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U.S. Representative Kerry Bentivolio faces 2014 primary challenge


Just when you thought Michigan’s 11th Congressional District had the worst possible Representative…

It seems even Representative Kerry Bentivolio’s own party isn’t a big fan of his work. It’s clear plenty of folks in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District aren’t.

So it looks like there are going to be some reindeer games in the 2014 primary election. Yesterday, David Trott announced plans to enter the Republican primary, challenging Bentivolio.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Trott’s email to supporters didn’t even mention Bentivolio, but the criticism of Bentivolio’s efforts to date were not-so-subtle. The email said, in part, that the district needs “a leader with a proven record of job creation and problem-solving abilities.”

Bentivolio has certainly shown he lacks those skills — but that doesn’t make Trott a good candidate. Being a member of Mitt Romney’s finance team isn’t a ringing endorsement of the business acumen it seems Trott will tout during his campaign.

What’s more, Trott isn’t exactly a friend of the middle class in Michigan, given that his family’s law firm, Trott & Trott, is known for its work in foreclosures and bankruptcy services.

Here’s what Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Lon Johnson had to say in a release:

David Trott has gotten rich by helping to kick Michigan’s middle class families out of their homes, and somehow thinks he deserves a promotion for it. With a record of profiting from the misery of Michigan’s families who were hurt by the Wall Street crash, David Trott would only enable predatory lenders and Wall Street fat cats – which is why he cannot win a primary election, much less a general election.

Rep. Bentivolio’s spokesperson was quoted yesterday in the Detroit Free Press as saying that the Congressman would continue to focus on “bringing jobs to Michigan, fighting back against Obamacare, balancing our budget and getting our debt under control.”

Yet Rep. Bentivolio hasn’t passed a single jobs bill, focusing instead on slashing Medicare and Social Security and engaging in witch hunts against the President, including unfounded impeachment investigations. Many of his constituents have been vocal in their opposition.

So who does the Republican Party have running for Congress in 2014? A guy who spends more time trying to impeach the President than he does creating jobs and a guy who likes to take away people’s homes for profit.

We don’t know yet who the Democrats will be running in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, but given the competition, I like the candidate’s chances.

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  • Valley Forge

    This is a bit delusional. Cook’s rates MI-11 as “Likely Republican”. And if Bentivolio didn’t have a tough time winning re-election in 2012 while Obama was easily winning Michigan, he will cruise in 2014.

  • judyms9

    I wish I could be as sanguine as Amy, but I think the 11th will continue to elect GOP candidates because of the usual social wedge issues and the voters’ desires to appear commercially successful, something they have not associated with the Dems. Rightwing radio and Fox seem to be on everywhere that I go in that district. Expect to hear the makers and takers arguments once the campaigns begin in earnest. A highly decorated military veteran or a self-made millionaire might have a chance of pulling off a Dem victory there. The llth needs to be reminded that they need to reflect on why they elected McCotter and then Bentivolio, what it says about them.

    • Amy Lynn Smith

      Redistricting made the 11th a pretty nutty district. So I genuinely think after electing the “accidental Congressman,” Bentivolio, it’s up for grabs — especially after all of his downright embarrassing behavior. You raise some good points about the mindset there, judyms9, including the potential for a Dem victory. The piece posted by Steve Dilbert shows that with either Bentivolio or Trott, it could be simply a case of “give a man enough rope…” as they say.

  • Steve Dibert
    • Amy Lynn Smith

      Great piece – thanks for sharing!

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