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Governor Rick Snyder has signed the legislation that makes Michigan the 24th Right to Work state


It is done. At a press conference moments ago, Governor Rick Snyder announced that he has already signed the two bills that make Michigan a Right to Work for Less state.

There was a bill for both the private sector and public employees’ unions.

Snyder blamed labor for forcing this on him with the Proposal 2 ballot initiative. No mention of the influence of Dick DeVos, Americans for Prosperity, or The Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

No nice signing ceremony, either. Like everything else related to this, it was done behind closed doors.

  • Scott Urbanowski

    The fight is just beginning. It’s on, conservatives. It’s on.

  • TeacherPatti

    He honestly blamed the unions? Oy. The only thing we can hope for is that this will revitalize the labor movement (and perhaps birth some old school organizers) and get out the vote in 2014 (provided that the Dems run a viable candidate–none of this Geoffrey Fieger shit). I’m not overly hopeful for either of these things right now…this is too devastating and raw :(

  • BillW

    2014 starts now. The Repugs are going to be very, very sorry they did this.

  • LMc

    So, I’m confused……… how does Snyder think he’s getting that bridge built?

  • Valerie Constance

    I just sent your link to the BBC in London. They are looking for world class reporting on the protest and that is you my friend. Hope that is okay? Valerie Constance

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