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Snyder admits making Michigan a Right to Work state was never about creating jobs


My, my, Governor. That didn’t take long.

Remember when Governor Snyder and his Republican colleagues were telling us all how important making Michigan a Right to Work state was for improving our economy? “It’s freedom to work!” they said. “It will make us competitive with other states!” they claimed. “It will create more and better jobs!” they told us.

Turns out that even Governor Snyder doesn’t believe that tripe. Less than a month after his Economic Development Corporation spent $144,000 on a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal touting our new Right to Work status as one of the attractive benefits of setting up shop in Michigan, this week Snyder admitted it’s all a damn lie.

“Over 90 percent of the jobs that you’re looking at aren’t going to be in a situation where right to work is even relevant,” Snyder said in the hotel’s Ambassador Ballroom. “Let’s keep in mind what the economy is really about. Why not embrace the great things going on and be more positive?

“Let’s not live in the Michigan of the past where we fought. Let’s learn from it and recognize that we’re in the Michigan of 2013, but let’s be planning for the Michigan of 2025 and a great place for all of these young people.”

I’m not sure which is more galling, the fact that he is admitting the Right to Work isn’t an economic issue (which it is not) or his suggestion that, after all of the attacks on union members and the poor and the middle class in Michigan, we should all just go lie down by our bowl and be quiet.

He is, of course, right on the first point. Less than a fifth of Michigan workers belong to unions so the overall impact on whether or not a company chooses Michigan as a place to invest is minimal. That’s especially true given that basically half of the country’s states are now Right to Work. It’s simply not a competitive situation when everyone else is doing the same thing. It is, simply put, just a way to crush unions and lower wages overall. And, though they make up less than a fifth of the work force, those union jobs DO help keep wages at a level that builds our middle class and has since the middle of the last century.

Right to Work has never been more than a blatant attempt to strip power from unions. It puts the power in the hands of the corporations and kneecaps one of the most reliable financial contributors to the Democratic Party. With the far more corporatist Republicans in the driver’s seat politically-speaking, corporations will, over time, gain even more power. They almost saw their fondest dream come true when Mitt Romney, King of the Corporatists, came within a few percentage points of winning the 2012 presidential election. But, with corporatist Governors like Rick Snyder and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Florida’s Rick Scott, they are still well on their way to ultimate political success unless we put the brakes on them.

I’ll say this much about Snyder’s admission that Right to Work was never about economic improvement: I never, ever thought he’d admit it just a month later.

[CC Snyder photo credit: Michigan Municipal League | Flickr]

  • K Smith

    Looks like you’re back in full force, Eclectablog. Welcome back!
    I’m putting my bowl away now.

  • F*** the GOP and Snake Snyder.

  • Could someone please educate me as to how republicans get into power when all their policies are against the middle class?

    • Liz Dexic

      “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” John Steinbeck

    • kirke123

      study facisim and you will understand.

      • das

        Perhaps some study of spelling would also be in order.

    • Conservatism is Fascism…They Promote Corporate Fascism.They encourage a Fascist Theocracy and though not necessary ideology its base as in times past is Aryan.

    • Republicans win because they make it about social issues that they position as threatening to the demographic they’re attempting to appeal to with their left hand, while they’re using their right hand as a fiscal dildo to everyone but 99.9% of the US Electorate. It’s political misdirection, and they do it extremely well. When that doesn’t work, they change the rules to benefit their strengths. And above it all, they have the most powerful PR platform imaginable – Fox News & AM Radio. Another reason is apathetic stupidity – Republicans continue to benefit from the collective declining intelligence & indifference of the nation, as well. As has been well proven by study after study, those with the highest I.Q.’s typically are more center-left. Those with the lowest I.Q.’s are decidedly – and firmly – hard right. It’s in the Republican’s best interest to have a stupid electorate.

