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Is Rick Snyder hiding the fact that the DeVos family were major contributors to the NERD Fund?


We don’t blame you, Governor. We’d hide that, too.

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With the announcement that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is closing down the secretive NERD Fund without disclosing its donors, questions remain as to WHY he is keeping the donors secret. Considering that Charlie Secchia is the fund’s president, it’s possible that Governor Snyder is hiding the fact that the corporatist DeVos family is one of the donors he’s trying to shield.

Charlie Secchia, once the Western Michigan Vice Chairman for the Rick Snyder for Michigan Committee, is the son of Peter F. Secchia who was the Chairman of the Finance Committee for Dick DeVos’s gubernatorial campaign in 2005-2006. He is very close to the DeVos family, once appearing with Doug DeVos at the West Michigan Policy Forum in Grand Rapids in the fall of 2010 to basically threaten Michigan Republicans to fall in line with their views or risk facing the wrath of some of Michigan’s wealthiest conservatives.

Grand Rapids came out swinging Thursday as business leaders declared they will not be ignored by Lansing anymore.

“We’ve had it with the lack of response,” said Amway President Doug DeVos as he called on his business audience to grab politicians in their sensitive “personal spots” to get their attention — campaign contributions and elections. […]

This is a ticked-off group. What do they want? Kill the Michigan Business Tax, adopt a right-to-work law, make permitting easier, improve road funding and boost preventive health care. […]

Secchia said politicians will pay a dear price for their indifference. A different “T” party is emerging. “We are a time-is-up party.”

Dillon, Bishop and state Sen. Bill Hardiman of Kentwood lost their bids for new offices this summer because of their support of the MBT, Secchia said.

“Our message is, ‘Paybacks are hell,'” Secchia said.

Peter Secchia is no stranger to politics and was once the Vice Chairman of the Republican National Committee. The connections between the Secchia and DeVos families are vast. Here’s a sampling:

Given that Dick DeVos was soundly trounced by Democrat Jennifer Granholm in the 2006 gubernatorial campaign (by 14 points!) and the name DeVos has become synonymous with union busting, the takeover of public schools by for-profit corporations, and the privatization of public services and assets to funnel taxpayer money into corporate bank accounts, it would come as no surprise to find out that the NERD Fund is heavily financed by the DeVos family and that Governor Snyder would like to keep that secret. The involvement of the NERD Fund in the now infamous “Skunk Works” effort to voucherize Michigan’s public schools makes participation by the wealthy DeVos family seem that much more likely.

But, it appears we’ll never know because Governor Snyder is choosing to keep the contributors secret. And, with that decision, transparency in Michigan government has died with the Snyder administration.

  • Joseph Kasak

    I’d like to see who Baird used to work for, also. He’s probably another link back to the cadre.

  • judyms9

    I took note of a news item last fall that had Snyder traveling to GR after being “summoned” by the DeVos folks. What does it say when the governor of the state has to jump to a response to private citizens. Can’t locate the piece now but I certainly took note of it. And another reason the nerdfund donors’ names won’t be revealed is that many are from out of state, the usual suspects.

  • Brittany Myers

    DEVOS targeted SNYDER to RUN when he lost his a** here and we would NEVER elect a FOOL like him, his but hurt lead to Snyder popping up from under his CEO Ardesta ROCK, as the dirty deal went down, Devos to Snyder I will pad your pockets with LOTS OF CASH if you let my failed AGENDA go down. I suggest you hire a PAID Lobbyist aka BAIRD I will bank roll you big time, and you PASS right to WORK and you gut education, and you do this and this and this. So when you leave Office you will be a billionaire like me, and I will have changed the State of Michigan laws to benefit me and my rich pals. This is exactly how it went down, Snyder has got caught up with GREED and MONEY and him and his PAL Schuette have corrupted MICHIGAN. It’s time to get these two SNAKES out of OFFICE. You don’t think Detroit is on the CHOPPING Block because they wanted WALL Street banks paid off, and what is it DEVOS wants out of DETROIT, it’s obvious Snyder’s RICH pal as us on a HOOK for a RED WING HOCKEY arena……Dirty deals done dirt cheap there was no secret that the 3 MILLION dollar pay off went to SNYDER and his minions in Lansing when the RIGHT TO WORK deal was signed as the citizens of this State yelling at the top of their lungs outside the Capitol they had been locked out of. Teachers and Students in this State suffer because Dick Devos and his HAG want to gut EDUCATION……It’s far past time to GET Snyder and Schuette out of OFFICE another 4 years of SNYDER spells the complete and utter demise of MICHIGAN. It’s time for those who support his corrupt Corporate agenda stand up and say enough is enough. WE the PEOPLE of Michigan did NOT ELECT Dick DEVOS for a reason, this dirty snake has abused his power and his money to ensure him and his rich PALS get all the benefits. They put their NERD in Power and they have ran the entire show. Snyder has been lead around by his COLLAR by the likes of DEVOS and KOCH, with ALEC writing our Laws, Corruption abound in the MEDC the EAA, Mackinaw Center………We need GREED out of power

  • Jim Lang

    When he ran for governor, DeVos touted himself as a closet organizer. Why would he come out for the sake of a transparent NERD fund?

  • Patti

    Snyder is funded by Devos, Koch, and the lunatics at the Mackinac Center. When they tell him to roll he rolls. That’s how RTW for less was rammed through lame duck. His masters told him to do it and he did even though he campaigned on not doing it at all. He’s closing the NERD slush fund down because he’s starting to take some real heat and pressure on it. This isn’t rocket science folks.

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