Affordable Care Act, GOPocrisy — March 30, 2014 at 9:31 am

GOP activist in Koch-funded ad attacking Obamacare costs turned down cheaper coverage


The real Obamacare horror story for the GOP? It helps the people it’s supposed to help


A new ad featuring a Grand Rapids resident complaining that her new health insurance plan is “not affordable” due to Obamacare leaves out an important fact. Shannon Wendt turned down Medicaid coverage for family, according to posts she made on her Facebook wall.

The ad from Koch-backed “social welfare” non-profit Americans for Prosperity neglects to mention that the Wendt family could be enjoying nearly fully subsidized government insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Hmmm. Seems kind of important.

Wendt preferred her old plan and wanted to keep her family’s doctor, which are completely understandable desires. The promise that people can always keep the plan and doctor they want was’t true before or after the law passed. And Wendt has a point, this was a broken promise.

But even in a pre-Obamacare era, millions lost their coverage and their doctors. The number of uninsured Americans went up by 7.9 million under George W. Bush. And if Republicans have a plan where everyone can keep the plan and doctor they want forever, they should offer it now.

In defending the ad, Wendt — a Republican precinct delegate who has taken strident stands against Obamacare in the past — and AFP justify refusing to mention her family is eligible for Medicaid by parroting right talking points against the program that’s a crucial lifeline for millions of Americans.

A recent study in Oregon found that Medicaid recipients were better off both financially and mentally after brief periods of coverage.

On Facebook, Wednt said she didn’t feel that a family that earns as much as hers should qualify for Medicaid. A spokesperson for AFP said that family had not been happy with MICHild coverage they had for “a short time” in the past.

Medicaid could definitely be improved by increasing spending on the program so that reimbursement rates more closely resemble Medicare. Instead, the GOP is denying an expansion coverage to millions of working Americans and Paul Ryan’s budget includes huge cuts to Medicaid that would make the problems the right complains about far worse.

Wendt put her family in the Medicaid gap — a situation millions find themselves in unwillingly. Thus, she has to pay more to get coverage, by her choice. Families in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana and even Maine would be jealous of this predicament.

Wendt had a low premium, high deductible plan where costs could have skyrocketed out of control if someone in her family had gotten sick. (We can’t say this for sure as she hasn’t released the details of her old plan.)

Obamacare was designed to help families like Shannon Wendt’s. But she didn’t want it. AFP’s ad has to hide the truth to make a point Wendt’s story doesn’t justify.

This is the second ad to air in Michigan in as many months with a person with connections to the Republican partty who actually could benefit from the law posing as an Obamacare victim. Julie Boonstra will likely pay less to treat her cancer thanks to Obamacare, which could also help millions of cancer victims who weren’t lucky enough to have insurance get covered. Shannon Wendt has volunteered to pay more to protest Obamacare and she blames Obamacare for her protest.

Clearly, there are many people who have been put in uncomfortable positions because of the failed roll out of, which has now been fixed. And of Americans who lost their plans and had to get new ones, there may be a few million who have to pay more to get the guaranteed cover Obamacare offers.

But an upper-middle class person being asked to pay more for coverage that offers more consumer protections isn’t exactly a tragedy. The Kochs are using Republican activists to fake horror stories for a simple reason, they’re having a hard time finding actual horror stories.

In her commercial, Wendt laughably says that Obamacare is “destroying the middle class.” In reality, Obamacare — along with the earned income tax credit — is the only thing the government has done to push people into the middle class and keep them there since the 1960s.

Tens of millions of Americans are benefiting from Obamacare and Republican activists still hate it. Tell us something we don’t know, Koch brothers.

  • Imma Commenter

    So sick of the lies from the Koch brothers & the GOP.

