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GOP is serious about killing ObamaCare because 10 million more voters with public health care will change everything


Prepare for a messy 2013

ILikeObamacareI have to admit that I was wrong in two very serious ways.

I thought Paul Ryan’s disgrace as a VP candidate — booed by seniors and hidden for the last weeks for the campaign — would  temper the House Republicans a bit.

That almost seemed to happen at the beginning for 2013 with the “fiscal cliff” deal. The GOP waited till the Bush tax cuts expired and then voted for trillions in new “cuts.” They then quickly folded on the debt limit, extending it for three months in exchange for free promotion of a hashtag.

Observing this, I imagined the GOP would fold quickly on the sequester and come up with some deal to delay it or fold it into a larger bargain that included new revenues.

I was entirely wrong. The GOP Leadership has now decided that they will not even negotiate with President Obama unless he surrenders on his demand for a balanced deficit deal.

Being forced to let the Bush tax cuts expire on income over $400,000 has enraged the House GOP and radicalized the contingent of Tea Party Senators — Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio — preparing for their 2016 runs for the GOP presidential nomination.

The three Senate stooges refuse to keep the government running unless ObamaCare is defunded. The House GOP made the same provision part of the Ryan Budget and will likely make that a key demand of the debt limit debate that’s coming soon.

Are they serious?

As usual, they’re so serious that it’s difficult to parody them.

But could a tiny contingent of the minority of the Senate really do much damage?

Yes, when any one of the them could destroy Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s career by endorsing his primary opponent.

And the more I think about it, the more I realize that making a last stand against ObamaCare isn’t just a fringe position of Tea Partiers who think it will destroy freedom and make Mt. Rushmore cry. Mainstream Republicans are terrified of ObamaCare for the exact opposite reason — it’s going to work in many ways.

About 10 million Americans will get government insurance in 2014. In the states that accept Medicaid expansion, the growth of rates will immediately slow as emergency room coverage for the uninsured will drop drastically. Income inequality will be improved by the richest Americans paying for the poorest American’s health care. People will stop avoiding the doctor for fear of being branded with pre-existing conditions. And entrepreneurs will have the freedom of starting a new business without fearing the loss of insurance for their family.

As I’ve been saying, ObamaCare is simply the best thing to happen to the middle class since Medicare.

And Republicans will get zero credit for it — even though it contains many of their ideas.

So expect that this year they will do just about anything to make sure we never get what we’ve already worked so hard for.

  • shawn_von_socialist

    lots of rural white folk with no jobs stuck in a state they cant flee because of monetary problems will finally have something
    ten million its more like 20 million

    the affordable healthcare act will create millions of small business- people will have a chance to quit their jobs and have health insurance while trying to create a business
    some business will not work some will…. there will be lots of job creation the good outwieghs the bad with the affordable healthcare act

    • Benjamin Magno

      I was just happy that my disabled daughter wouldn’t be denied care. I hadn’t even thought about the small business aspect. In my years in management, discontented employees doing just enough not to get fired would always cite they would do things for themselves if they could get health care privately. Those people are about to get their chance to show us all, and that makes me happy. People doing more of what they are good at and passionate about.

  • smack

    funny – force someone to pay for someone else. dumb, really really dumb.

    • Thanks yo Ronald Reagan and the fact that Americans are a compassionate bunch, you already are and if you don’t know that, you’re dumb. Really, really dumb.

    • Howard Treesong

      Because helping someone who is in dire straits pay the doctor’s bill is clearly only something Jesus would do. On the other hand you don’t mind blowing 3 trillion dollars, plus 1.5 trillion dollars for the F-35 program alone, that won’t buy you squat, all because: freedom!, right? Amiright? I know I’m right.

      • brant callahan

        Thats why Obama has multiple wars going on Right??

        • mc1964

          All started by Dubya, right?

  • It seems amazing to me that those on the left who are supposed to abhor corporate power have such zeal for the Obamacare Mandate which now sets the precedent that corporations can pretty much force us to do anything just by getting a bunch of politicians to agree to it by a 51% majority vote. How can they not see that eventually a person like Bush will be back in office and now that this power has been granted by them the likes of one of the worst Republican presidents will possess **the same right**. Just bizarre.

    There is although one last hope to end not just the Obamacare assault on the health care industry, but also to end the ominous and definite effects the Roberts’ decision will have on future generations as government and corporations combine to force American citizens to do just about anything by way of the taxation.

    It is called the Mandate Amendment to the US Constitution – short, simple, and common sense:

    “Congress shall make no law mandating the purchase of a product or service from a private entity”

    This is a bold and courageous effort to strike at the heart of this precedent now while much of our country is appalled by the decision and the infrastructure and dependence upon the law is not sewn into the fabric of our country. If we build a coalition now, we will be poised to have candidates pledge support as they run against incumbents next midterm election. We believe in the next election the Democrats will be out of excuses for a failing economy and the country will be well positioned for candidates that favor American principles and therefore this Amendment.

    Please join us, this is our last hope. Just Google Mandate Amendment for more information or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

    • There is one very important difference between the Affordable Care Act’s mandate all the things that frighten you so much: this is health care that hospitals and other providers are legally compelled to provide even when the person can’t pay for it. So we are all already paying for it through higher health care costs to subsidize the poor.
      You make it sound like some future administration is going to make you buy a car or something. It’s absurd.

      • Are you familiar with judicial precedent? Once the precedent is set, how is applied is not under anyone’s control. And when it is no longer a person like Obama but a person like Bush, what will you do then?

        The Roberts’ decision didn’t say, “this only applies to health care”, he made a sweeping judgement that applies regardless of the industry. So your contention that this is only an issue because compulsion only applies to hospitals is very, very wrong.

        Read the decision, and consider it without regard to your political party and your desire to take from those who choose health care for a living. It is the precedent that is the problem, not Obamacare per se. Consider what you are leaving to our children, it is corporatism – without a doubt.

        • Done here. Not interested in arguing about paranoid fantasies.

          • Of course. Stick your head back in the sand, it is much more comfortable I am sure. I am sure no one like Bush will ever be elected again, so you’re safe.

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  • Andrew Shecktor

    Really BAD plan! Good only for poor slackers. Middle class gets screwed. Should have had single provider plan with coverage for ALL – despite what our corrupt judicial system says, the mandate is illegal – it is NOT a tax! AND it is NOT fair – ALL businesses should be forced to provide insurance for ALL workers. This would encourage business to hire more FULL time employees to reduce medical costs. This dumb Hillary Clinton piece of crap forces companies to make all employees part time AND provides blanket exemption for the worst offenders, thus costing the middle class billions! Wake up!