Impending “Plan Ahead for Your Abortion” law initiated by just 4.2% of Michigan voters is opposed by most Michigan voters

Sorta like gerrymandering, when you think of it

As I wrote about in my now-viral piece “Michigan about to require women to buy “rape insurance” based on petition signed by 4.2% of voters”, a new law will likely go into effect in the near future in Michigan that will require women to plan ahead for their abortions — even if they are the result of rape or incest or an accident — and buy a special rider if they want their health insurance to cover it.

Turns out that, despite the fact that a scant 4.2% of voters in Michigan are responsible for making this a law, more voters in Michigan oppose it than support it :

About 47 percent of likely voters oppose an effort by Right to Life of Michigan to ban insurers and employers from covering abortion procedures in basic health insurance plans, while 41 percent said they support the initiative and 13 percent were undecided, according to the poll, whose numbers were rounded up. The poll commissioned by the bipartisan public relations firm Lambert, Edwards & Associates had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

In a July poll, 50 percent of likely voters said they opposed the initiative, while 42 percent said they were in favor of requiring women to purchase additional insurance to cover abortions.

Just so we’re clear on THAT.

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  • Z54

    You can thank Michigan Democrats for not challenging the signatures on the petitions. A standard stalling tactic of Michigan Republicans. Had the Democrats challenged the petitions they could have tied this thing up for a very long time. But WTF, Michigan Democrats don’t have any adult supervision!

  • judyms9

    This is an area where women, Dems and libertarians ought to be able to agree, but will they? Will we then need special insurance riders for vaccinations, vasectomies, blood transfusions, or medical care in general if, say, the Christian Science bloc wants to wage a campaign?
    But we are used to being tyrannized by the rightwing, as in Emergency Manager legislation after the matter was rebuked by the electorate and Right to Work legislation. Z54 is correct that the Dems need to learn how to counterpunch because with the GOP it’s always about the fight.

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  • terry b

    The mentally ill have completely taken over the republican party. Only true nutcases would pass a law that is backed by only those who seem to be mentally challenged. We need stupidity insurance to protect us from the plethora of nutcases that have infected the republican party. How could right thinking democrats ever allow such stupidity to stand?

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