milking the vagina business. He’s gonna wanna know.


    • bozolives


  • judyms9

    I hope the Land campaign shows this ad often because it captures the truly smug, self-satisfied posture of her and her party. She may have been better off keeping her silence. There’s a major miscalculation in her condescension to Peters as she attempts to appear manly in her defense of her knowledge of women. This won’t win her a single vote that she didn’t already have from her party’s locksteppers.

  • LadyBligh

    When I saw the ad it made me think of the “I’m not a witch” ads from Christine (?) Whatsername. All she did was remind people of the attacks made against her, which is incredibly dumb.

  • Carolyn 4444

    When I first saw her ad this afternoon, I about fell out of my chair! What a condescending attitude not toward Gary Peters, but toward us as voters! She’s going to give me a “moment” to think about it? I grant you that Land is female, but a woman? Give me a moment!

  • Marty Townsend

    I love this ad. It shows us exactly what she will do if elected to this office – nothing. This is probably the most telling political ad produced in many years. As a female, I do appreciate flexibility, but I prefer pay equality – I can adjust my child care needs to suit a less flexible schedule, and I would much rather do that then adjust to living in a smaller apartment in a worse neighborhood with less food in my cupboards.

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