Conservatives, Gun Control — December 26, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Gun fetishists jump the shark: “Gun laws are bad because David Gregory showed 30-bullet magazine illegally on Meet the Press”


Aye, aye, aye…

Gun fetishists are in complete freakout mode right now because they realize that the rest of the country is no longer buying their tripe about the evil unconstitutionality of controlling guns and ammunition in this country. They are so mindless about this that they have latched onto one of the weirdest reasons imaginable for not passing any gun laws.

I’m going to try to explain this but, I’ll be frank, their “logic” is anything but logical. If you don’t follow it, that’s completely understandable.

It started with Meet this Press this past Sunday. David Gregory had NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre on and LaPierre proceeded to double down on his positively absurd argument that there isn’t a single gun control law that could be passed that would have a positive impact on gun violence in this country. In fact, according to LaPierre, we need to pass laws to control video games and violent movies because those things are what is responsible for gun violence, not the ubiquitous presence of guns in our society. If only we could put over 100,000 new guns into our schools, THEN we could solve this problem of guns in our schools once and for all, according to LaPierre and the National Gun Fetishists Association (NRA).

During that interview, Gregory held up a 30-round magazine and asked LaPierre a fair question:

Here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets. Now, isn’t it possible if we got rid of these, if we replaced them and said, ‘Well, you can only have a magazine that carries five bullets or ten bullets,’ isn’t it just possible that we could reduce the carnage in a situation like Newtown?

LaPierre’s response?

“I don’t believe that’s going to make one difference.”

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Of course. Not when there’s all those violent video games and movies out there. We’re powerless until those are dealt with.

(Don’t worry, my eyes are rolling dramatically, as well.)

As it turns out, possession of that clip is illegal in Washington, D.C. The conservative blog Patriot Perspective posted a piece saying that Gregory had broken the law by showing the magazine on his show. Their “reporting” on this was picked up by Drudge,, Michelle Malkin, The Blaze and a site called Legal Insurrection who has breathlessly been “covering” this story. The right seems to be using two specific explanations why this is all clear evidence that high-capacity magazines should not be regulated:

  1. We already have lots of gun laws so we don’t need more.
  2. It’s easy to break gun laws because there are so many of them. See? Even David Gregory broke one!

I don’t know if Gregory broke the law. There is an ongoing investigation and emails have turned up saying that NBC asked for permission to have the magazine and were denied.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn if he did or he didn’t. The dude is a journalist showing America that all we’re talking about here are reasonable regulations that make sense and aren’t onerous to anyone except the most ardent gun fetishist. The Washington, D.C. police will resolve this intelligently, I’m sure. But, at the end of the day, this “story” has nothing to do with the conversation many of are desperate that we have in this country and one that the NRA has been keeping us from having for decades.

The fact that we already have gun laws on the books does NOT mean that more are necessarily inappropriate, particularly when we’re talking about banning assault weapons or limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines. Neither is the fact that gun laws are restrictive a compelling argument about further reasonable restrictions. Frankly, I want gun laws to be restrictive. They should be. These are guns we are talking about, weapons used for one purpose: to kill or injure other humans. So, yeah, restrictive is fine by me and not a valid excuse at all.

The freakout by the gun fetishists is actually pretty comical. They’ve gone so far as to put up a petition on demanding that David Gregory be “formally charged for violation” of a Washington, D.C. gun law.

Gun fetishists have crossed the line into a sort of self-parody when they use something like a journalist showing an outlawed magazine as justification for preventing sensible gun and ammunition control. It’s not a coherent argument. It’s not a rational argument. It is, in fact, a joke. They are only hanging their hat on this incredibly lame shiny distraction from the real debate we should be having because the days of ignoring this cancer in our society are over and they know it.

  • buck ofama

    You don’t care if he broke the law or not? I don’t care if you break your neck or not

    • I don’t care in the context of this conversation. Me caring has no impact on the investigation. I just want to be sure that folks like you don’t use it to distract from the real conversation that the rest of us are trying to have. I know you’ll try…

    • Harold

      Posts like yours continue to show the idiocy of the so-called “guns are our right” movement.

