BWAHAHAHA!!! Republican Governors Association attacks Mark Schauer over bill Gov. Snyder extended in 2011


I don’t know what happened here. Maybe Republican Governors Association Vice Chair Chris Christie is too busy dealing with his George Washington Bridgegate problem to be doing his job.

This morning, the RGA released another attack video on Mark Schauer for supporting a bill that required criminal background checks for nursing home employees, paid for by a small fee on nursing homes of $2.77 per bed daily. The program is known as the nursing home Quality Assurance Assessment Program.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the thing: the original bill was passed with bipartisan support in 2002 and signed into law by Repubilican governor John Engler. It was supposed to sunset in 2011 but a bill extending it until 2015 was passed by the legislature, again with bipartisan support, and signed into law by none other than Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

H.B. 4734, sponsored by state Rep. Matt Lori, amends the public health code to delay the sunset date on the nursing home Quality Assurance Assessment Program from Oct. 1, 2011 to Oct. 1, 2015. Delaying the sunset was included as part of the governor’s Fiscal Year 2012-13 budget proposal. By continuing the assessment, the state receives more in federal matching Medicaid funds than what is paid out by nursing homes. These funds are then directed to nursing homes in Michigan that provide Medicaid services. The bill is now P.A. 144.

Hell, the bill was even introduced by a Republican!!! LOLZ.

So, they are attacking Mark Schauer over a law he supported 12 years ago and was extended just three years ago by a REPUBLICAN governor via a bill introduced by a Republican legislator.

The mind it boggles, the hypocrisy it reeks.

Oh, and can I just say that their “the shower is over” tagline is one of the worst political marketing moves ever made? When you’re running against a candidate who is working hard to expand his name recognition, mentioning his name in the tagline of EVERY SINGLE AD is unbelievably stupid. Then again, these are Republicans we’re talking about.

  • Patti

    We will GOTV and send Snyder packing. He’s a terrible governor. He raised taxes and fees on the middle class so he could give tax breaks to his cronies in crime – Devos, Koch, and the Mackinac Center types. Vote Blue 2014.

  • js121

    Typical Heritage Fdn strategy…..blame everything they do on anyone else BUT themselves….they know their followers will believe it no matter what FACTS say. That’s too bad cause Schauer will be blamed.

  • Kirk

    So is it a bad bill? Most people dont even know the bill exists

  • Jack Wilson

    Are the VanAndel’s still in cahoots with the DeVos gang?

  • Scott U

    I’ve often said that if Republicans don’t have anything legit on which to attack Democrats, they’ll make things up. That’s how they roll.
    I didn’t realize they’d show such desperation so early, though.

  • judyms9

    I hope Schauer will counter by acknowledging his support of the bill because it provided safeguards for the elderly and infirmed and upgraded the care professions, and then highlight that his so-called “wrong and expensive choice” was validated by both John Engler and Rick Snyder as well as members of both parties. It’s the only way to neutralize the wrong and expensive meme.

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  • 1Jester

    Well at least he’s not in bed with or running scared from addressing the Teachers union. About time something was done to curtail their power. Wyandotte MI average teachers salary 75k … for 9 months of 7 hour days (included an hour a day for ‘prep / grading’) sounds like a pretty good deal. Its all about the kids … rings pretty hollow when they protect the tenured bad apples. Run it like a business and pay for performance.

    • Brightside236

      $75K/year comes out to $2.31 per child per hour that this
      community pays its teachers. You pay your babysitter more than that and your
      babysitter doesn’t educate your child. Your teacher does educate your child,
      and also provides (out of her/his pocket) food when necessary, school supplies
      when necessary, parenting when necessary, etc. Not a bad deal in my book!

  • Judi Blueye

    If there are sexually motivated criminals changing your grandma’s diapers, then you would probably think such a bill is a good thing. If you think a fee per bed to pay to keep sexually motivated criminals from changing grandma’s diapers is outrageous, then the bill is a bad thing. But in reality, the vast majority of sexually motivated criminals are never prosecuted because prosecutors refuse to take cases to trial and try to plead everything out in order to save money and keep their win/loss records good for when they move into the private sector, then the bill probably does little to protect anyone. How do I know this? Because my family was a victim of a sexually motivated predator who never saw the inside of a courtroom. So there you go. Clear as mud. But what is very clear is that SnyderDeVosKochistan (Formerly known as Michigan) is no longer a place for the 99% to live.

    • I’m truly sorry for the pain your family must have experienced and probably still does.