    • michael48091

      Shannon Wendt, and Julie Boonstra are so Phoney

      • michael48091

        Boonstra’s Husband is a Snyder appointed GOP district judge. And she is also a proven liar

  • Rob Ert

    Am I the only one who can see that these people who appear on these anti-ACA ads have trouble “tearing up”? That’s because they got paid! Even if you are already connected to the GOP, a little extra cash is always helpful. Maybe even a few campaign “favors” would be beneficial also. If tax deductions were abolished for political contributions, a lot of this TV crap would disappear. One more thing- the “Roll Out”. The Roll Out would have been a lot better if it were a bi-partisan effort. The GOP is against America facing reality. I hope to God that people get out and vote in Nov. My wife and I cannot afford 4 more years of Snyderville.

    • LolitaP4

      I just made a contribution for Democrats that stated it was not tax deductible. Hmmm? Otherwise I like everything else you have stated here.

      • bryan

        If you had contributed to the AFP, it would have been tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

        Go figure.

      • Rob Ert

        Thank you for your support. I’m aware that not all political contributions are tax deductible, but I wish they all were. The contributions that are made by large corporations, fund raising groups, and to secret political “Super-Pacs”for the most part, are. I still can’t get that tear rolling face of that Tea Bag party woman out of my mind.(IRS) If all political contributions were not tax deductible, I may not have suffered that trauma.

  • bryan

    The conclusion to draw from the statements made so far suggest that, given a choice between making a political point (ACA is unconstitutional and destroying the middle class) and providing health insurance coverage for her children and family, this person chose to make the political point.

    That is her right. Others might choose differently.

    It would be useful for the script in the ad to say this, though. “I couldn’t stomach the idea that I would be a “welfare mom”. Better for my children to be uninsured than for me to apply for Medicaid or welfare….”

    Just as it would be useful for the cancer patient to say “I know I could save money on my cancer treatments with insurance under ACA. But I don’t want ACA to succeed. Better for me to be uninsured and unable to get the treatment I need than for me to accept the benefits of ACA….”

    Maybe that will be in the next ad.

    • LolitaP4

      There used to be a “truth in advertising” requirement before the 1970-80’s!

    • michael48091

      It is not her right to lie on tv trying to make it look like she is doing a PSA

    • michael48091

      because these people seem to have a much easier time lying, than they do telling the truth

    • michael48091

      if she doesn’t want to be a welfare mom, and turns down insurance that she qualifies for, then don’t show up at the ER when you get sick, and leave the bill for us to pay

  • Germaine Gebhard

    I doubt she is paying the ‘extra’ cost of her insurance herself. Instead of taking the Obamacare subsidy, she is probably taking the GOP/Koch subsidy to be their stooge.

    • michael48091

      pretty sure she got a sizable check from the AFP(otkb)..(americans for prosperity of the Koch Bros.)

      • michael48091

        for selling her soul

  • ForsettiJustice

    My three children were on MICHild for two years and the coverage was identical to the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan we had before. The care they received during this time was terrific. It seems she has a status issue with MICHild where she thinks it is for “those people” which of course she and her family don’t belong. Maybe she was embarrassed when she pulled out her MICHild card when she went to appointments. Boo frickin’ hoo. If she wants to pay more for insurance rather than swallow her ridiculous, unfounded pride, so be it. Just don’t participate in ads trying to discourage others from getting the care and help they need.

    • Michiganmitch

      In her crowd that card makes her a “taker” rather than a “maker”. IMHO, baggers get what they deserve.

      • michael48091

        in my crowd. getting on tv and lying makes her a POS

      • Progressive Republican

        Not often enough.

    • bryan

      Before 2014, MIChild was run under/by BCBS. However, Snyder pushed for (and got) BCBS recast as a mutual, and relieved it of its public requirements — including “insurer of last resort” and MIChild — because ACA would take care of that.

      BCBS was subsidizing MIChild; however, that ended when the legislature changed BCBS to a mutual. According to a Makinac Center article: “This [reduced reimbursements for MIChild patients] is connected with the change we [the legislature and Governor] made to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS) earlier this year that allowed them to convert to a mutual health insurance company,” [Sen. Bruce ]Caswell said. “As part of their societal responsibility, Blue Cross has been subsidizing the MiChild program. Now, apparently, that’s coming to an end.”

