GOPocrisy — March 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

The same delusion that led to the Iraq War won’t let America admit that Republicans are the problem


America’s never-ending quest to take 2% of scientists who don’t agree with climate science as seriously as 98% who do

As we examine the mass delusion that led up to the invasion of Iraq, it’s important to note that a similar delusion still pervades American politics.

The perfect example of this is in Michigan. President Obama won the state by nearly 10% and Republicans lost seats in the State House just a few months ago. Despite this, the Tea Party Republicans who won their seats in 2010 and will likely hold them until 2022 because of the redistricting that followed are now stopping a Republican governor from implementing both a health care exchange and Medicaid expansion.

This will cost our state both lives and billions that would create exactly the kind of jobs our state — which is tied with Mississippi at the sixth worst unemployment rate in the nation — needs.

A small, extreme group of far right Republicans is punishing the majority — Michiganders support Medicaid expansion by a whopping margin of 40%, 63/23. Still, the far right — which has proven they’ll do what they want even if thousands mass at the Capitol — will likely get their way.

What is happening in Michigan is happening all over America. And Republicans can only thwart what the people want because they’ve gamed to system to do so.

But too few people point this out. Why?

Out of some desire to “balanced,” to be “fair,” to be “unbiased,” too many people  pretend that the Republican party’s motives cannot be questioned.

We have to pretend that the GOP cares about balancing the budget when the first thing the last Republican president did was unbalance it.

We have to pretend that the GOP cares about cutting government spending when they want to grow the defense budget and lower social spending to a unprecedented level just as a record number of Americans are retiring.

We have to pretend that the 2% of climate scientists who don’t think we’re heading to an irreversible, man-made climate catastrophe aren’t almost all funded by an industry that directly profits from carbon pollution.

We have to pretend that the die-hard conservatives who aren’t oil billionaires and still buy the denial of 2% of climate scientists aren’t doing so at of pure spite and skepticism of anything liberals want to do.

We have to pretend that the party that wants to tell women when to give birth and all of us whom we can marry is for smaller government.

We have to to pretend that the GOP might be willing to compromise when the vast majority of elected Republicans who signed Grover Norquist’s pledge that they will never consider asking the rich to pay more no matter what.

We have to pretend that “success” is being punished when almost 100% of the income growth since the recovery began has gone to the richest one percent.

We have to pretend that the corporate profits aren’t at an all-time high and wages as a share of GDP aren’t at a all-time low.

We have to pretend that a vast majority of Americans don’t want the government to create jobs, even if they have spend to do so.

We have to pretend that the big banks — which are bigger now than before they crippled the global economy — aren’t profiting on an implicit taxpayer subsidy that’s basically a payoff for keeping them from crushing the economy again.

We have to pretend that the same exact people who wanted the Iraq War now want a war in Iran based on the exact same premise — preventing the regime from getting nuclear weapons.

We have to pretend that there are two equal, balanced sides on every issue as the middle class disappears and the planet spirals into a completely preventable disaster.

And why do so many Americans do this? Because too many people — especially those in the media — are afraid to say that the party that misled us into war, the party that blew the surplus, the party let rampant mortgage fraud become a global financial crisis isn’t as wrong today as they day George W. Bush ordered troops into Iraq.

And if we can’t make that clear, we’re doomed to the same sorts of avoidable disasters over and over.

[Public domain image via the White House]

  • MrBeale

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • And what is with this notion that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, BBC, et al. are ALL lying, but Fox “News” is telling the truth? How totally and completely ridiculous an assertion that is. It’s more likely I will get struck by lightning twice on the same sunny day in January than that being true. People believe what they want to believe, I guess. It’s pathetic.

  • Jeff Wright

    Truly one of the most biased and myopic articles I’ve read – truly remarkable that you suppose any relationship can be drawn between the false reasons for the Iraq war and American congressional problems is laughable.

    • They both stem from the same problems: sociopathic politicians who would rather line their pockets and play God with nonwhites, non-Christians, the poor, gays/transgenders/other sexual and gender identities, and women, while hollering about how we need to spend more than the rest of the planet combined on defense or we won’t be safe despite the fact that we would still spend more than the rest of the world combined if we slashed our military budget by 35%, and screaming about how we need less government getting involved in peoples lives.

  • K

    Bravo, bravo, bravo.

  • gloriay

    republicans are the worse specimens of humanity on the face of the earth. There is no other group of people like them. They ARE a special breed who are only interested in war in helping the rich, in hating minorities, in dividing the races, and looking out for themselves and their wealthy friends only.They do not want a middle class, and they have no respect for the poor, they see them as leeches and can do without them except when they need their votes. republicans are like the wretched of the earth.

  • The need for unbiased objectivity does not justify wishful thinking. Cultural relativism is one thing, subjective reality is another. Individuals might determine their own values, but we can’t make up our own facts. It’s foolhardy to give what one group wishes were true equal time with what is demonstrably true — it will destroy us eventually if we continue to so enshrine wishful thinking. That’s not bias, it’s basic: grow up and face reality, America!

  • Bob

    Iraq in retrospect – it’s hard to blame just Bush for the origins of the war.

    • I agree. I’d add Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Bill Kristol, as well.

  • Jaym Esch

    We’re going to have to get “hands on” here in Michigan, it seems to me. I’m not going to sit by and watch them destroy my state, even if it currently is a Ricktatorship. We can get ugly if we’re forced to do it that way, but we’re not going to tolerate it, or accept it as “part of the process”- since they’re flatly bypassing the process left and right around here.

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