Bwahahahahaha — March 28, 2013 at 7:03 am

Say “NO” to non-procreative gray marriage


“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Edith”

One of the arguments being used by anti-marriage equality bigots is the idea that marriage has one primary purpose: to legally tie people together so that they can have children. This forces us to ask, “What about heterosexual marriages where there are no children?” For example, I am married to Anne but we will not be having children. Is our marriage an abomination in the eyes of anti-same sex marriage bigots?

And, pray tell, what about gray marriage? This video shows us how evil that idea is:

[H/T Eclectablog reader Nik]

  • You mean you’re not going to produce a horde of little Savages? ;-)

    • I already did that in my first opposite sex marriage


  • TeacherPatti

    I’ve known since I was very young that I would not be having kids. Never wanted them and got a tubal ligation when I was 31. Haven’t regretted that for even a moment. I’ve been very lucky to find my now ex-husband and current boyfriend who also do not want children & are thrilled with my decision.

    • sun_runner

      But…but…you’re denying the world your awesome TeacherPatti genes!!! ;)

      I’m never having kids, either. I was married for a while (not any more) so I’m doubly cursed: intentionally childless and divorced! Bus to Hell, front seat, please.

  • vocqueen

    I guess that means my current marriage is invalid as we did not and will not have children together. I guess it also means that I am still somehow married to my previous husband because we did have a child together. Hmmmmm……

  • PEZalot

    I and my husband to be will soooo NOT be having KIDS!! Haha you mutherfukkin’ religious NUTJOBS!!

  • where I come from, Edith is a woman’s name… also lmao @ organized religion. biggest fable ever told.

    • Of course Edith is a woman’s name. An OLD woman’s name, specifically.