      Snyder bet on ACA filling the gap created when BCBS became a mutual. That’s why he was so adamant about expanding Medicaid — without that, the 37,000+ MIChild kids would be left in the gap.

      With BCBS now just another insurer with no societal responsibilities, what safety net there was is now gone — it’s the ACA or nothing for those kids.

      [Mackinac Center article:

  • Progressive Republican

    Truth is essential for progress; thus conservatism stands explained. If ya gotta lie to make yer case, just how good was it to begin with?

    • michael48091

      the article proves, Shannon Wendt was the one lying, maybe you didn’t understand the article

      • KarenJ

        I took what Progressive Republican said to mean, the policies and philosophies of conservatives like Shannon Wendt stand explained via that ad and earlier ones like the one featuring Julie Boonstra — and Cathy McMorris-Rodgers’ fake story about “Bette from Spokane” — all based on lies.

        • michael48091

          maybe I took it the wrong way, sorry Progressive Republican

          • Progressive Republican


        • Progressive Republican


  • John Sheridan

    The socialists running the country and the media, don’t understand nor appreciate people resentful of handouts.

  • skiph1

    oops there it is.

  • michael48091

    May she be stricken with an incurable, painful illness, then let her old insurance company cancel her when they decide they won’t make a profit from her

  • michael48091

    I wonder how much the Koch Bros. paid her for her ‘performance’?

    • michael48091

      how much did they pay her for her soul?

  • michael48091

    the next time she gets an STD, I hope they turn her away at the ER

  • michael48091

    there it is again, excuse me while I throw up

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  • kfreed

    So she’s willing to sacrific her family on the alter of corporate profit… for what again? That’s some strong Kool-Aid, teabaggers. Congrats, you’re officially in a cult.

    “MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck To Plot 2010 Election”

    So, do you know how to get someone to sacrific their family to the Koch Billionaires? Tell them, “God said”:

  • Janet Babin

    Here is a link to Shannon Wendt’s Facebook page. Write her and let you know what you think of her ad. She’ll probably refer you to her little op ed in the Washington Times like she did to me, but you can at least let her know how you feel.

    • Tammy Minton Haley

      thank you…i will! i live in michigan, and quite frankly, i’m sick of her face… :)

  • djc84

    If this thing sucks so bad it should be pretty easy to find many people with real problems that arent so easy to debunk. They just find more brainwashed liars who want it to fail instead of actually trying. The AFP should all be sued into bankruptcy including vermin like Shannon for defamation fraud or something. If a company was advertising a product with the same misinformation as what is being spread about Obamacare they would be sued and forced to stop running the ads.

  • James Hendrixs

    If you don’t bother vote, please don’t ask where the middle class went. Its disappearing faster than the polar ice caps!!!

  • ED S

    Why be completly honest when a lie will work just as well ??????
    In other words, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.

  • Tammy Minton Haley

    i live in michigan, and this ad runs several times a day…oh, isn’t she just so sweet-faced, and aren’t those kids just a “quiverful”?

    i’ve been telling everyone i know the truth about this woman–that she thinks her SweetWhiteAngels are too good for MedicAid…she has a “philosophical objection” to MedicAid…she is a GOP operative, not a blind-sided-by-ObamaCare mommy…

    why did the wendts have 5 children, when they obviously cannot afford them? isn’t that what a regressive would ask?

    • That’s a fine question but Democrats aren’t douchebaggy enough to ask it like tea partiers do.

      • Tammy Minton Haley

        i have no respect for this enemy of my nation…these teatards are hardly more than terrorists, threatening to hold the country hostage to their insanity…

        the more i learn about this particular teahadist, the angrier i become…

        i’m sick of them…

  • Jay

    It’s really hard to be sympathetic to the imagined plights of liars. As someone who supported a single payer system, however, I’ve got to thank Shannon Wendt and Julie Boonstra for actually making ACA a palatable option.

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