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In Michigan, thanks to Republicans, it’s BYOTP* for school kids (*bring your own toilet paper)


Aye, aye, aye…

By now, most my readers know that the Republicans in Michigan have carved roughly $1 billion out of our state education budget and are ready to reduce the per-pupil funding by another $150/student this year. But what you probably don’t know that things have gotten so bad in our state’s schools that some of them don’t even have toilet paper for our kids to use when they go to school.

I’m not kidding.

This is from our new State House Democratic Leader, Tim Greimel:

House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) today denounced legislative Republicans’ drastic school funding cuts have resulted in a lack of the most basic school supplies, including toilet paper, in the Pontiac City School District. The cuts have also resulted in the layoffs of 95 employees, including 42 teachers, in the past year. The Pontiac school district lies within Greimel’s House District 29.

“It might be funny if it weren’t true. Our kids in Pontiac can’t even use textbooks in place of toilet paper, because classrooms don’t have enough of those, either,” Greimel said. “Since the start of this year, the hard-working and dedicated teachers of Pontiac have been paying out-of-pocket for toilet paper in their own classrooms. What’s happening here is utterly shameful, and all the more so because it could have been avoided.” {…}

“Republicans don’t mind that their slash-and-burn approach to school funding is hurting our kids and destroying their right to get a quality education,” Greimel said. “When the Pontiac schools faced a $2.4 million shortfall in funding from the state, it responded by laying off dozens of teachers and cutting spending on necessities such as textbooks and toilet paper. The only possible result of that is having our kids crammed into overcrowded classrooms that lack even the most basic supplies. Our children deserve better than this, and that’s why House Democrats demand that education funding be restored and that Republicans stop raiding the School Aid Fund to pay for massive corporate tax breaks.”

This has crossed the line from outrageous to absurd. With more school “reform” on the horizon for this year, I can only imagine what’s next. Candles and kerosene lamps for lighting? Handheld chalkboards instead of writing paper?

I honestly am starting to believe that if it benefited their business pals, Michigan Republicans would figure out a way to make kids walk to school uphill in the snow. Both ways.

UPDATE: Best response on this piece yet, via @placido on Twitter:

[CC toilet paper photo credit: Darren Foreman | Flickr]

  • TeacherPattiS

    When I taught in Detroit (special ed, self-contained), I ordered dry erase boards and markers and we used those. The kids actually really liked them; most of the kids were low vision and we could write as big as we wanted. I also did have a roll of “emergency toilet paper” but I don’t think we ever had to use it.

  • And, now they can claim that public schools are not providing adequate education to their students. Then they can bring in the vouchers for religious and for-profit private schools.

    • Just wait until the first Madrassas in the U.S. apply to become charter schools, courtesy of U.S. tax dollars. Think there will be any stink raised by the supporters of the charter school initiatives?

  • Mich. republicans have proven they can’t sink much lower. Already, the bottom-feeders have taken from our children’s education in embarrassing amounts, this tissue paper issue just tears it for me!! Too bad they can’t be wiped away like the crap they are.

  • So sad, reading what the GOP is doing to MI…. Hope you guys clean house by voting GOP out in 2014 from Gov to local races.

    Regarding basics like toilet paper for the schools, maybe the teachers could tell GOP legislators the money is needed for AR-15s’ and bullets then once they get the $$, teachers could instead buy books, chalk,toilet paper…

    • We will. I don’t think anyone will forgive the GOP any time soon.

  • So teachers having to buy toilet paper is what ends up getting attention?! Good. But people need to realize that we have been buying school supplies, books for classroom libraries, kleenex, snacks, etc. since I started teaching. From my perspective, schools have NEVER been adequately funded.

  • But what the people of Michigan cant seem to vote out—besides the Republicans they love so much—–is the fact that all the money—–is going for CORPORATE kick backs—–all those rich republicans are stuffing their back pockets while they help their brothers, uncles—cousins, friends businesses by giving them HUGE HUGE HUGE tax breaks—-which makes them all pocket more money—-by golly Republicans should NOT have to pay taxes EVER dang it! And they are doing it!

  • Kids can just wipe their butts with the constitution , Republicans have been doing it for years .

  • The sad thing is that GOP legislators in of other states will think this is a good idea and try to replicate it. Gives a different meaning to “Race to the Bottom”.

  • school is for learning, children should do their crapping at home.

    • Angee

      lmao! you a*hole! ;)

  • When I began school in 1955, the state supplied some paper, all tissue to blow noses, pencils & all sorts of items. I think it is ridiculous that parents have these large back to school lists with facial tissue & some of the items that the STATE should supply. TOILET PAPER???? Why the hell should teachers or parents have to part with money that is in short supply to buy toilet paper? Teachers are paid less than any other position for the job they do. For quite some time they have been buying paper, books, facial tissue, games for learning, snacks, supplies for their students on the meager salary they do have….do you suppose that those corporate hacks have to supply THEIR own toilet paper? Would the state do that for them??? Probably. God are our priorities out of whack or what?

    • Good point. Someone should remove all of the TP from the Michigan legislature’s bathroom and see how quick someone gets it…

  • Well they should raise taxes on people with kids, oh that’s right in Pontiac over half the kids are on the doles anyway. You libs think money solves all the problems and the lawyers (scum of the earth) get richer and most the lawyers are libs. Waa can’t Snyder just print more money? No but Pontiac could just lay off a couple more cop, just saying once the gun are gone we wont need them.

    • What are you, like, 12 years old?

    • Clearly you don’t care how bad the schools are because it would seem that your illiterate ass never attended one…

  • where is all the money from the lottery??? Look into where the tax money for schools really goes

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