  • buck ofama

    Oh….and your writing is for shit. Just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD.

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  • TRPChicago

    The sin was that David Gregory did not pursue challenging questions to Wayne LaPierre further. When the jabber in response becomes whether it was criminal for him to be handling a 30-round magazine rather than the merits of gun control legislation, we are indeed one sick society.

  • kirke123

    why is everyone hung up on the nra, a front for weapon manufacturers who make and sell these weapons of mass destruction? why not call out these companies by name and while you’re at it their executives, board of directors, major stock holders, and arm dealers. these are the people responsible for this wave of horror and destruction. they are the murderers, the baby killers, hiding behind an organization which keeps their idenity silent.

    and this crap about the second amendment is nothing but smoke and mirrors the same as the abortion debacle.

    come on news reporters and investigators drag these people out of hiding, let the public know who these money hungry killers are.

  • To try and make the law appear unenforceable and therefore pointless is apparently the point of this charade of a petition. But what it does illustrate is that a city ordinance or a state law is not enough. The ban on high-capacity magazines, drums, etc., as well as assault or military type weapons must be nationwide as should background checks be federalized and recorded, so that those that attempt to buy firearms illegally can be prosecuted. To quote those so-called true patriots that want unfettered weapons ownership, freedom is not free. There is responsibility with rights.

  • Ruger sr 40 for life

    First of all its a magazine! You don’t even know what your talking about and you want to get rid of it. Secondly guns are not ” weapons used for one propose: to kill or injure other humans” guns are used for sports by many people like me. Have you ever heard of skeet shooting or IDPA? Thirdly guns are not weapons unless they are being used or have the intent to do harm to someone or something unless they are being used for that propose they are to be referred to as firearms. My point is you don’t know what your fucking talking about and unless you use and know how to use FIREARMS you should shut up and sit the fuck down in your moms basement and keep playing call of duty which is probably where you got all your information and knowledge on firearms and where you got the idea that guns are ” weapons used for one propose: to kill or injure other humans”

    • People like you make the argument for sensible regulation so well that, for the most part, we just need to get out of your way and let you do all the work.
      Your comical “YOU YSED THE WRONG WORD SO YOU CAN’T HAVE AN OPINION” response is so knee jerk that you can’t even be arsed to read the title if the post.

  • Obama is not American

    The point of our argument is that if a dumbass news reporter who probably doesn’t have an fid card can get his hands on an illegal magazine then a criminal will to. And don’t call us fetishists we don’t have an obsession with guns like you have an obsession with your cousin and we don’t sleep with and fuck our guns like a fetishist like you does with your cousin.

  • Ruger sr 40 for life

    I never said he can’t have an opinion I just said he has rocks for brains. I also did read the title and thought it was complete bull shit because no one said that gun laws are bad. The point was that if he could get an illegal 30 round magazine imagine how easy it would be for a criminal to get them in bulk. I also think the title is shit because of the same reason Obama is no American said. And not for your convenience I did not restate his comment so if you want so see what he had to say you can take that finger you shove up your ass and use the scroll wheel to look at it.

  • Jared Dyche

    Everyone saying the NRA is evil, I hate to break it to you, but you’re DEAD wrong. The thing that nobody is thinking about is what the NRA tries to prevent: tyranny. I’m sure you’ve heard of the following bloodthirsty dictators:

    Mao tse tung
    Fidel Castro
    Adolf Hitler
    Kim jong un

    The one thing in common in their success as tyrannical leaders: They all banned guns. Because they banned guns, they knew that the citizens could never fight against their military. Thus, since the civilians had no means of enforcing their rights, the tyrannical dictators could do whatever they pleased with their citizens.
    In North Korea, you literally have to worship Kim Jong Un as a deity. I am serious. THIS is the big reason why guns are absolutely necessary, so we don’t and up like Kim’s North Korea, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, or Stalin’s Soviet Russia.