      • You are so right! Republicans buy loyalty! Their power comes from keeping the rest of us under paid for our work for them! $$$$$$ is their GOD! Money is their power until they go broke and then it’s someone else’s fault, not their free spending every dine they think they will have but don’t get. Kicking the payments further down the road is their way of dealing with debt until the money runs out! ( Bush &Cheny 8 year regime) Michigan during Engler’s regime. The $$$$$ always runs out! This is known as a successful businesman! Go bankrupt and start again. They talk a big story! Republicans’s favorite slogan “Money talks, bullshit walks! I’ve been hearing it for over 20 years!

    • 7thSon

      Fang: judging from what I’ve seen over the past four years, it’s because a lot of the people who support the GOP care more about getting the black guy out of office than they do their own self-preservation, or they really ARE that stupid.

      • 7thSon, you are straight right there! Especially the closer you live to Detroit! But, some are that stupid.

      • JeNeSaisFeh

        It’s both, I’m afraid.

    • Gerrymandering plain and simple.

    • Because so many people are so stupid they want to protect rich people so they’ll be protected when they become one (any day now).

    • ccaffrey

      Well, folks staying home in 2010 (the year of shellac-ing) and allowing Republican controlled statehouses to redraw state legislature and congressional districts might have something to do with it. By the way, the means of conducting redistricting is a state matter. Some states have an independent redistricting board, rather than legislators, in charge of reapportionment and the drawing of districts. Brennan Center for Justice has a great guide to redistricting describing the different models. ps. It won’t be easy, but citizens can CHANGE their state’s redistricting method too. pss. pps. The Constitution only says that reapportionment must occur AT LEAST every ten years. As Texas found out via Tom DeLay’s manipulation, redistricting can be done more frequently.

      • Now that Snyder has forced in redistricting and is now slowly taking our votes away, we won’t be able to have a say in much anymore.

        • With all due respect, Snyder had nothing to do with redistricting. That happens every ten years after the Census and the process is controlled by whoever is in charge the state legislature which, in 2011, was the Republicans in the Senate and the House.

          • Thank you, my mistake. But, he is slowly taking our votes away ~ took it away again after we voted no on EM law in November.

    • twodaughters


    • Because dumb fuck after dumb fuck keeps voting against their own self-interest. They ring the dinner bell (pick one: veiled racism, dumbed down calling cards like “they hate us for our freedoms” or “they’re trying to take our guns away”) and all the idiot Teatards go full blown Pavlov and get them elected.

  • imjimo

    Counting the days till we can help pack his bags and send him and his republican lackeys to Indiana.

    • indyfan2

      Indiana doesn’t want or need them. We need to rid ourselves of the lice we already have.

    • Mike S.

      lets send all the frigin republicans and those that want gun control to china

      • I agree about the reoubs but we do need some gun control. And those that are so against it should get more informed as to what people want controlled. I don’t care that you have a riflr for hunting or a gun for protection. My problem is the guns that the military uses. Why? do people feel they have the right to have WMD? I have rights too and as someone with a TBI, I am not allowed to have ANY kind of protection. So, as an older woman, I am left to the elements and nothing or no one to protect me! NOBODY needs Military assault weapons!

        • Perhaps you should be more informed, the military uses AUTOMATIC rifles whereas the guns that would be banned now are semi auto guns that are not Military weapons.To make it easier for you to understand, I can take your granpas old deer hunting rifle that he has used and enjoyed and put some scary looking strictly cosmetic plastic parts on it that don’t change how it operates and presto you have a dangerous ASSAULT weapon that should be banned. Quit trying to restrict freedoms!

          • You have NO freedom! This is a cheap-labor conservative life and they will continue to take your freedoms as long as you believe in this idiotic nonsense and vote them in! By the way, I have a ‘traumatic brain injury’ that results in short term memory and speech loss at times. I am NOT freeking stupid! And you are not God!

      • Mike you need to pick one or the other,Repubs support gun rights, its the Dems that want gun control, yep the same Dems the Unions support!

