Detroit — November 4, 2013 at 12:05 pm

AFSCME rolls out powerful new video showing the real faces of Detroit retirees who may lose their pensions


It’s a team thing…

Photo by Chris Savage | Eclectablog

AFSCME has been doing a terrific job of being on the front lines, protecting Detroit workers from draconian cuts as the city works through the bankruptcy process. One of the things they have done is to put up the website Stand With Detroit that helps show the human side of the people affected by proposed cuts to retiree pensions and other measures being taken under Emergency Management. Be sure to stop by the site and sign their petition.

Today AFSCME is unveiling a powerful new video titled “Detroit Matters” that shows the faces and voices of some of the people affected by what’s happening in Detroit. One of the most important parts of any effort to effect positive change is the telling of stories — real stories told by real people — and this video does that in a profound and effective way.

Watch it, share it, and be sure to visit Stand With Detroit to learn more.

The potential bankruptcy in Detroit is not solely a Detroit crisis; it is an American crisis. Financially devastated cities all across our nation are now struggling for their survival. The outcome in Detroit affects all of us and that’s why AFSCME is calling for an urban agenda to strengthen our great cities. AFSCME will not give up on Detroit or the workers who built the city — and neither should you.
  • judyms9

    What is Kevyn Orr doing about the back taxes owed the city by absentee landlords, many of whom not only failed to pay taxes but failed to minimally maintain their properties?
    Part of Greece’s financial problem was its failure to collect taxes owed by the scofflaw shipping magnates. Some of that has gone on here.

  • Patti

    Excellent video. Brings it all home.

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  • sadieBrugh

    And don’t forget the role that the incinerator played in the bankruptcy.

    • donny1020

      Why is it that yuppies have to jump in with their little bourgeois issues? It is liberals like yourself that transformed the small (d) democratic party, the party of the working class into the big (D) Democratic Party, the party of deregulation, of NAFTA, of WTO, of most favored nation status with Communist China, with falling wages, of anti-union upper middle class yuppies.
      This is about people, your neighbors, who are surviving on less than a $1k a month and living with the real threat of that being taken away.

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