    • If republicans are so disliked – why do they keep getting “voted” into office?

    • Snyder wants nothing to do with America! He has sold off Michigan land to the Chinese, his country love, and will be moving there to run his privately owned business! He is only here to line his pockets and do for ALEC, the Koch bros and several other large corporations. He has no allegiance to anyone but himself and, like he did to Gateway, he will sell his mother and us out for a buck!

  • kirke123

    well the unions blew it and are once again blowing it and it will now take a state wide shut down of all services with unions and perhaps the non-union members in det which just rec a 10% deduction in pay. oh, and by the way, thats how the right to work state works, employers have all the rights and employees no rights.
    i am a teachers union leader from the 70’s-80’s and since that time unions have been caught sitting on their laurels, taking board seats with the big three and collecting their pay and nothing else.
    now, what do they do, nothing, still sitting and doing nothing, relying on the advice of their lawyers and not relying on their common sense. not getting off their butts to protect their membership? not promoting union membership and the benefits it provides.
    perhaps, no one from the union fights of the 50’s.60’s and beyond exist, you know when their were no benefits, no job protection ( i dont like the way he looked at me, firing him) no equal pay for anyone, no gurantee your job would be there the coming school year?
    now, in wisconsin, the unions remain strong and active and fight to the last moment in victory and defeat, why even the farmers are unionized.
    yes, there has to be a state shut down by all unions and, unfortunately, theres no one left to lead, not even in the democratic party. sure we hear loud voices at the time, but then they sit back down. the labor of michigan are in deep shit!

  • 7thSon

    The anti-union movement in Michigan was, yet, another great victory for the Koch brothers. Let’s remember what reagan said about unions – “They remind us that
    where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost.”
    Ronald Reagan in a Labor Day speech at Liberty State Park, NJ. Sept 1, 1980.

    • Tom Brown

      Reagan sucked in a lot of labor leaders and the members followed. Then he socked it to us. Every Union member in this country should have ceased work until he settled with PATCO. Instead, they were thrown to the wolves, and its all been downhill since. There was nothing good for working people in anything Reagan offered.

  • The butthurt is strong with this one

  • At very best RTW will bring Hyundai and Toyota into MI, making us even MORE dependent on the heath of a single industry.

  • No wonder I was confused about all these horrible GOP governors. Rick Snyder, Rick Scott. Scott Walker—. Rick Walker, Scott Snyder. Scott Scott, Snyder Walker, Rick Rick, Walker Walker, Snyder Snyder– did I leave anybody out?

    • You just won the internet. ::highfive::

    • JeNeSaisFeh

      Just the usual complement of dicks

  • Don

    Tell you what, Governor. President Obama won. Why not embrace the great things going on and be more positive? Let’s not live in the United States of the past where we fought. Let’s learn from it and recognize that we’re in the United States of 2013, but let’s be planning for the United States of 2025 and a great place for all of these young people.

    No? I didn’t think so. Jerk.

  • spike harry

    if the voters of mighigan would pay more attention to what going on and stop voting for people because we think some one of lesser means or of different color is going to get something we have ****pat attention to what people are saying when they run for these office and make an infrom decision we would not be fighting for our lives while he stands around with a big smile on his face knowing hr got his way******

    • That wouldn’t have worked for Snyder. He never ran on any of the issues he’s making headlines like this one about.

  • shutdafrtdoor

    This governor doesn’t even have a clear idea of how to put on his own pants! I bet he’s tried to put them on legs first…several times! What a joke!

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  • Wise Man

    This article is really twisting what Synder said. Gee I wonder why Honda and Toyota would not add any manufacturing to Michigan.

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  • CTS

    Wasn’t Snyder’s first real job as a professor at the University of Michigan a union job???? What would Battle Creek have looked like during Snyder’s childhood without unions???? What an asshole!!!!!!

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